I am just a ordinary girl who loves Korean and Asian dramas, movies, songs and culture (simply everything 🙂 ).

It all began when my local TV in 2004 introduced to me my first Korean drama “Autumn in My Heart”.

Yes that was my first look to that world, I know it is not the best example of what this world can offer but from then my journey began to discover it.

Unfortunately I don’t speak or know any of Asian languages so I rely on translated news, subtitles on Internet and Mr. Google to understand all about it.

I have my job, it doesn’t help me much to watch many things now but still didn’t succeed to keep me away from that world.

I dedicate this blog to my favourite Korean actress Lee Da-hae who I have been an official fan of her since 2008 although I watched some of her dramas way before that.

She is my first girl “Crush” ever and who I follow her news daily.

Hope I will have the time and determination to keep posting here “All about Lee Da-hae”.

P.S. My English is not that good actually, so forgive me for any grammar mistakes or poor expressions (which you will find lots of it ^^)


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  1. i like this girl too, she’s awesome. 😀


  2. sweet pinky

    me too. fan of this girl since i watched her drama “my girl”. please update more about her. thanks. btw, mbc does not releasing more bts video for hotel king? i just cannot wait donghae couple off the screen.


  3. can I just say how much I adore your blog. Thank you for sharing more infos about the lovely Da Hae 🙂


  4. Lily

    I have only just admired LDH after catching on Hotel King recently. Just finished My Girl and totally in love with LDW and LDH. Thanks for dedicating this blog on the latest HK reviews…. I am totally addicted to HK now, rerunning all the episodes…. Love from Malaysia


  5. alanna

    Hi..i’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now..and I’m really happy bcoz of all the news about LDH..I really love her,she’s natural..My heart just keeps on beating faster everytime LDH and LDW are together..I’m an avid fan of them since MY GIRL days..I super looovvveee their chemistry..it’s so real..LDW is my first ever korean crush..ever..ever..and I haven’t found any other korean guys that would change my infatuation towards LDW..especially now that he’s so HOT in HK..:-) ..I just hope that LDH and LDW will end up for real..I only want LDW for LDH ( sorry for the selfish attitude..), coz I’m really hurting everytime I see LDW with another girl..I’m LDH and LDW forever!!!..thank you for the updates..I’ve been waiting almost everyday to see if you updated it..

    Though I’m a little bit sad that there are 2 episodes left for HK..I hope there will be another project for our donghae couple…

    Thanks again and God bless!

    #donghaeFan from Philippines

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    • Hi chingu, thanks a lot for your lovely words ^^ Happy to meet another Dahae and Donghae fan ❤
      Like you, I am sure I will have hard time after HK ends with no more Dong-Hae on our screen. I really hope we could see them together doing some promotion for the drama or some events in the future.


  6. Adeline

    Hi.. Just wondering how do you follow Da Hae and Dong Wook? Do they use weibo or facebook? Can share? Thanks


  7. donghae_world

    Hi apqaria! Been following your blog for months now. It’s awesome! Wish you’re active in instagram as well though I know you have an IG account. By the way, i would like to inquire about the HK calendar 2015. I know it’s way pass the deadline (December 31st) 😦 I was busy I forgot to ask for a copy. Thanks!


    • Hi Chingu, thanks for always coming here ^^

      I am still not used to IG and just opened it to follow you and other lovely fans accounts 🙂

      About the calender, I am really sorry you missed it. I really can’t make exceptions for the rules or that means I may not be fair to any other fans who may demand about it later T_T


  8. Hi Apqaria, I have nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award! http://wp.me/p3xBcq-1ps Congrats!


    • OMO, you are pouring me with awards Chingu!! THANK YOU ❤
      I need to write my post soon, I have been so late to reply on your liebster award nomination questions, Sorry 😦

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      • It’s raining awards, dramalujah 😀 You’re very welcome, you always deserve them ❤
        You have all the time in this world to reply whenever you have the time, Santa's not in a rush 😀 *has to write the Green Rose review too, argh!* XD

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  9. SheryL♥

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the follow! Great blog! 🙂


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  11. milkyway

    She is my first crush too^^and forever only one

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