The Waiting for Lee Da-hae’s Comeback Continues

I realized that I didn’t actually mention any updates about the casting news for Lee Da-hae in MBC drama “Money Flower” so here I am even if it is quite late and you may actually know all about it 😀

Although there was no official news of the decision but from later news about the drama, Han Chae-ah is up for the female lead role instead and Jang Hyuk is up to take the male lead role (although news and progress seems a bit on hold for the drama right now because of the strike MBC employees are doing)

If you have read my initial post about this casting possibility, you would feel that I wasn’t that excited about the project either because of the production team behind it or being MBC drama weekend drama. And honestly I did feel some negative tone in the initial reports about Da-hae’s casting from her own agency and MBC which made me not that surprised as I read another name up for the role later on.

Even though I can’t wait to see our girl acting again and understanding the fact that she really needs to comeback ASAP (to not be more forgotten from the scene) but the project didn’t excite me at all and knowing that Hyukie was in talks for the male lead, it is another reason that makes me think it is for better that she won’t be doing this drama.

Don’t get me wrong I am a Hyukie fan and love his pairing with Da-hae but seeing him with her for the 4th time is not something I am that looking forward to witness and I can guess this would have been other viewers opinion or even from the drama producers as well.

I wish the best of luck for Hyukie in this drama and at the same time hope that there is a better project out there for our girl’s comeback with more of a fresh story and pairing.

Credit: Naver and StarHwabo


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One response to “The Waiting for Lee Da-hae’s Comeback Continues

  1. Jeffrey

    I would prefer that her next drama be with Lee Dong Wook. That Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook be the female and male lead. It should be a love drama and I’m confident that, both will play their roles like two natural lovers. Alternatively, it can be a light comedy. Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook will definitely play their roles perfectly. They may get married to each other after this drama. Fate, works in mysterious ways.


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