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Lee Da-hae Piggybacked

Korean Dramas have some trademarks that live through the years and I must admit that despite those being no longer a surprise to see or may be somehow becoming cliches but some of them still give me excitement and make my heart flutter ❤

One of those is the “Piggyback” scenes, I guess it is rarely when a Kdrama don’t have one including the OTP and of course Lee Da-hae had her share getting piggybacked in her dramas so, I thought of collecting them here in this post for fun ^^ (hope I didn’t forget any 🙂 )

So, when did our girl get piggybacked?

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Lee Da-hae and her three times co-star and favorite oppa “Jang Hyuk”

For an actor and actress to act together 3 time in just 5 years, it is not something we see everyday and actually very rare specially in Kdrama land so I thought this surely deserves to dedicate a post for this couple

Lee Da-hae and Jang Hyuk worked together in “Robber“, “Chuno/The Slave Hunters” and “IRIS II“. And the good thing that the three drama are totally different genres.

I adore those two together. Although I know that many of Da-hae and Hyukie fans may not share that same love I have for this couple but I would like to disagree 😀

Talking about Hyukie, he is really a very good actor and an action master. And although he may not be the typical flower boy or handsome man that girls get crazy about but for me he is a “The man’s man” and he has that charm and charisma which makes you can’t help but get attracted to him. In addition to that he is unintentionally funny because yes he is known for being a very serious man but that is exactly the source of all the laughter 😀

Back to my couple, their chemistry together on and off screen is just GREAT to say at least and they may have shared together the largest number of kisses any of them shared with a co-star (I am not sure if Joe Cheng did equal or exceeded that because we know he had lots of kisses with Da-hae in “Love Actually” but I doubt if we counted the NG :D).

Hyukie mentioned Da-hae as one of his best female co-stars and has praised her many times and I know how much Da-hae appreciate him and mentioned  how he supported her and was beside her many times when she was ill or having hard times in her career so no wonder when she mentioned that she always feel safe around him.

Away from the work, they are great friends or even more because Da-hae said that she consider him as a real brother. But what a destiny they have, they faced together the best and worst.

Let me explain why I am saying that while I talk briefly about their dramas together.

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