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Lee Da-hae Sings “IF” in “Best Lover”

I can never complain when we get more of Lee Da-hae singing!!

After singing for the drama’s OST, this time our girl sang a cover for song “IF” in a scene in episode 13 of her drama “Best Lover“. The song was originally sang by “Naby” for “On Air” Korean drama OST back in 2008.

In this scene Ye Huan Ying (her character’s name) is singing it to her fans in a birthday fan meeting while her “fake” husband is also in the audience ^^

I think this will have a special place in my heart among all the songs she has sang in her dramas or other occasions since her debut because I am getting quite a different feeling watching and listening her singing this time around (No comedy or cute or sexy antics there 😉 )

I really wish she sang the whole song though 😦

Credit: Youku | Translation: Ely_397 @ Soompi



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Lee Da-hae Sings for “Best Lover” OST and English Subtitles are out for the Drama


We know Lee Da-hae is no singer but she has a passion for music. I am always happy that despite her knowing her limits as well, she never was afraid to sing and perform for us at many occasions and now we can add another song to the list as she sang a duet with her “Best Lover” singer co-star Zhou Mi for the drama’s OST.

The song is called “Best Couple”/”最佳情侣” (as the Chinese title for the drama) and it is used as the opening theme and also played at many scenes in the drama. It is a very cute song and our girl’s voice is so cute as well singing in Chinese ❤

No official full version of the song is released (I really hope they do release one soon) but because I wanted to listen to it repeatedly, I extracted the audio from the drama scenes and did some editing to cut the dialogues. Although it is not perfect but I hope it is decent to listen to. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Also another good news, thanks to our dedicated Da-hae Soompi fans (Ely and Annya) we are finally getting English subs for the drama, YAAY!!!

I didn’t expect us to get subs for the drama any time soon but they stepped in to provide the subs for us all to enjoy the drama more. Can’t thank them enough and I’m proud that this translation project coming out from Da-hae fans ❤

Check below for the “Best Couple” Song and English subs link 🙂
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Introducing Lee Da-hae’s Boyfriend “Se7en”


Through the past few days with the recent dating news about Lee Da-hae and Se7en, I found myself thinking that as fans we all have a homework to get to know the man better specially that many fans do not know much about him as they don’t follow the Korean music industry.

I have an advantage since I already liked listening to him many years ago and did follow his news and come back in recent years and thanks to my free time these days I thought to do a post about him since he does deserve one 😉

I think that the best way to know any artist is through his work and that is what I focus on in this post. It is more about my view on him as an artist and on his career path.

Hope you do enjoy it ^^

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Listening to Lee Da-hae’s Favorite Singers

I am listening to a lot of old songs these days and while it takes me in a walk down the memory lane I decided to listen to songs from Lee Da-hae‘s favorite singers who I happen to like as well. You know how I have to connect my daily life activities to my girl, kkk 😀

She mentioned some of those singers explicitly in some of her interviews or we knew about her being a fan from other sources but I noticed that she also shares some destiny with them through her work 😉

I thought that I can share my favorite of their songs with you and listen to them together so we can somehow keep ourselves busy while waiting for something new from our girl. I am sure she also spends some of her resting time listening to them or other singers she likes and who we don’t know about.

Hope you enjoy this post ❤

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Da-hae, What is next?

What a long and painful wait we have to go through to get news about Lee Da-hae next project?! T___T

No doubt it makes me sad but it is not the first time our girl take long break after a project and just enjoy some private time and who am I to be against that as long as she is happy. Since many years now, our girl usually takes one project a year (if we are lucky and she didn’t skip years without projects) so it was expected that we won’t see her in another project in 2014 after “Hotel King” specially that it was a long drama. I actually consider us lucky that we saw her for 32 Episodes this year (which equals 2 short dramas) 🙂

In addition to that, I surely don’t mind her to take time to choose her next project because she really needs to be careful in her next step. It is not a secret that I am not satisfied with her project choices and many fans might agree with me on this so I need to see her in a good piece of work next to really push her career forward after many set backs in the past.

In this post I won’t talk about neither her unfortunate and struggling career path nor my worries about her future or of her getting offers but I would like to start this year to talk here about what I would like to see next from her in terms of projects, characters and pairing wishing that one or more of those wishes will come true this year or next years.

And would like to know, what you also wish to see from our girl next??

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♫ Hotel King Full OST ♫


Here I admit that I didn’t watch the last “Hotel King” episodes subbed yet and that is the reason my post about the Finale is not up till now T_T

Regardless of my concerns about the drama overall but I guess after following this drama and getting so drawn into the characters lives for about 6 months now, I am feeling really empty without my weekly dose of the drama, Lee Da-hae and Dong-Hae couple and I am having hard time letting go of them and admitting that I need to face the ending already!!

So, while I feel that way and try to bring myself to watch the episodes I keep listening to the OST which I really LOVE.

My favorite song is “Hurts” Song by “Kim Jin Ho” both the original and Acoustic versions, also from the drama score “보이지 않는 운명“, “그림자/Shadow” and “Kiss Of Promise

Here is a play list of the full OST for us to enjoy together and for whoever is waiting for my post about the finale I hope you forgive me ❤

But I need to add that I was actually sad when the full OST came out and I discovered that they didn’t include all the drama score in it specially my favorite musical piece in the drama 😦

I need thank the fan who did extract it from the drama (although it is low quality) so, I can listen to that one repeatedly

Credit: muchcloudier @ Soompi, Last Seonmul and bing saeni YT Channels


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More of Lee Da-hae Singing Peformances

As I mentioned previously when I posted about Lee Da-hae single “I Love Rock n Roll“, she did other singing performances in her dramas, CFs and some variety shows appearance.

She is really CUTE and LOVELY in those and that is what seal the deal for me and makes me LOVE her as a performer forgetting all about her lack of singing skills. In the end she is an actress not a singer and she didn’t ever bother to go beyond that as she already know that she is not really talented in that department.

Also it worth mentioning that she actually sang in 2 foreign languages in addition to her own mother language which are Chinese and English. That is not easy and shows more of her efforts to entertain her fans and show us that side of herself.

Now let’s have a look at those performances, Hope you enjoy them 🙂

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