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Lee Da-hae Enjoys Her Vacation in France

After some break from SNS, Lee Da-hae is back again updating us through Instagram on her whereabouts and she is quite generous about it these days!!

I always appreciate how she take the time to get back with her friends after her busy schedule whenever she has drama filming and that is exactly what she did and have been meeting with her friends may be even on daily basis. The first picture below is from a dinner with some of them ^^

After that she headed with another friend to France and to be exact to Paris and Bordeaux visiting some restaurants and wine makers there. I think Da-hae’s mom joined her lately and seems they may be going to a tour in Europe alone together for the upcoming days as per her latest update above ❤

Check below for the wonderful pictures from her trip, hope she keeps updating us 🙂

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Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae!!

I am sad that I am rather late this year saying my Happy Birthday to our dear girl but what to say, my connection usually betrays me when it actually matters 😦

But anyway, better late than never and as always I wish health and happiness to Lee Da-hae who have been a great source of happiness for me and many fans and hopefully she will bless us with more happiness as she continue to shine as an actress ❤

On this day, our girl updated her Instagram with the pictures below she took while she was filming “The Good Witch” and she said that although she was sleep and tired but she still felt full of energy thanks to fans who have gifted her with many cakes and presents. She looks super cute here ^^

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Lee Da-hae Renews her Contract with ANYA Cosmetics

News reports came out yesterday stating that Lee Da-hae has yet again renewed contract with ANYA Cosmetics. This would be her second renewal since she first signed with them as their model back in 2014.

I have said it before that I do appreciate how the brand still supportive to Da-hae as their model although the whole THAAD issue and consequences that is still affecting Korean artists activities in China till now and now this renewal decision is yet again another proof of how they value Da-hae and it is quite impressive how long she has been their model ❤

Although the brand didn’t shoot any CFs with her but they do shoot Ads when she first signed a contract with them and 2 years later with the first renewal so hopefully she gets to shoot new Ads with this renewal as well.

The news did mention about Da-hae having some promotion event for the brand on the 19th of this month (also her birthday). Seems it will be a live broadcast in which Da-hae will interact with fans and also can gift them some of ANYA’s products.

For now check below more photos of when the brand representatives visited our girl on the set of her current airing drama “The Good Witch” on the 30th of March, holding an interview and recording promo video with her ❤

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Lee Da-hae as a Flight Attendant For “The Good Witch” + First BTS Video

SIGH!! SBS had to give us some hard time as they decide on the official English name for the drama. Seems they did change their mind again from using “Nice Witch” they used in the drama official page and Naver channel URLs to “The Good Witch” which they have started using on their SNS account. I will be using “The Good Witch” from now on but you can search for the drama online by both names since it is different from site to another.

Anyway, thanks to Lee Da-hae and her agency JS Pictures we got to see some new stills and BTS of her from the drama filming and she is looking absolutely amazing in that flight attendant uniform ❤

Also SBS have uploaded a BTS video from the first filming of the drama, check it below along with other updates ^^

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Lee Da-hae Greetings Supporting Winter Olympics and Celebrating New Lunar Year

Media representative from “Can Kao Xiao Xi” Channel visited Lee Da-hae at her new drama “Nice Witch” set and recorded a short video with her.

She wished all viewers a happy new lunar year and mentioned about her upcoming drama which will start airing on the 3rd of March.

She also gave support to the current Winter Olympics taking place in her own country in  Pyeongchang wishing all athletes to achieve good results despite the very cold weather and invited everyone for the next Winter Olympics that will be held in Beijing, China wishing to see them there.

Korean media and Da-hae’s agency JS Pictures reported about the visit in which the media representative did show interest in her upcoming drama and also mentioning about her completed Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” being in talk with channels to broadcast (although I think it is still not an easy mission).

Also through the reports we knew that the video of her greetings has since passed 1 million views on Chinese video platform QQ as you can see in the evident picture below. Although we are talking about China here (so a million is not that big of a number 😉 ) but I still think this is quite a feat for such a short greeting video so it does deserve making news ^^

Check the video below along with other 🙂

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Lee Da-hae doesn’t Want to Say Goodbye to Summer and Promotes ANYA’s Latest Product

막바지 여름 즐기기! #물놀이#여름아#안녕😭

A post shared by Leedahey 이다해 (@leedahey4eva) on

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram on the 4th with pictures of her in a pool on a big red lips float and sending a kiss. Our girl surely love summer and want to enjoy swimming more ❤

The caption said:

Enjoying summer to the end! #WaterPlay #Summer #Goodbye 😭

From her messages with friends on this post, I think this was taken in a hotel in Busan (might be wrong though) and also can’t be sure of when this was but it is great to see her smiling happily 🙂

On another news, ANYA Cosmetics posted 2 selfies from Da-hae while using their V-line lifting mask, always love her fresh and bare face. Check the photos below ^^

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Lee Da-hae Promo for New ANYA Product

It has been sometime since we saw Lee Da-hae recording any new CF or Ad. But good thing that a new promo has come out from ANYA cosmetics for their new product (CERAMIDE) featuring our girl.

Judging from Da-hae’s look here, I think this was recorded recently. And who knows may be she can really resume her activities fully as their model now since the Korean-China relationships are now better.

We actually got news recently that Da-hae got contacted by a Chinese company and was invited to attend some event soon. Not sure if the company is ANYA or not but it seems we may have chance seeing her active in China again and hopefully we can also see her Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” soon with this development since the news also mentioned that her agency were notified that it will air soon *crossing fingers*

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