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Lee Da-hae Portrayal of “Ripley’s Syndrome”

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Recently an article about “Ripley’s Syndrome” was published and it attracts the interests of many readers in Korea.

“Ripley’s Syndrome” refers to a psychological condition where the patient builds a delusional fantasy based on lies and usually such patients are people who failed to achieve their desires/dreams in reality.

It was after the hero’s character “Tom Ripley” in Patricia Highsmith’s thriller novel “The Talented Mr Ripleywhich was remade into a Hollywood movie featuring Matt Damon in 1999 and told the story about one man’s transformation into an identity-stealing murderer, that the condition “Ripley’s Syndrome” was named.

Lee Da-hae‘s drama “Miss Ripley” was based after that condition as the heroine “Jang Miri” was suffering from it, although the drama surely addressed that in a lighter way.

And while there is nothing new in all this but as you already know by now that I really love “Miss Ripley” so when I read many articles today in Korean media writing about this article and mentioning how Da-hae showed that case in the drama, I was really happy.

Because that article (which is written after about 3 years from the drama broadcast) highlighted what that drama was trying to show and from the comments I see that it actually made many finally understands the heroine’s character and appreciate how Da-hae portrayed Miri there.

The scene that highlights this case in the drama is one of my favorites and which I already mentioned before in my review for the drama but before ending this post I wanted to share again the GIF from that scene and Miri’s famous lines in it.


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Miri Who I Love – [Miss Ripley Drama Review]

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OK, it has been a long time since I decided to do this review but every time I start writing I end up losing my words and stopping. It is like I can’t express and justify what I think about it.

Despite its many flaws, “Miss Ripley” is a drama I really LOVE and had one of Lee Da-hae‘s best performances to date IMO and for which she got the Best Actress Award from Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards but at the same time it is hard for me to re-watch it.

I can’t count how many feelings I got while watching this drama live back in 2011 and how I kept toggling from feeling hate to angry to frustration to empathy to sadness. It was just an explosion of feelings inside me that I couldn’t control and which kept my heart bounding hard. To face that again is something I can’t handle easily, so I keep myself away from re-watching it fully but from time to time I watch my favorite scenes which are many. So I am writing this review without re-watching and just from my memory about the drama which actually feels so much alive till now.

First I need to say that this drama has a very unlikable and manipulative heroine (which is the reason behind the Miss Ripley name) and that made it surely not for every one to watch or appreciate and even resulted for the drama and Da-hae personally to be hated 😀 But that is actually one thing I truly like because it was something different and you don’t get to see often in dramaland.

Now let me share my thoughts about this drama and its heroine “Jang Miri

[Warning: this review may contain spoilers]

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