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Lee Da-hae Spends her 16th Acting Anniversary in Japan


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A year has passed and here we are celebrating Lee Da-hae‘s 16th acting anniversary which was on last Sunday the 24th of June!! Hope we can still celebrate this together for many years to come as she continue giving us joy through her acting ❤

Our girl continue with her vacations and travels since she finished filming “The Good Witch” and she has been in Tokyo, Japan with some friends at the time of her acting anniversary but seems she is already leaving today based on her latest Instagram update above ^^

Check below for more photos and updates 🙂

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Celebrating Lee Da-hae 15th Acting Anniversary


This is a very special day and of course deserve celebration!!

It has been 15 years since the viewers first watched Lee Da-hae as Lee Eun Joo in MBC special  “Park Jong-cheol, A Fine Young Man” and with this start the actress journey began with all its ups and downs.

One thing for sure, is that despite it all she still delivered a lot of great acting moments that made us laugh, cry and feeling like one with her characters.

At this point in her career, our girl must have many worries and thinks a lot of the path she wants/can walk in from here on. The industry now is more into casting younger actresses with most dramas having young female roles and so it is not easy for actresses like Da-hae to get roles in dramas specially with her not categorized as an A-Lister and it doesn’t help that she has been away for 3 years and the fact that all her agencies for the past 6 years have done and doing nothing for her so she is basically out there on her own.

So the journey might still not be easy for her but I am sure her strong will won’t be shaken and who knows what surprises the future holds for us 😉

I hope she can continue gracing our screens for many years to come, it doesn’t matter the nationality of her works anymore, just wishing she keep enjoying the acting that she love for as long as she can.

Congratulation Da-hae shi, Lets enjoy the journey and grow old together!! ❤



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Lee Da-hae Busy Filming “My Goddess, My Mother” as She Celebrates her 14th Acting Anniversary


14 years ago today in 2002, Lee Da-hae graced the small screen for the first time as an actress in the 2 episodes MBC special  “Park Jong-cheol, A Fine Young Man” . We might not see this drama ever but at least we are lucky to have a glimpse of our girl in it thanks to fans and the drama website that still up till now.

But to give you some info, the drama was about a real story of Seoul National University student and activist Park Jong-cheol who died 29 years ago this year as a result of being tortured by the police (You can read his story here) and Da-hae played the role of Jong-Cheol’s First love in the drama.

While she celebrates her 14th acting Anniversary, our girl is still so busy filming her Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” and reportedly so tired from the tight schedule as she even doesn’t get much time eating her meals and she updated about it on her Weibo today. The drama should be done filming in Shanghai next month and they should move to Korea after that to film some scenes there.

Congratulations to our girl on this special day and lets hope she keep gracing our screens with her talent in more successful and high quality projects for many years to come ❤

Check below few shots from her first acting role and the latest Weibo update and BTS from MGMM filming set 🙂

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