Lee Da-hae Biography



  • Name: Lee Da-hae/Lee Da-hey (이다해) (李多海) (イ・ダヘ)
  • Birth Name: Byun Da-hey (변다혜)
  • English name: Cherry and Olivia
  • Birth-date: April 19, 1984
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Height: 170cm
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Blood type: O
  • Languages: Korean, English, Chinese
  • Current Agency: JS Pictures
  • Hobby: Dancing, Chatting with friends, Watching movies
  • Family: Parents and Elder Brother
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Burwood Girls High School (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), Theater and Film in Dong Guk University (2004)(dropped-out), Film and Art Major in Konkuk University (2009)
  • Debut Year: 2001 through MBC ChunHyang pageant (although Acting Debut was in 24/6/2002)

.:Other Trivia:.

  • Personality: Cheerful, bubbly, crowd lover, nerve-wreck (sometimes)
  • Habit: Leaves leftovers during meals
  • Ideal Guy (2005): Caring, nice and humorous
  • Motto: To do her best in everything
  • Fav Actress: Kim Hee Sun, Go Hyun Jung, Song Hye Kyo
  • Fav Actor: Seol Gyung Gu
  • Fav Chinese Star: Andy Lau, Jay Chou
  • Fav Color: White
  • Fav Food: Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese
  • Fav Subject in School: English
  • Fav Animal: Dog (She owns 2 dogs, Cherry and Strawberry)
  • Childhood Dream: To become a dance tutor


  • The Good Witch [aka Nice Witch] (2018, SBS) – Cha Sun Hee / Cha Do Hee
  • My Goddess, My Mother (China) (TBA) – Kang Jin Bo
  • Best Lover (Korea-China) (2016, Youku) – Choi Hwan Young/Ye Huan Ying
  • Hotel King (2014, MBC) – Ah Mo Ne
  • IRIS II (2013, KBS) – Ji Soo Yeon
  • Love Actually (China) (2012, Hunan TV) – Qiao Xiao Xia
  • Miss Ripley (2011, MBC) – Jang Miri
  • Fugitive: Plan B (2010, KBS) – Hye Won (Cameo)
  • Haru (2010, Short online Drama) – Lee Da Hae
  • Chuno/Slave Hunters (2010, KBS) – Un Nyun/Hye Won
  • East of Eden (2008-2009, MBC) – Min Hye Rin
  • Robbers (2008, SBS) – Jin Dal Rae
  • Hello! Miss (2007, KBS) – Lee Su Ha
  • My girl (2005-2006, SBS) – Joo Yu Rin
  • Green rose (2005, SBS) – Oh Su Ah
  • King Flower Fairy [aka Heaven’s Fate] (2004, MBC) – Yoon Cho Won
  • Sweet 18 (2004, KBS) – Moon Ga Yeong
  • Star’s Echo (2004, MBC-Fuji) – Ji Young
  • Good news (2003, KBS)
  • Love of Thousands Years (2003, SBS)
  • Ling Ling (2002, MBC) – Song Eun Ha
  • Park Jong-cheol, A Fine Young Man (2002, MBC) – Lee Eun Joo


  • 2013: Asia Model Festival Awards – Asia Star Award
  • 2012: Third LETV Entertainment Awards (China) – Most popular actress in Asia Pacific Region (Love Actually)
  • 2011: Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards – Best Actress Award (Miss Ripley)
  • 2011: Yahoo Buzz Awards – Korea Top Buzz Female Artist Award
  • 2010: China Fashion Awards – Asian Fashionista
  • 2010: KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award with Jang Hyuk (Chuno)
  • 2010:  The 47th Savings Day – The Presidential award for frugality (she is the first female artist to receive the Award)
  • 2009: Asia Model Festival Awards – Popular Female Star Award
  • 2007: KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series – Actress (Hello! Miss)
  • 2006: SBS Drama Awards – Top Ten Stars Award (Green Rose and My Girl)
  • 2005: SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Special Drama – Actress (Green Rose and My Girl)
  • 2005: 41st Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actress Award (Lotus Flower Fairy)
  • 2004: MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress Award (Lotus Flower Fairy)
  • 2001: MBC Chun Hyang Pageant – (Winner)

.:Music/Digital Single:.

  • 2016: Best Couple – With Zhou Mi (“Best Lover” Drama OST)
  • 2012: I’m not Kidding – by Suho (Narration)
  • 2008: Can Can Can – Samsung “I Love Kimchi”/ Hauzen
  • 2007: I Love Rock and Roll (Korean/English Version)
  • 2006: If You Are Willing To (“My Girl” Ep 4)

.:Music Videos:.


  • 2016: Busan One Asia Festival
  • 2011: Second Seoul Art and Culture Awards
  • 2010: KBS Awards 2010 (w/ Song Joong-ki and Choi Su-jong)
  • 2010: A Charity Concert
  • 2010: Mr World 2010 (w/ Alesha Dixon and Julian Kang)
  • 2009: KBS Awards 2009 (w/ Tak Jae Hoon and Kim So Yeon)
  • 2009: The 6th Asia Song Festival
  • 2008: The 50th Anniversary of Korea-Thailand diplomatic relationship Celebration (w/ Film Ratthapoom)
  • 2007: KBS Awards 2007 (w/ Tak Jae Hoon)
  • 2007: Mnet Asian Music Awards 2007 (w/ Shin Dong Yup)
  • 2006: SBS Awards 2006 (w/ Ryu Jung Hoon and Lee Hoon)
  • 2004: Humming Tree “Music in Concert” (w/ Kangta)


  • 2009: Rain’s Hong Kong Fashion Concert
  • 2008: Andre Kim Shanghai Fashion Show (w/ Jang Geun Seuk and Kim Jeong Hoon)
  • 2006: CHANEL Fashion Show (w/ Lee Jun Ki)
  • 2005: Andre Kim Fashion Show
  • 2003: Andre Kim Fashion Show

.:Variety Shows:.

  • 2018: SBS – My Little Old Boy (a.k.a. Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling) Ep 80, 81 and 82
  • 2017: KBS – Guesthouse Daughters (Permanent Cast Member)
  • 2017: tvN – Life Bar Ep 9
  • 2016: SBS – Running Man Ep 289 and 290 (Dubai Special w/ Jung Il Woo)
  • 2014: SBS – Roommate (Cameo appearance in Ep 5 and Ep 16)
  • 2013: KBS – Happy Together (IRIS 2 Special)
  • 2012: Hunan TV – Happy Camp – China (Love Actually)
  • 2012: SBS – Running Man Ep 82 and 83 (w/ Oh Ji Ho)
  • 2011: Hunan TV – Happy Camp – China
  • 2010: KBS – Win Win Talkshow (w/ Jang Hyuk and PD Kwak Jung Hwan)
  • 2010: Kim Hee Chul’s DJ Young Street Radio Talkshow (w/ Jang Geun Seuk)
  • 2010: KBS – Invincible Baseball Team (Cameo appearance in Ep 44)
  • 2010: KBS – Sweet Night (w/ Lee Hong Ki, Kim Jong Min)
  • 2009: KBS – Happy Together New Year Special (Chuno)
  • 2007: KBS – Sang Sang Plus (w/ Lee Ji Hoon)
  • 2006: MBC – Infinity Challenge (Cameo Appearance in Ep 29 w/ Lee Dong Wook)
  • 2005: SBS – Love Letter (w/ Andy, Brian, Lee Seung Gi..etc)
  • 2005: SBS – Ya Shim Man Man Ep 105
  • 2005: MBC – Come To Play  


  • 2016 – 2018: ANYA Cosmetics (China)
  • 2015: Shunvfang Clothing Brand (China), Arnaldo Bassini Clothing Brand, Passional Lover Cosmetics (China), Day Day Sanitary Napkin, Star Korea Online Shopping
  • 2014: Shunvfang Clothing Brand (China), Arnaldo Bassini Clothing Brand, ANYA Cosmetics (China), L’Oreal Professionnel Paris (Korea and China), PINON/Pignon Golf Sportswear Brand
  • 2013: Passional Lover Cosmetics (China), Kia K3, G.Borgovani Glasses, Arnaldo Bassini Clothing Brand
  • 2012: G.Borgovani Glasses, Arnaldo Bassini Clothing Brand
  • 2011: Arnaldo Bassini Clothing Brand, COSHIP and Hyundai Intelligent TV (China), Marie Mullin Clothing Brand, Somang “Danahan” Cosmetics, Charmsoju
  • 2010: Somang “Danahan” Cosmetics, Charmsoju, Imperial Clothing Brand, Just BB “Basic Beauty” Cosmetics (China)
  • 2009: Misope, MCM peulraegeuswip, BBK Life Electric – Soy Mixer (China)
  • 2008: Beyond,  Save Bank
  • 2007: Hummings, Sopoooong, V=B Vitamin
  • 2006: BC Card, Motorola, SAMSUNG Hauzen, BC TOP Card, J.Polack, Dentrala Toothpaste, VENUS
  • 2005: Hoban, DeBON, Otsuka GreenTime
  • 2004: SOUP, LOTTE

Credit: Ripgal@Soompi, LDH baidu bar and YT Videos Uploaders


25 responses to “Lee Da-hae Biography

  1. Chew Pratt

    I thought Lee Da Hae also speaks Japanese. Only discovered her by chance watching an episode of IRIS II whilst in Malaysia earlier in the year. So far I have finished watching MY GIRL, ROBBERS and MISS RIPLY, may follow CHUNO next. Although I notice she looks kind of different in each, perhaps plastic surgeries, but who cares, I think she is a very expressive actress with all those crying scenes. Would be nice to think of a story line for tv or movie evolving UK, US, China, Korea and Japan where she can speak all her languages and cast as a model of some sort meeting all sorts of funny people and nice handsome blokes, etc.. Will she think this is possible?


    • Yes, she actually knows some Japanese words but not much. She did speak some in Miss Ripley and IRIS II and before that even made some jokes in Japanese during Chuno Japanese fan meeting 😀

      So she is not only talented actress but also have talent with Languages and she mentioned before that she enjoys studying foreign Languages. I would really like to see her in some international project in which she can make a good use of that talent so I support your idea. Really hope producers listen to us 🙂

      Yes, our girl undergone plastic surgery which she admitted to but as you said in that end it is her face and her decision to make. And as you are going through her projects, I would also recommend you to watch “Green Rose” it was really Good drama and I personally LOVE Da-hae there ❤


  2. Chew Pratt

    Thanks for reply, I will be pretty lost if there is no English or Chinese subtitles trying to follow korean or Japanese movies or tv series, will watch GREEN ROSE in due course. To do an international project, she may need to be proactive, and innovative conjuring up micro projects of her own for producers to come knocking. Perhaps if she has the time, she can use her many fashion cat walks and still photos, borrow something from London, Milan, Paris fashion show pieces, use drama schools students from the East and West, technology cut and paste to produce a mini project of her own. After all, marketing is what making people tick to buy your product, show business and publicity promotions follow the same line. Gosh, I must be crazy letting my imagination run wild!!!!


    • Yes indeed. Thanks to Hallyu Wave and fans for being the reason for us to be able to watch and understand those MVs and Dramas.

      And about our girl crossing international border, I know she is so willing to do that. And although I am sure she met with some producers in Hollywood but I would say she still don’t know how to do that step yet and she also never had a good management who could help her in this (or in particular to do that professionally and in a decent way) and what you said seems a great idea to do, I think this would be great step to be able to knock more doors out there.


  3. CP

    I must confess being a total stranger to Korean or Chinese star management systems or what sort of restrictions imposed in contracts by the management agencies which would not allowed someone like LDH to develop her various talents (I hardly watch Korean or Chinese tv series until now). Anymore than how close or how well you know her to be able to suggest constructive ideas for her to peruse her wishes in a subtle and implicit manner without entanglenizing those who are supposed to promote her career. Goodness, she better hurry up as time waits for no man (or women), particularly female actresses, like professional footballers having limited years of career life span.
    The next 5 years would be crucial. She may start with either assemble her enthusiastic fans technologically savvy enough to help make a short film for her, like what I said, cut and paste sort of things with added elegant sound bytes (that is where you can help) before producers taking notice, choose her scripts carefully offered in both Korea and China (if that is what she has in mind at moment); or she may fall in love, get married, etc.. When she reaches mid 30s and nothing is done, new wave of starlets may take over what she did the past 10 years and bury her beneath. This is show business I am afraid. It is a shame as she is such a damn good actress and ought to be given an opportunity to shine brightly.
    This morning I came across her various versions of I LOVE ROCK & ROLL video, she may not have good voice, but she can certainly mellow her voice cord and do some songs like Tina Turner’s SIMPLY THE BEST, or Bonnie Tyler’s TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART … Something with rock & roll background, back up dancers and do her drumming rolling the sticks at the end, very classy. What other instruments can she play, something to think about? Perhaps this is where the East meets West venture for her?


    • I am not also very aware of how things work in the entertainment industry but just from my knowledge through the years following Da-hae and Kdramas I assure you that things are pretty hard out there. World is full of greedy and manipulative agencies. Some treat their stars as slaves or want to control their lives and use them to get some money without caring much about their careers. And as a very competitive world as it seems, you need connections and people who can push your career forward by getting you good project offers.

      You can check my post about her being Free Agent to know more about her situation although it is still vague for me.


      And I need to say that I am not anyway to be close to Da-hae, I am just a fan and the best thing I could wish for is for her to be reading my thoughts and also our discussion on the blog here 🙂 and I totally agree with you that her next steps are so important and I won’t hide that I am really worried.

      And talking about “I Love Rock n Roll”, I did a complete post about that. You can check it to know who else think she really has a chance to go international ^_^



  4. CP

    Hello again. I browsed the 2 links above, spent a bit of time on recent LDH’s interviews after IRIS II, and others. I am not her fan (indeed I never star gazing in my life), but just curious enough to attempt analysing her case rationally and objectively.
    I am very moved and really impressed by your dedication and sincerity for her well being. I just hope she knows there is a blogger out in the wide open world caring about her, and that she will read your blog and communicate with you someday, perhaps very soon!
    My overall view, hope you agree, is that LDH, however nice and talented person she is, did not organise her career schedules properly. She tended to do important things according to her heart, not her head. I quite understand as she was young and life was full of fun then. So she dealt with things half hazardly, perhaps speaking and acting without measured checks. Korean way of speaking/culture is one thing, foreign cultures are totally different matters, people of different races can at times, be very sensitive interpreting her words and actions, enough to prompt hurt and misunderstanding. Here, sometimes the Scottish, Welsh and Irish, also the Aussies, Kiwis and the world at large are lost and feel insulted by the particular subtle English sense of humour! Stupid English!
    However, she has fully grown up now and hope she will recognise what are her priorities in life, put them in order and pursue them accordingly. She does need a good manager to guide her and protect her! With 3 million fan base in China, and many more elsewhere, opportunities to do it big are there to have, so it is time to be serious for the next 5 years. Come on, LDH, you can make it!
    P.s. I must go hiding now talking gibberish!


    • OOH thanks a lot CP for your kind words, it is really encouraging to read and I am actually so grateful that you take the time to discover more about Da-hae and comment here as well ❤

      I really like your thoughts and I totally agree with you. Through her career she surely made a lot of bad decisions and project choices in addition of being badly managed which lead her to what she suffer from right now. Although she is still child in heart but she is not young and surely knows that eventually "You Reap What You Sow".

      Actually the most people who criticize her decisions are the ones who really knows how talented she is because it is such a pity to see such talent wasted.

      Personally I think that although she is a fighter and a very strong person who overcame a lot through her career and had the courage to stand up for herself and face a lot alone but she is still a bit naive and I feel that she is still dealing with acting as an amateur who thinks of it as something she enjoy to do more than a profession.

      In the end, she is a person who have flaws and can do mistakes but I just hope she learned from her lessons and decide wisely for her next steps.


  5. CP

    Well, flawed project choices, bad decisions, muddling through with career management agencies …. and whatever; hopefully they belong to the past, it is the present which LDH has to take seriously from now on. I somehow detect a tinge of loss and sadness in her look during the conference and fashion show for SHUNUFANG shown in your home page. I could be wrong, she may suffer some sort of minor depression she is not aware of, and it is more so a case that she needs a good manager now to protect her and guide her. Luckily she has her family, friends and her fan base for the moment, she needs them more than anything to keep her spirit high and be strong to face whatever nasty matters on the way.
    I can well sympathise and understand why oh why she did what she did in the past, nieve and not very professional as you said. I myself made lots of mistakes that way in my younger days, but I learnt from lessons instead of crying my heart out, pick myself up (around her age when I did) from depression to face the world alone, grew up and mellowed in my career undertakings. Now I am at ease with myself and that is important to live my life without regrets and in peace. Yes, this what LDH should be, at ease with herself, cool, calm and collected to deal with life. No more impulsive actions and decisions. She will always have her infectious laugh and mesmerising personality for people to notice she is such a nice and friendly girl next door. Let us hope everything will go well for her from now on.

    P.s. I like your web design, cleanly done and precise to the point, but can you put a RETURN TO TOP link at the bottom of each page? I find it hard going having to scroll up in order to go to next header. Also, may I suggest in the near future, to insert a header between LDH BIOGRAPHY and MY HEADERS, name it WHAT’S NEXT FOR LDH or some catchy heading, perhaps have her images from MISS RIPLEY, she looks gorgeous in that red party frock and with her hair done up. This is where you can progress with mini projects, fan MVs, snippet of ideas from fans and those who care, short scripts of story line, …., edited videos of what I suggested earlier. Am I talking rubbish now, I will stop here!


    • CP

      Please forget what I said about RETURN TO TOP. I missed seeing the black bar at the bottom.


      • I am really kind of new to blog world (I only started less than 2 months ago) so actually I lack a lot and I really appreciate all your suggestions ^_^ Hopefully I will get more spare time soon to put more effort here.


  6. samzzy

    @CP, welcome to Dahae’s wolrld, thank you so much with all your posts, being a while we are not seeing so meaningful and constructive comments on LDH, and thanks to AQ (our short nickname to Apqaria) dear for creating this blog, so we can have an exchange of thought on this talented actress.
    You have nailed perfectly on her shortcoming, and I hv said quite similar that her biggest mistake is asking unprofessional people handling her business life.
    another person who are loud in criticizing her career move is Mr X, where AQ, has put the link under ‘The Vault”. I like his blog, not bc of the content,(which sometimes I found so heavy with my limited English) but what he said, all make sense, even some I disagree.



  7. Do you recommend My Girl?


  8. Apqaria I love your blog and want to share it in my The Ahjumma Club blog… xoxo Onnie SGFlady


  9. Just Me

    can you gimme a list of official’s account of lee da hae and lee dong wook?
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..and so on that you know.. thank you! i hope you don’t remind


  10. I just realized that her birthday are 2 days after mine!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. hearleemar

    I really luv u lee dae because of ui wnt to b a korea model u will alwyyz b my model


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