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Lee Da-hae Heads to London


Lee Da-hae was spotted today at Incheon International Airport heading to London to attend “The Fashion Awards 2016” tomorrow the 5th of December. Also it was reported that she will also attend the opening party of MCM store in London on the 6th which will also be broadcasted live on Naver TV App here.

I so missed our girl and her airport fashion. She looked really nice today. I love her coat and you know I always prefer her in similar hairstyles and the best part is surely her lovely smile 😉

Check below for more pictures ❤

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Lee Da-hae Shines in White

I am so happy with all the updates and news we are getting about Lee Da-hae these days even though she is not active in Korea but I am glad with the effort her new agency JS Pictures is doing to promote her news and activities in K-media and I am hoping they will keep it up and update us about her dramas “Best Lover” and “My Goddess, My Mother“.

The agency released today 2 gorgeous Ads that our girl taken for ANYA cosmetics a few days ago and also they gave us yesterday a few special pictures taken of her departure to China. Da-hae is always looks great in white that I just can’t get enough of her in it ❤

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Lee Da-hae Spotted Leaving Korea

LDH Airport 1

Lee Da-hae was spotted today at Gimpo international airport leaving Korea. Seems like she was heading to Shanghai as she will start filming her new drama “My Goddess, My Mother” pretty soon.

I love her look here with the simple white shirt and retro jeans which takes me back to years back (I have always been a fan of those) ^_^

Check more pictures and a video from media and fans below!

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Lee Da-hae and Her Favorite Fashion Item

As we are still not having nothing new to talk about these days so why not have some time checking old pictures of our girl 🙂

Anyone follows Lee Da-hae knows that eyewear and specially sunglasses is one of her almost fixed fashion items. She do love wearing them everywhere and we have seen her taking lots of selcas wearing them. Also I guess being a celebrity, those are usually useful to try to hide her status sometimes.

Personally I do like her look wearing them although dark sunglasses do hide a lot of her small face and features which leaves me a bit disappointed sometimes because obviously I do like to see her whole face ^^ but she do look really great in whatever type of eyewear and it wasn’t a surprise for her to be chosen as a model for G.Borgonovi brand back in 2012 and 2013.

So now lets check some pictures of her with eyewear either from G.Borgonovi Ads or other occasions that I didn’t post about on the blog before and also BTS videos of her G.Borgonovi photo-shoots ❤

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Lee Da-hae Through her Long Trip to Lanzhou – [Photos and Videos]

LDH Incheon 1

Our girl looked so gorgeous and chic today in that long beige coat but I didn’t expect that she will take such a long and tiring trip to Lanzhou 😦

In the trip that lasted about 9 hours, Lee Da-hae took 2 flights one from Incheon to Qingdao then another from Qingdao to Lanzhou but the later stopped in between in Nanjing before reaching its final destination!! And so it was rather wise that she changed her cloths for a more comfortable and casual ones in the middle. I hope she rest well before the first event tomorrow ^^

Thanks to fans and Korean media we got some pictures of our girl through this trip and knew that she already arrived safely to hotel she is staying in, check the pictures below and also a video of our girl at the hotel ❤

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Lee Da-hae At Incheon Airport Heading to China – [Photos]

LDH Airport

WOW, Our girl is totally rocking this all black suit look. She looks absolutely stunning and well rested ❤

It has been more than 2 months since we saw Lee Da-hae in any public event. The last time was at “Hotel King” Wrap up party and those pictures just made me realize more how much I missed her. I am so excited and my heart is bounding hard 😀

After few hours she will be arriving to Guangzhou, China to attend Shunufang Press Conference and Fashion Show which will be held this evening. So, I will be waiting for more pictures when she arrive to Guangzhou and from the event.

Now, check below more pictures from Korean Media of Da-hae at Incheon International Airport 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Attends “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” Charity Dinner and Fly Back to Korea – [Photos and Videos]


Here we get some pictures and videos of Lee Da-hae attending “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” Charity Dinner in HongKong. She donated 200,000 HongKong Dollars there.

I am not a fan of the dress AT ALL but I like that it shows her long perfect legs and she looks great in that make-up and hair. And have to say that she rocks with the bag and shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti who organized the event 🙂

Shortly after the dinner she traveled back to South Korea as she had filming schedule for her drama “Hotel King“. Check below for more pictures from the event and from the airport 🙂

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