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Lee Da-hae for @Star1 Magazine January 2016 Issue – [Translated Interview + Video]

Happy New year everyone, hope this year brings you lots of happiness ^^

Just once it was 2016 in China, our girl updated her Weibo with a short message “Happy New Year!! [哈哈]ee80a2.pngee80a2.png“. I wished she would posted a picture along the message but it is still nice to see her caring to update her fans in all occasions these days ^^

And I thought about what could be the first post in this new year and I couldn’t think of anything better than starting the year with a nice pictorial and interview with Lee Da-hae and that is the reason I kept from posting this till now 😉

Seems that I jumped to conclusion rather early in my previous post about her shooting a CF for Hera Cosmetics because it seems that she just endorsed the brand’s lipsticks in this new picturial which is published in @Star1 Magazine in their January 2016 issue with the title “Oh! My Seoulista“. 2015 did end without any magazine pictorial published for our girl so I am really happy to see this one.

I quite like the make up and hairstyles she had here and her eyes are specially catching in those pictures ❤

We are lucky that the magazine did an interview with our girl and they also filmed a short video for the photo-shoot, check the video and the interview translated below.

(P.S. The translation is rather rough and not 100% accurate as I mainly depended on online translators as usual so excuse me for any mistakes or missing parts.)

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Lee Da-hae and Her Favorite Fashion Item

As we are still not having nothing new to talk about these days so why not have some time checking old pictures of our girl 🙂

Anyone follows Lee Da-hae knows that eyewear and specially sunglasses is one of her almost fixed fashion items. She do love wearing them everywhere and we have seen her taking lots of selcas wearing them. Also I guess being a celebrity, those are usually useful to try to hide her status sometimes.

Personally I do like her look wearing them although dark sunglasses do hide a lot of her small face and features which leaves me a bit disappointed sometimes because obviously I do like to see her whole face ^^ but she do look really great in whatever type of eyewear and it wasn’t a surprise for her to be chosen as a model for G.Borgonovi brand back in 2012 and 2013.

So now lets check some pictures of her with eyewear either from G.Borgonovi Ads or other occasions that I didn’t post about on the blog before and also BTS videos of her G.Borgonovi photo-shoots ❤

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Lee Da-hae in Allure Korea May Issue + Beautiful Fans Art Works

The above shot of Lee Da-hae with Arche Designer Yoon Choon Ho when she attended the brand’s F/W show during Seoul’s Fashion Week back in March has been published in May 2015 Issue of Allure Magazine and while it is not a new photo-shoot but I do like this shot a lot and I couldn’t resist posting here ^^

But to make this worth to be a post on its own, I am posting some beautiful art works from talented fans which I really love ❤

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Lee Da-hae Interview for InStyle Weddings Magazine Sep-Oct 2014 Issue


I really keep loving this pictorial more with each picture released from it ❤

I was happy seeing a couple of more pictures of Lee Da-hae from InStyle Weddings pictorial are out but also thanks to fans we got scans for the rest of the pictures from the magazine and her interview that was published along with them which allowed fans to translate the interview.

I am so late posting this as unfortunately there was no translation from Korean to English. So it took long time to do this translation as  I relied mainly on online translators to translate the Chinese and Vietnamese versions of the interview to be able to understand more and with some help from fans who know one of those languages I was able to complete.  So, this won’t be a very accurate translation but hopefully it is good enough and of course any correction is welcomed 🙂


But before moving to the interview, I just wanted to say that I really liked how they described the atmosphere of the interview and Da-hae attitude in it and really enjoyed it because it is more a heart to heart talk than a Q&A Interview which add more feeling and depth to the thoughts Da-hae shared there. It is really obvious how mature she is becoming while getting older and reading her words here makes me wish even more than anytime before that she can have her own small happy family soon ❤

So, lets read what Da-hae got to say in that interview 🙂

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More of Lee Da-hae for InStyle Weddings + BTS Pictures


Today we got a couple of more pictures released from InStyle Weddings Magazine September-October 2014 issue featuring Lee Da-hae. And have to say, now that is what I call a wedding dress for a wedding pictorial 😉

I really LOVE that wedding dress but it is a pity that due to our girl’s pose and the far shot, it is actually hard to enjoy more of the design details 😦


Also our girl updated her Twitter today with some BTS pictures from the photo-shoot. I can feel how she suffered while wearing such F/W clothes in US hot weather !!

Here is the translation of her message:

(Google Translation: Shooting Pictorial in The United States … Hot)

Credit: LDH Twitter and InStyle Wedding via KoreaStarDaily

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Lee Da-hae is a Bride for InStyle Weddings Magazine In September-October 2014 Issue


What an incredible and amazing surprise I had yesterday when I saw those pictures of Lee Da-hae from InStyle Weddings Magazine from September-October issue!!!

I can’t even describe how stunning, drop dead gorgeous and pretty Da-hae is in those pictures. I am in awe and can’t take my eyes of those pictures, LOVE everything about our girl in them ❤

And while I am so happy that our girl did another wedding pictorial which is her first since 2009 and I am happy to add to my favorite pictorials of “Bride Da-hae”, but it is actually hard to believe that this is one cause the dresses are not that bridal IMO 😀

I love all the pictures but the above picture is my favorite because that dress is the only one that actually gives me bridal vibe and I totally love the view and lightening in it. How I wish there were more pictures released but surely what I wish more is for us to see our girl’s real wedding pictures soon 😉

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Lee Da-hae for In Style Magazine – April 2014 Issue

So at last we got to see the final shots of that pictorial and I am loving them

We know now that the pictorial was for In Style Magazine April Issue and Lee Da-hae is endorsing MCM handbag in it.

One official from MCM said, “Lee Da-hae perfectly wore over-sized pants without a flaw, see-through top and fresh color handbags, making herself to look chic and romantic. She made various poses and facial expressions like a professional model that staff members were amazed by her passionate attitude. “

But I am really sad that we didn’t get HD or bigger version of that picture with the white dress that I like the most 😦

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