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Lee Da-hae back to Skiing

십년넘게 안탔던 스키..이젠 영,,몸이 안따라주네 #스키 #춥다 #코코아

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Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a picture of her skiing but sadly we still didn’t see a glimpse of her face since it was all covered. What a tease!! kkk ^^

In her message, she mentioned that it has been a decade since she gone skiing and that it was really cold. I am guessing this was taken during her end of year vacation ❤

In addition to this, our girl did update us during the past month. So check below for those and also some other old updates that I didn’t post about here.

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Lee Da-hae Enjoys her Vacation

After recently wrapping up filming her drama “My Goddess, My Mother“, Lee Da-hae has been resting but fortunately she updated us yesterday on both her Instagram and Weibo posting the picture above. Although we don’t know exactly where and when this was taken but I just hope she is enjoying her vacation after 3.5 months of continuous filming. She surely deserve some rest but still I wish it won’t be very long vacation 😉

This picture with Da-hae smile and lively colors of the “FAUCHON Paris” restaurant is so catching and she looks fabulous in her casual attire ❤

Till we get another update or news about our girl, check below some unseen stills and BTS videos for MGMM 🙂

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The Future of Lee Da-hae Chinese Dramas

I’m sorry that I am delivering some bad news in this post but I can’t ignore mentioning it as I know many fans already eager to know any news about seeing Lee Da-hae on screen again specially with her being done filming 2 Dramas already for which we have been waiting to hear some news of their airing date.

Unfortunately seems our wait won’t be ending soon. There have been multiple news about China’s intent to restrict/ban Korean stars and their activities and projects in the country some were not quite accurate and many were confusing, but even though things still not clear and no confirmed news stating to what extent they are going to take that, it seems it will be hard to cast Korean stars in Chinese projects in the future or until something new come up and seems like some projects have been already affected even though it wasn’t publicly shared that this latest news were the reason behind those changes.

For the reason behind all this, I think this article is quite useful to read. While I’m not in place to judge the reasons behind this (I hate politics) but all I can say is that it is a big mess and it just feels wrong to ignore all the hard work people involved have done in the already done or contracted projects!!

Now the question, how this will affect our girl’s dramas “Best Lover” and “My Goddess, My Mother“?

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Lee Da-hae Thanks Korean Fan Club for Food Truck

Emerald Food Truck 1

Lee Da-hae expressed her thanks to her Korean fan club “Emerald” via both her Instagram and Weibo today for sending food and drinks trucks to the set of her drama “My Goddess, My Mother” while filming in Korea.

Our girl looks quite cute in this dress and hair style and you know how I love seeing her eat 😉

MGMM cast have been filming in Korea since the 7th of August and will be filming for about a week. Luckily we got some BTS pictures from their filming which you can check below ❤

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Lee Da-hae Finishes Filming Scenes in China for “My Goddess, My Mother”

LDH Weibo

The filming journey of Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” is close to coming to an end with the cast already finished today filming scenes in China and the remaining are only some scenes in Korea which will take another week or 10 days to film.

Da-hae updated her Weibo today with some pictures with the main cast on a yakht while they were filming their final scenes. I really love those pictures a lot with Da-hae looking so bright with her wide smile and the staff and cast looking so funny with some flying hair 😀

Also some staff members from ANYA Cosmetics, the brand Da-hae endorse, visited her on set taking close look at her while filming and interviewing her. And Da-hae presented some of the brand products to the drama staff.

Check all the pictures from the visit and more BTS pictures below

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Lee Da-hae is Drowning in “My Goddess, My Mother”

MGMM Still 2

Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese Drama “My Goddess, My Mother” is entering the final stretch as they should be finished filming in China early next month and then will spend about a week filming in Korea which means it will finish filming by mid August.

In the middle of the busy schedule, the production gave us some stills from a drowning scene for Jin Bo (Da-hae’s character) and apparently her husband is there for the rescue.

I always love any scenes related to water, either by the beach or swimming or even such drowning scene which have some underwater filming that I welcome to see. Hope the result will give justice to the scene and the efforts the actors and staff have done filming it.

Also we have been in a feast of BTS pictures and videos thanks to fans. Check all of that below ^_^

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Open Set Day For “My Goddess, My Mother”


Yesterday on the 14th of July, the Chinese media visited the set of “My Goddess, My Mother” and met with the main cast.

Attending was Lee Da-hae, Jin Xing, Qi Liang, Wei Da Xun and Ni Dahong. So yah, finally we go our first look at the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law interacting both in drama and behind the scenes.

I really love the atmosphere between the cast during their press conference time, their interaction is so fun and I am sure the set is so enjoyable and hopefully the drama will end up to be like that as well 😀

Check below for pictures and videos with some translation of what they told us during their interview and what media reported about the drama ^^

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