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More Teasers for Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Good Witch” Released!!

We are finally on a roll with “Good Witch” promotions and we even got 2 more teasers!!

But honestly as we get to know more about the drama and see more of it, I am getting more worried about it 😦

From the drama short description and some news reports, they do describe our main character, the housewife “Cha Sun Hee” as “호구/Hogu” which is a slang means a stupid person!!

May be they mean that she is too kindhearted that some may think she is stupid since she cares too much about other people and treats everyone’s problems like her own which might get her into trouble and bad situations but at the same time I really don’t want them to go over board with that concept showing her doing some silly and stupid actions just for the laughs, I want to see a hardworking heroine that can make things right even if she is not all that smart.

Seeing Lee Da-hae challenging herself in this duel role for the first time, I am praying her effort will pay off.


Now let me talk more about the new teasers below ^^

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Celebrating Lee Da-hae 15th Acting Anniversary


This is a very special day and of course deserve celebration!!

It has been 15 years since the viewers first watched Lee Da-hae as Lee Eun Joo in MBC special  “Park Jong-cheol, A Fine Young Man” and with this start the actress journey began with all its ups and downs.

One thing for sure, is that despite it all she still delivered a lot of great acting moments that made us laugh, cry and feeling like one with her characters.

At this point in her career, our girl must have many worries and thinks a lot of the path she wants/can walk in from here on. The industry now is more into casting younger actresses with most dramas having young female roles and so it is not easy for actresses like Da-hae to get roles in dramas specially with her not categorized as an A-Lister and it doesn’t help that she has been away for 3 years and the fact that all her agencies for the past 6 years have done and doing nothing for her so she is basically out there on her own.

So the journey might still not be easy for her but I am sure her strong will won’t be shaken and who knows what surprises the future holds for us 😉

I hope she can continue gracing our screens for many years to come, it doesn’t matter the nationality of her works anymore, just wishing she keep enjoying the acting that she love for as long as she can.

Congratulation Da-hae shi, Lets enjoy the journey and grow old together!! ❤



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Lee Da-hae Leaves FNC Entertainment and Joins JS Pictures


We have got news today that Lee Da-hae decided to part ways with FNC Entertainment after her 2 years contract ended. She joined them in January 2014 and she was still in discussion with them regarding a renewal since earlier this year but eventually she decided to not to renew her contract.

And just few hours after the reports about her leaving FNC came out, we got reports about her signing an exclusive contract with JS Pictures (although they initially denied). The company is a subsidiary of CJ E&M Corporation and while it doesn’t have big names under their management but they are well known for their drama production which includes some good dramas like “Twenty Again”, “Nine”, “Two Weeks”, “Giants”, “History of a Salary Man” and many more.

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Happy Birthday To Lee Da-hae


It has been the 19th of April in Korea hours ago but I waited till it is officially the 19th in my time as well to publish this post 🙂 hopefully our girl is now spending her birthday with her family and loved ones, eating her favorite cherry and strawberry cake and enjoying her day to the fullest ❤

I think my excitement for our girl’s birthday this year is more than every year as this past year was quite special for me and in which I come to realize more what Lee Da-hae has given me over the years I have been her fan. Yes don’t be surprised, it is true that I never directly communicated with her or met her in real and even don’t have much hope for this to happen anytime soon but when I thought about it I now think that since I have followed her closely, she have been a great source of joy and inspiration for me ^^

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Da-hae, What is next?

What a long and painful wait we have to go through to get news about Lee Da-hae next project?! T___T

No doubt it makes me sad but it is not the first time our girl take long break after a project and just enjoy some private time and who am I to be against that as long as she is happy. Since many years now, our girl usually takes one project a year (if we are lucky and she didn’t skip years without projects) so it was expected that we won’t see her in another project in 2014 after “Hotel King” specially that it was a long drama. I actually consider us lucky that we saw her for 32 Episodes this year (which equals 2 short dramas) 🙂

In addition to that, I surely don’t mind her to take time to choose her next project because she really needs to be careful in her next step. It is not a secret that I am not satisfied with her project choices and many fans might agree with me on this so I need to see her in a good piece of work next to really push her career forward after many set backs in the past.

In this post I won’t talk about neither her unfortunate and struggling career path nor my worries about her future or of her getting offers but I would like to start this year to talk here about what I would like to see next from her in terms of projects, characters and pairing wishing that one or more of those wishes will come true this year or next years.

And would like to know, what you also wish to see from our girl next??

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Lee Da-hae Receives a Gift from her Korean Fan Club “Emerald”

I am so happy to see this Twitter update from Lee Da-hae. Not only because I love seeing any message from her but more because it is related to her Korean fan club which is called “Emerald” (I don’t know the reason for the name if any but on a fun note, Emerald was the birthstone for Mo Ne in Hotel King 😀 )

Here is the translation of the message:

Hello, this is Lee Da Hae. The weather turned cold, everyone be careful of cold! By the way, Thank you Emerald fans ^^ I have received your gift. Have a nice day!

I am happy to know that her fan club sent her a gift and she apparently wanted to thank them for it with this message. But I wish she could have posted a picture of the her or the gift with the message though 🙂

What makes me specially happy knowing about her fans gift is that actually her Korean fan club have not been very active for many years now which was always a source of sadness for me but fortunately I have noticed they started being more active after her joining FNC Entertainment and after “Hotel King” and they have actually send rice wreath to the drama wrap up party.

So although the fan club is still not that active compared to when she was at the peak of her career during the period from 2004 to 2007 but I am still happy to see them arranging activities again and communicating with her directly which is a good sign and make me hopeful to see more activities from them later in our girl’s next projects and may be she could later do some fan meetings like what she used to do before.

Also I noticed that our girl’s Twitter account now is officially verified which is also another good thing to see ❤

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So Bored !!!


Whenever there is nothing new about our girl, I feel like this even though I am actually watching lots of dramas lately some are old and some airing.

Part of the reason for watching so many dramas is a trial to keep myself busy and to shut my head for sometime from thinking too much about Lee Da-hae and the normal worries I have but yes it doesn’t always work.

But because I still have to see our girl in anything, I am re-watching some of my favorite scenes of Chuno and Hotel King these days ^^

So, how about you? What are you doing these days to overcome the drought?

And because I don’t have a new picture of our girl to add to this post, I wanted to post some art work from talented fans instead. The ones below are from her dramas My Girl and Chuno ❤

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