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Lee Da-hae Is So Evil as Do Hee in “The Good Witch” with the Drama Airing its Final Episode Tomorrow

In latest episodes of “The Good Witch” marked the come back of the younger twin sister Cha Do Hee and she turned more evil that it is really hard to watch her scenes and not want to slap or beat her up!!

I personally didn’t expect that Do Hee will turn out to be this way but I am kind of glad they did go for that since we get to see Lee Da-hae doing this type of character ❤

I can’t believe that we will have to say goodbye to “The Good Witch” tomorrow!! I am so curious how they will wrap up this drama and give a closure to the characters and specially the twins and their final confrontation and hope they don’t leave me with a big disappointment at the end. But in all cases I am really going to miss this drama and my girl on my scree T_T

For now check below some BTS and Stills ^^

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Lee Da-hae in “Mom’s Diary ~ My Ugly Duckling” Variety Show


It is quite late to post about this but again better late than never 😉

Lee Da-hae appeared as a guest MC on SBS variety show “Mom’s Diary ~ My Ugly Duckling” (Aka. My Little Old Boy) Episodes 80, 81 and 82 which aired last month and earlier this month.

I didn’t watch the show before but I truly enjoyed it and now I can understand why it is quite popular!! The program is not focused on guests who watch the sons’ footage with the mothers at the studio but despite that, I really loved the few minutes in which we got to see Da-hae interacting with other MCs and mothers who were so nice to her as well as her reactions to the footage. She was fun as always 😀

Go watch the episodes if you haven’t, I am sure you will enjoy it as well ^^

Now, check below some BTS of our girl before and during the filming ❤

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Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae!!

I am sad that I am rather late this year saying my Happy Birthday to our dear girl but what to say, my connection usually betrays me when it actually matters 😦

But anyway, better late than never and as always I wish health and happiness to Lee Da-hae who have been a great source of happiness for me and many fans and hopefully she will bless us with more happiness as she continue to shine as an actress ❤

On this day, our girl updated her Instagram with the pictures below she took while she was filming “The Good Witch” and she said that although she was sleep and tired but she still felt full of energy thanks to fans who have gifted her with many cakes and presents. She looks super cute here ^^

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Lee Da-hae Renews her Contract with ANYA Cosmetics

News reports came out yesterday stating that Lee Da-hae has yet again renewed contract with ANYA Cosmetics. This would be her second renewal since she first signed with them as their model back in 2014.

I have said it before that I do appreciate how the brand still supportive to Da-hae as their model although the whole THAAD issue and consequences that is still affecting Korean artists activities in China till now and now this renewal decision is yet again another proof of how they value Da-hae and it is quite impressive how long she has been their model ❤

Although the brand didn’t shoot any CFs with her but they do shoot Ads when she first signed a contract with them and 2 years later with the first renewal so hopefully she gets to shoot new Ads with this renewal as well.

The news did mention about Da-hae having some promotion event for the brand on the 19th of this month (also her birthday). Seems it will be a live broadcast in which Da-hae will interact with fans and also can gift them some of ANYA’s products.

For now check below more photos of when the brand representatives visited our girl on the set of her current airing drama “The Good Witch” on the 30th of March, holding an interview and recording promo video with her ❤

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Latest Lee Da-hae Updates From “The Good Witch”


Didn’t think I would take all this while to write again but real life wasn’t smooth lately!! so expect this to be a long post 😉

Although SBS is totally sleeping on “The Good Witch” and doesn’t give us appropriate updates from the filming set but we are fortunately getting some updates from Lee Da-hae herself, her co-stars and fans ❤

Even though I can’t say that it is the high quality project that I wished Da-hae will comeback with specially after 4 long years away from the K-Drama scene and it is actually receiving low ratings but I am surprisingly enjoying the drama so much more than I actually expected.

The plot is nothing to write home about and I personally have problems with the direction and editing but the drama and characters have a charm, I like its pace at the most part and Da-hae is giving a very good performance in her first duel role so I am still kind of happy about it till now and I wish they at least don’t mess with the story and Da-hae character(s) there until the end and we get to see good development for the characters.

Without further ado, check below the latest updates ^^

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Lee Da-hae at “The Good Witch” Press Conference – [Photos and Videos]


Sorry for the delay of this post, but finally I have got the time ^^

Lee Da-hae attended the press conference of her new drama “The Good Witch” on the 2nd of March along with other cast members including Ryu Soo Young, An Woo Yeon, Bae Soo Bin and Shin Hye Jeong.

I am glad to say that I really loved her look there. Although if I look at that dress alone, I would say I am not a big fan but Da-hae did carry it so well that I really like it on her. I love that it is not fully black thanks to those floral prints and it is a bit of a different style from her usual which is nice to see. On the other hand, her makeup, hair and accessories were just perfect ❤

Sadly we didn’t get a proper translation of what the cast said in the interview at the press conference but I tried to include here some parts I did understand from the news reports of what Da-hae said there (Sorry for any mistake in advance)

Also have to say that the photo time was one of the funniest I did ever see in a drama press conference. You have to check the pictures and videos below to know why 😀

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Lee Da-hae Drama “The Good Witch” Premiers Tonight on SBS and Releases Long Preview!!

3rd of March is finally here!! Less than 2 hours and we finally see Lee Da-hae in her long waited Korean comeback. “The Good Witch” will premier tonight on SBS at 8:55 PM KST. They will air 4 episodes each 35 mins ❤

Our girl posted pictures of Sun Hee as a pride on her Instagram celebrating the day that she if finally back meeting Korean viewers, wish the drama gets some good reviews tonight *praying*

The drama press conference was held yesterday but there are so many great pictures so will need some time to compile them all and do a proper post 😉

For now check below the 6 mins long preview for the drama and more stills from the first episodes ^^

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