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Lee Da-hae Promo for New ANYA Product

It has been sometime since we saw Lee Da-hae recording any new CF or Ad. But good thing that a new promo has come out from ANYA cosmetics for their new product (CERAMIDE) featuring our girl.

Judging from Da-hae’s look here, I think this was recorded recently. And who knows may be she can really resume her activities fully as their model now since the Korean-China relationships are now better.

We actually got news recently that Da-hae got contacted by a Chinese company and was invited to attend some event soon. Not sure if the company is ANYA or not but it seems we may have chance seeing her active in China again and hopefully we can also see her Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” soon with this development since the news also mentioned that her agency were notified that it will air soon *crossing fingers*

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Lee Da-hae and Yoon So Yi’s Playful Videos

Those two are just meant for each other, LOL 😀 😀

In addition to the picture above Lee Da-hae and her friend Yoon So Yi posted on their Instagram accounts a couple of playful videos show them dancing and doing some action moves obviously taken during recording for their variety show “Guesthouse Daughters“.

May be they posted those as a celebration for So Yi’s upcoming May marriage to musical actor Jo Sung Yoon who is also a label mate for both in JS Pictures.

A big congratulation to her and I wish her the best with her married life ❤

Check the videos below along with another update from our girl and also a new video from ANYA cosmetics.

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our lovely girl and for all of you who are celebrating ❤

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo on Christmas Eve with the picture above while enjoying celebrating the occasion with a message “Merry Christmas!!“. It has been months since Da-hae posted a selfie on SNS so this is a very nice Christmas present 🙂

Also ANYA Cosmetics released a Christmas message from Da-hae. Check the video below ^^

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Lee Da-hae’s Shopping Carnaval Promo for ANYA

This is not actually new but it is still good to see something we didn’t see before.

Lee Da-hae recorded a promotional video for ANYA in celebration of 1111 Shopping Carnival the held on 11 November. Seem it was filmed back in April when she shoot the Ads.

The cosmetic brand and our girl posted the video on their Weibo accounts and you can check below 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Finishes Filming Scenes in China for “My Goddess, My Mother”

LDH Weibo

The filming journey of Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” is close to coming to an end with the cast already finished today filming scenes in China and the remaining are only some scenes in Korea which will take another week or 10 days to film.

Da-hae updated her Weibo today with some pictures with the main cast on a yakht while they were filming their final scenes. I really love those pictures a lot with Da-hae looking so bright with her wide smile and the staff and cast looking so funny with some flying hair 😀

Also some staff members from ANYA Cosmetics, the brand Da-hae endorse, visited her on set taking close look at her while filming and interviewing her. And Da-hae presented some of the brand products to the drama staff.

Check all the pictures from the visit and more BTS pictures below

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BTS Video of Lee Da-hae for ANYA


We have finally got the BTS video of the Ads photo-shoot that Lee Da-hae did for ANYA cosmetics back in April. I love all the outfits she did wear in those ads and nice to see her all smiley enjoying it.

I really hope the brand give us HD versions of those Ads soon.

Check the video below and also some gifs ^^

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Lee Da-hae Shines in White

I am so happy with all the updates and news we are getting about Lee Da-hae these days even though she is not active in Korea but I am glad with the effort her new agency JS Pictures is doing to promote her news and activities in K-media and I am hoping they will keep it up and update us about her dramas “Best Lover” and “My Goddess, My Mother“.

The agency released today 2 gorgeous Ads that our girl taken for ANYA cosmetics a few days ago and also they gave us yesterday a few special pictures taken of her departure to China. Da-hae is always looks great in white that I just can’t get enough of her in it ❤

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