Lee Da-hae is Reportedly in Talks to Star in a New Korean Drama

Finally we are getting some potential casting news of our girl, YAY for that even if nothing is written in stone yet ❤

Reports came out yesterday that Lee Da-hae is in discussion to star in a new drama.

The drama in the talks is a new MBC weekend drama (MBC AGAIN?! SIGH!). The drama is called “돈 꽃” (Translated: Money Flower) and should follow “Bad Thief, Good Thief” which is now airing and that sets its premier in early November.

The drama script is written by Lee Myung Hee and will be directed by Lee Hyeong Sun whose both resumes aren’t really impressive (rather worrying for me TBH). No details mentioned about the story or the heroine role offered to Da-hae.

Da-hae’s agency said that she has indeed received the script but it is one of several works they are reviewing so nothing is confirmed and also MBC said that the drama is still in process of casting and currently discussing with various actors and Da-hae is one of the candidates for the role so till we have confirmed news I am taking this with grain of salts 😉

If confirmed, it will be Da-hae’s first Korean drama in more than 3 years since “Hotel King” in 2014 (which was also a MBC weekend drama). But honestly even if she didn’t, I am quite happy that we are back talking about her domestic comeback and now I am hopeful again that it will be soon either with this drama or another one.

On another news, our girl updated her Instagram again from her vacation in the states. Check it below ^^

She is reunited with William the puppy after 3 years. He is surely cute but not sure if its her mom, family or a friend’s puppy though 🙂

미국에서 3년만에 윌리엄과의 재회#willy#takeastroll #cute#puppy

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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae is Reportedly in Talks to Star in a New Korean Drama

  1. Jeffrey

    I am sure that this will be another hit drama for Lee Da Hae. She has the ability to make her dramas all unforgettable. Even to this day, millions of her fans still remember her drama, “My Girl”. Her drama “Hotel King” is even better than other Korean love dramas that I have seen. It is not everyday, that a superb talent like her comes into the entertainment scene.


  2. Jeffrey

    I never get tired of watching “My Girl” and “Hotel King”. These two dramas are a class above, because of Lee Dah Hae and Lee Dong Wook. It seems that both are perfect when doing love dramas. Just imagine, never getting tired watching these two dramas, one after the other. I sincerely hope that both will star in the anticipated drama again. Hopefully, both will end up together in real life after this.


  3. Juliet David

    Though nothing is definite nor confirmed if da hae will be lucky to get the lead female role, at least she is being considered as one of the choices to do the drama.Let us be optimistic that MBC wil entrust the role to her considering that she is the best actress when it comes to acting be it heavy drama, comedy or even action( remember Iris2). Hotel King which uploaded in Youtube earned good number of views and positive comments.


    • Lets wait and see. I think we will get more news and details soon.
      Taking the drama’s possible air date, the filming should start next month. So they should finalize the casting by the end of this month or early next month.


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