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Hotel King – Drama Review

As promised here I am writing to bid my farewell to “Hotel King” with this drama review post. Despite this drama flaws and my disappointments that I will take the opportunity to rant more about it here, I have to say that this may be one of the most memorable drama journey for me.

This drama is my first in many things, it is my first makjang drama I watch, the first weekend drama I watch and the first drama for me to cover live in the blog. So, I am sure it will always have a special place in my heart and that some of the scenes and dialogues in this drama will forever be in my memory along with the unique and very special feelings I had while watching it and our Dong-Hae/ChaMo Couple

Sorry if this is going to be a long post but apparently I have a lot to say about this drama and I hope you can bear with me and share your own thoughts about it as well 🙂

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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Hotel King – Episodes 21 and 22 [Thoughts]

[I am so sorry chinggus for being late in posting this week. I am suffering from a very slow and annoying internet connection which made me spend the whole week just to download the episodes but after I finally was able to watch the episodes here I post again and I am happy that I am able to do that just before the new episodes come out. But unfortunately I can’t upload all the pictures and Gifs I wanted to post but I will try add later. I am not sure when this issue will be fixed so, hope you forgive me and bear with me this week and if this happens again in the upcoming weeks T_T]

I think this was a slow paced week for the main story development in our drama but I am still a happy viewer here cause we got to see a big progress on the romance side. Because let me be honest, always more OTP moments makes me happy regardless, kkk ^^ But in addition to that we also had a chance to get more into the minds of our characters and their relations which is something I always enjoy as well.

So, here is my thoughts for this week 🙂

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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More of Dong-Hae Couple Skinship!!! Squeeeeee!!!


This keeps looking better and better and my heart is now dancing from joy seeing more of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook skin ship during that hotel service training session while preparing for their roles in “Hotel King“.

How can they be this CUTE??!! I am melting ^_^ and I must say that I see Da-hae is looking specially happy lately 😉 and I totally LOVE it ❤

Wookie seems immersed in his cold character role already but I think that our cheerful heroine managed to make him smile 😀

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[Warning] Dong-Hae Couple Cuteness Overload ♥♥♥


YAAAAAAAY!!! AT LAST !!! MBC surely heard my complains and give us some amazing pictures of our Dong-Hae couple and “Hotel King” drama leads, Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook. Don’t they still look gorgeous together??

And the lovely coincidence is that this is my post number 100 in the blog and I surely couldn’t have ever thought of a more precious post to mark this occasion ❤

This picture above was taken at the day in which our cast had their second script reading session and received three-hour hotel service training session at Lotte Hotel at Sogongdong, Seoul (we saw a fan taken picture at that day before). There they learned the proper rules, posture, and speech for hotel service from the managers of Lotte Hotel to make the drama looks as realistic as possible! So, let me post more about the news we got today and more pictures of our cast.

But first, Oh my I don’t think I could ever describe how I felt when I saw the first couple of pictures below. It is like my heart exploded and then healed again to keep beating hard calling DONG-HAE ♥ it sounds exaggerating right? but I am truly not doing that. It is such a unique feeling to see them like this after so many years, LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥

But let me warn you, before you continue take a deep breath and make sure you have taken all the precautions for a possible fainting from our couple cuteness overload.

This is not for weak fan hearts so continue at your own risk, kk ^^

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“Hotel King” Gets second Male Lead and Adds more Cast + First picture of our OTP


YAY, thanks to the fan who had this surprise encounter with our cast, we got our first look at our leads together while having lunch during a training for their roles as hoteliers which was held in a hotel in Seoul.

We can see Lee Dong Wook side face clearly but what a pity we just got to see Lee Da-hae‘s back here (she is the one crossing her legs) but I am still so excited just knowing they are standing that close  to each other ❤ ^^

And you should have guessed by now just from the picture who is our second male lead, right? (Hint: he is the one standing beside Wookie :D)

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