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Lee Da-hae at “The Good Witch” Press Conference – [Photos and Videos]


Sorry for the delay of this post, but finally I have got the time ^^

Lee Da-hae attended the press conference of her new drama “The Good Witch” on the 2nd of March along with other cast members including Ryu Soo Young, An Woo Yeon, Bae Soo Bin and Shin Hye Jeong.

I am glad to say that I really loved her look there. Although if I look at that dress alone, I would say I am not a big fan but Da-hae did carry it so well that I really like it on her. I love that it is not fully black thanks to those floral prints and it is a bit of a different style from her usual which is nice to see. On the other hand, her makeup, hair and accessories were just perfect ❤

Sadly we didn’t get a proper translation of what the cast said in the interview at the press conference but I tried to include here some parts I did understand from the news reports of what Da-hae said there (Sorry for any mistake in advance)

Also have to say that the photo time was one of the funniest I did ever see in a drama press conference. You have to check the pictures and videos below to know why 😀

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Lee Da-hae Attends VIVLAS Launch Ceremony

LDH Vivlas 7

It has become very rare to see Lee Da-hae attending any public event in the past few years and so it is always great to see her in one.

It has been over than a year since the last time we saw her attending such event in Korea. This time she attending the launching ceremony of new cosmetics brand VIVLAS at Shilla Hotel in Seoul along with the other Guesthouse Daughter Park Si Yeon. Have to say that the brand’s lipstick design is so elegant 🙂

Although her presence is already enough to make me happy but I am more happy because I am finally satisfied with her look after many fails lately ❤

I would preferred her with simpler and smaller earrings but I quite love the makeup and how colorful she looks overall which is very suitable for spring and OH THAT SHOES!! someone please donate one to me 😉 😀

Check more pictures and video below in addition to her latest SNS update ^^

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Lee Da-hae at “The Fashion Awards” and MCM London Store Opening


I know I am pretty late posting this but I wasn’t having my best days lately!! and also I wasn’t that excited to do that since we didn’t get many decent pictures of Lee Da-hae attending “The Fashion Awards” 2016 and also at the MCM store opening in London.

Sadly I was disappointed with our girls look at “The Fashion Awards”, although the jacket and leather pants did look quite cool but I thought she was under dressed and styled for such big event with even her make-up, hair style and those long earrings (which I always think they don’t suit her) didn’t help elevating the look.

Overall it wasn’t anything memorable or worth talking about. But if I picked one thing to talk about, that would be the MCM cute bag she was holding 😀

For the MCM store opening party, she was in the same outfit we saw her wearing in her SNS pictures while strolling in London. I always like her with hair down and that MCM jacket is quite nice ^^

Anyway, check what we got of pictures and videos from both events below.

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Lee Da-hae Heads to London


Lee Da-hae was spotted today at Incheon International Airport heading to London to attend “The Fashion Awards 2016” tomorrow the 5th of December. Also it was reported that she will also attend the opening party of MCM store in London on the 6th which will also be broadcasted live on Naver TV App here.

I so missed our girl and her airport fashion. She looked really nice today. I love her coat and you know I always prefer her in similar hairstyles and the best part is surely her lovely smile 😉

Check below for more pictures ❤

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Lee Da-hae to Attend The Fashion Awards 2016 in London


OMO, what a wonderful news out of no where?!

Today our girl’s agency revealed that Lee Da-hae has been invited to walk the red carpet of The Fashion Awards 2016. The event is held next Monday (5/12) at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

Da-hae will attend the ceremony along side Rain and both of them are said to be the first Asian celebrities to be invited to the prestigious event.

The Fashion Awards is a major award ceremony that is been held annually in the UK since since 1989 and honors rising designers and models who made major contributions to the industry throughout the year. This year it will also feature a campaign where all of its profits will be donated to the British Fashion Council Education Foundation, a local charity that offers support to future talents who have the potential to make contributions to the fashion segment.

The event will be broadcasted live on Naver V App here and they uploaded this teaser and you can also check the official website for the event.

It has been years since our girl walked the red carpet of any ceremony so for her to do that in such big international event, is making me so excited. I really hope her stylist, makeup artist and hair dresser step up for the occasion because it will be really a shame to have a disappointing look that night.

Credit: Naver, Yonhapnews


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Lee Da-hae Attends Gentle Monster Event


Seems we are in a feast of Lee Da-hae‘s pictures these days, kkk ^^

Our girl attended today Gentle Monster Sunglasses S/S Collection 2016 fashion show and she looked fabulous in a beautifully and differently designed leopard blouse and black pants. I always love her in this kind of business woman attires and specially that this one brings some change to the style we usually see her in, I think she looks so chic and sophisticated.

But it is a pity that those pictures are missing her beautiful smile which is always the best thing to see but I guess we can’t be greedy since we got plenty of those a couple of days ago in the BTS pictures from “Running Man” filming 😀

Check below more pictures and videos from the event ❤

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Lee Da-hae for @Star1 Magazine January 2016 Issue – [Translated Interview + Video]

Happy New year everyone, hope this year brings you lots of happiness ^^

Just once it was 2016 in China, our girl updated her Weibo with a short message “Happy New Year!! [哈哈]ee80a2.pngee80a2.png“. I wished she would posted a picture along the message but it is still nice to see her caring to update her fans in all occasions these days ^^

And I thought about what could be the first post in this new year and I couldn’t think of anything better than starting the year with a nice pictorial and interview with Lee Da-hae and that is the reason I kept from posting this till now 😉

Seems that I jumped to conclusion rather early in my previous post about her shooting a CF for Hera Cosmetics because it seems that she just endorsed the brand’s lipsticks in this new picturial which is published in @Star1 Magazine in their January 2016 issue with the title “Oh! My Seoulista“. 2015 did end without any magazine pictorial published for our girl so I am really happy to see this one.

I quite like the make up and hairstyles she had here and her eyes are specially catching in those pictures ❤

We are lucky that the magazine did an interview with our girl and they also filmed a short video for the photo-shoot, check the video and the interview translated below.

(P.S. The translation is rather rough and not 100% accurate as I mainly depended on online translators as usual so excuse me for any mistakes or missing parts.)

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