Lee Da-hae Characters’ Posters and First Stills From “Nice Witch” Released + More Characters Details

SBS has opened the official page for “Good Witch” and seems the official English title will be “Nice Witch” so I guess I will use that from here on in my posts.

And yesterday they posted complete characters list and description along with the characters posters.

I really love all of them and Lee Da-hae has 2 posters presenting both the twins Sun Hee and Do Hee. I like the contrast in style between the two shots showing the difference in the characters themselves both in style and attitude and our girl looks really pretty in them ❤

From the main plot posted, seems it asks questions like “Can a good person really live in modern society?” and “Is it good to become a world where bad people can live well?“. It wants to convey a story in which good people become heroes.

Let me post what we gathered about our story and characters till now ^^

The hero of this story is a “Cha Sun Hee”, a kindhearted housewife who is an expert at cooking and housekeeping. To make a living instead of her unemployed husband, she takes care of the daily lives of a hundred households. She is lovable and always have a smiling face but has a timid nature, always repeating “What should I do?” but when it comes to helping others she is bold and always takes the initiative.

One day Sun Hee receives a visit from her twin sister “Cha Do Hee”, who looks exactly like her but opposite in character. Do Hee is a very cold women who is always emotional, cynical, stone-like and selfish. A person who you would a “witch”.

In this visit Do Hee says “Sister, help me!”. Do Hee who is a flight attendant was caught up in a big conspiracy because of her own greed and seems she will ask Sun Hee to replace her in doing something but Do Hee gets into an accident, loses consciousness and falls into a deep sleep and no one knows when she will wake up and from there Sun Hee have to keep on living a double life.

Ryu Soo Young (as Song Woo Jin), An Woo Yeon (as Oh Tae Yang), Moon Hee Kyung (as Kim Gong Joo)

Working in the same airline company as Do Hee, there is Woo Jin the ace pilot in the company who love reading and may read thousand of books and always aims to be the best whenever he starts something. He takes a decision to only live for himself and keep his distance from all women who would might stir up his feelings.

The airline company youngest son is Tae Yang who is cheerful, simple, lovable and cute who have traveled around the world. He talkative and always curious which usually gets him in troubles. He and Woo Jin are enemies since Woo Jin doesn’t know how to deal with people.

Woo Jin’s mother, Gong Joo is cute, charming and lovable housewife who never knew hardships but her life’s biggest misery is her son’s decision to not get married so she start putting plans to get him married. So she decided to opened a shared house in which men and women will live together with her son and started recruiting house mates.

When Do Hee knew about it, she decided to live in the shared house but since she gets into accident, Sun Hee end up living there in her place instead. Sun Hee, Woo Jin and Tae Yang start living together in the house and both men find themselves getting attracted to Sun Hee.

Bae Soo Bin (as Bong Cheon Dae), Geum Bo Ra (as Byun Ok Jung), Ahn Sol Bin (as Bong Cheon Ji)

On the other hand, Sun Hee’s husband Cheon Dae is a brilliant speaker but quite senstive and can’t control his emotions and that cause him trouble whenever he gets a job so he keeps changing jobs and ended up losing his job at the end. So he gave up on that and became unemployed and just spends his time on SNS. He shows affection to his wife and both love their family.

Sun Hee’s mother in law Ok Jung can’t control her anger and emotions. She treats her son and her daughter as prince and princess but treat Sun Hee as a maid and this makes life even harder for Sun Hee. Seems Ok Jung was classmate with Sun Hee’s mother in school but she was jealous of her as she was hated and Sun Hee’s mother was loved and was the class president.

Sun Hee’s sister in law Cheon Ji also treats Sun Hee as a mate and always wanted to be a flight attendant so she got some PS to fix her face and succeeded to work at the same airline company in which our story takes place in.

Yang Geum Seok (as Lee Moon Sook), Lee Han Seo (as Bong Cho Long)

The twins mother is Moon Sook who was married to a brave police officer, lived in love, gave birth to he two daughters and had an easy and happy marriage and life. However she lost it all when due to her husband’s wrongful death and was left suffering of poverty. She is always worried about Sun Hee who is more like her father and she kind of hope that Sun Hee can have a good life like Do Hee.

Sun Hee’s daughter is 7 years old Cho Long who is Sun Hee’s guardian angel. She became her mother’s alley and the one who knew from the beginning about her double life.

Yoo Seo Jin (as Min Soo Hyun), Shin Hye Jeong (as Joo Ye Bin)

Soo Hyun who is operating a restaurent, was a friend of Sun Hee’s husband Cheon Dae in collage. She married a rich man but still didn’t forget about her love for Cheon Dae. She is a selfish woman who wants to both keep her life style and not lose her love.

Ye Bin is a stewardess at the airline company who graduated from Seoul National University. Her grandfather was prime minister and her father was a parliament member. She is the only person who accepts Do Hee but at the same time she is threatening Do Hee’s position. She looks like a cute girl who does her job well but the truth is that everything about her is a lie as her secrets are revealed one by one.

So this is the end of the characters description 🙂

I tried my best in writing this from what I understand using online translators but that means there is high possibility of mistakes. Also there are other characters but I choose to focus more on the ones who are more related to our heroine.

I do like the sound of the characters but still my worries remain regarding the execution and how the portrayal of such characters will be.

Also I am still confused on how our heroine will be able to handle this double life as she lives in the shared house since she is having a husband and a home herself and how she will handle the interest from the 2 men in our love triangle without giving off the feeling of betraying her husband. And if the couple do have affection for each other, won’t the other love lines will be meaningless or are they going to make him have an affair with that past collage friend? Honestly that is usually lame card to play with.

Personally I don’t really care much if our heroine will just end up with no one or just fix the lives of all people around her including her sister and the two men interested in her and stays with her husband in the end. As long as it is convincing and acceptable, I don’t mind who she end up being romantically involved with 🙂

Also we got SBS releasing the first official stills from the drama for Da-hae as both Sun Hee and Do Hee in what they called “fateful moment” that will decide the twins separate futures which was filmed on the 7th of January at Bucheon University. And in the reports we got to know Da-hae’s own thoughts about taking this project and the challenge to do a duel role in her first Korean drama comeback after 4 years.

“From the interesting title to the script that was easy to read and the energy from the strong characters of Sun Hee and Do Hee, all aspects of the drama felt fresh and gave me certainty from the moment I first encountered the production. It’s my first drama comeback in Korea in a while, and since I’ll be taking on dual roles for the first time, I think it’ll become an even more meaningful project.”

“I think I’ll be able to show various sides through ‘Nice Witch,’ so I’m already excited and am really looking forward to it. It’s not an easy role, but I’m having so much fun acting, and I hope I can deliver as much empathy and fun through this production and characters.”

I hope the drama get good reviews from viewers and our girl do well in this role and challenge *crossing fingers*

Credit: SBS and Naver | Translation: Soompi and Online Translators


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