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Lee Da-hae and her “Heaven’s Fate”

Heaven’s Fate” Aka “King Flower Fairy” was Lee Da-hae‘s first leading role and has one of her most remarkable, memorable and praised performances to date (Some claim it is her best performance yet) even though she was only 20 years old at that time and it earned her first acting awards in both 41st Baeksang Arts Awards in 2005 and MBC Drama Awards in 2004. But I am sad to say that this drama is not anywhere to be found English subbed online 😦

It has been years and I am dying here to watch this drama subbed even though it is SO LONG (174 Episodes) to see our girl in that nontraditional and even became some how controversial role but without success. But I knew that it was aired on Arirang with English subs and some fans were able to watch it and I am just hoping one day this version will be uploaded online *praying*

But luckily we can at least can see some clips from the episodes uploaded by MBC Classics YT channel ❤

Heaven’s Fate On MBC Classics

And if you know Chinese, you can actually watch it subbed/dubbed in Chinese online but I think you can’t view those videos outside of mainland 😦

Heaven’s Fate On Chinese Streaming Site

So please if anyone have found any place to see this drama online or download it with subs, I will be very thankful if you leave a comment here even if this happens years later from now.

Now although I can’t offer a review because obviously I can’t do that when  I didn’t watch the show but I would like to post here an intro to the drama story so you can at least be able to follow part of the drama in case you checked those clips on YT and also to be knowledgeable about this important role in Da-hae’s career. Also you can find below some pictures and a fan made MV the I like from the drama ^^

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