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Lee Da-hae in “Life Bar” Episode 9

It is already over 4 months since Lee Da-hae guested in tvN variety show “Life Bar” and I have promised to recap it and finally here I am 😉

I was hoping we can get English subs for the episode somehow to make this a better and more accurate recap since it is not every day we get to see our girl doing such interview and this is one reason for the long delay but unfortunately that didn’t happen and not sure if someday we will get that 😦

But tvN Asia did air it with English and Chinese subs but the channel is not available for many to watch or record and upload online but if anyone of you who are reading this and did get to watch the program with English subs, you can always leave comment and enlighten us on what was missed in this recap, will really appreciate it ^^

Luckily our friend Ely from Da-hae Soompi Thread did watch the episode subbed in Chinese on tvN Asia and did a fast recap for us there (Big thanks to her ❤ )

I really like this interview and how Da-hae was brave enough to say out loud many things about her career struggles in recent years that we might had a feeling about as fans.

So hope you enjoy this recap. Lets start!!

[Ely’s recap is the main source of this post in addition to other translated news and I dedicate it to K Vo who have been waiting and asking about it (sorry again for the delay)]

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Entertainment Weekly Interview with “Guesthouse Daughters” Cast + SNS Updates


On the 11th of February, KBS show “Entertainment Weekly” aired an interview with Lee Da-hae along with the rest of “Guesthouse Daughters” cast which was recorded on their first day filming at the guest house.

This was one funny interview, they already seems like a family. I specially liked how the girls are comfortable together and with their “mom”  😀

Check the whole interview below along with some SNS updates from our girl and other cast members ❤

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Lee Da-hae At “True Love” Charity Concert

True Love Concert 20

Oh the Olympics has been taking almost all of my free time. I even missed celebrating the third anniversary of the blog which was on the 9th and didn’t remember it until I saw WordPress notification a couple of days later!! sorry for not being able to make a special post for that but I have to thank all of you who have been here for this long, reading my thoughts about our girl ❤

Now back to Our girl, as per plan Lee Da-hae attended “True Love” charity concert on the 6th in Chengdu, China. I am not fond of our girl’s dress or hairstyle there but I do like her makeup and she looked quite nice and fit for the event.

There have been really a lot pictures posted so it took quite sometime to collect all and chose the best to post here. Check them below along with some fan taken videos 😉

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Open Set Day For “My Goddess, My Mother”


Yesterday on the 14th of July, the Chinese media visited the set of “My Goddess, My Mother” and met with the main cast.

Attending was Lee Da-hae, Jin Xing, Qi Liang, Wei Da Xun and Ni Dahong. So yah, finally we go our first look at the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law interacting both in drama and behind the scenes.

I really love the atmosphere between the cast during their press conference time, their interaction is so fun and I am sure the set is so enjoyable and hopefully the drama will end up to be like that as well 😀

Check below for pictures and videos with some translation of what they told us during their interview and what media reported about the drama ^^

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Lee Da-hae Shoots New Ads for ANYA and Guests on MBC “Section TV” – [Updated w/ Translation]

After 2 years of being the brand’s model, Lee Da-hae is finally shooting a new series of Ads for ANYA Cosmetics. It is surely about time for that 🙂

I have been disappointed on how low key the brand’s promotion activities during the last 2 years but it is nice to see them more active now after inviting Da-hae to their new product’s launch event earlier this month and their continues updates about her on their Weibo, now with shooting those new Ads. I hope we see them using those new Ads soon.

And while shooting the Ads on the 29th of April, our girl also recorded a short interview with MBC “Section TV” program which was aired today. It has been so long time since we saw our girl doing an interview so this was a very nice surprise.

Check below for caps and videos from the interview and some BTS pictures from the Photoshoot ^^

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Lee Da-hae for @Star1 Magazine January 2016 Issue – [Translated Interview + Video]

Happy New year everyone, hope this year brings you lots of happiness ^^

Just once it was 2016 in China, our girl updated her Weibo with a short message “Happy New Year!! [哈哈]ee80a2.pngee80a2.png“. I wished she would posted a picture along the message but it is still nice to see her caring to update her fans in all occasions these days ^^

And I thought about what could be the first post in this new year and I couldn’t think of anything better than starting the year with a nice pictorial and interview with Lee Da-hae and that is the reason I kept from posting this till now 😉

Seems that I jumped to conclusion rather early in my previous post about her shooting a CF for Hera Cosmetics because it seems that she just endorsed the brand’s lipsticks in this new picturial which is published in @Star1 Magazine in their January 2016 issue with the title “Oh! My Seoulista“. 2015 did end without any magazine pictorial published for our girl so I am really happy to see this one.

I quite like the make up and hairstyles she had here and her eyes are specially catching in those pictures ❤

We are lucky that the magazine did an interview with our girl and they also filmed a short video for the photo-shoot, check the video and the interview translated below.

(P.S. The translation is rather rough and not 100% accurate as I mainly depended on online translators as usual so excuse me for any mistakes or missing parts.)

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Lee Da-hae at Xinjiang International Motor Show – [Photos and Videos]


I am really sorry that I am late posting about this while it was a long waited event for all Da-hae fans but I had problems with my internet connection but finally it is fully back and here I am ^^

Lee Da-hae attended Xinjiang International Motor Show on the 16th of October and during the event she visited both Nissan and Luxgen booths and participated on the launch of the newest cars from both brands which are QASHQAI and SUV-6 respectively. Da-hae is the first female celebrity to get invited to such event.

Although I am not a big fan of that hair style she sported in the event but our girl looked good and young in it and I really liked her dress, the design is really nice although the black color makes how thin she is more obvious 😦

I am glad that she looked happy during this trip after long time of no see and I am really grateful to her fans who followed her during the 3 days she has spent in Xinjiang and gave us lots of pictures and videos of her and their interaction with her through the days ❤

We have waited a long time to have this feast so check them below 😉

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