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BTS Video of Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini S/S 2015

Arnaldo Bassini released the BTS video of Lee Da-hae for their S/S Collection 2015 photo-shoot. It is really good we see some smiles from our girl in the video although we didn’t see them in the pictures of the collection 😀

Check below for some Gifs from the video ^^

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Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini S/S 2015

I LOVE LOVE this photo-shoot and everything about it!!

At last Arnaldo Bassini released their S/S 2015 collection and I am so happy with the final result. Lee Da-hae is GORGEOUS in every single picture here, I totally like her make up and all her hairstyles also the outfits in the collection and the shoes are so elegant and chic and although the decor is simple but it is so nice and eye-catching giving the spring and summer vibes ❤

I am happy we are still enjoying this flood of our girl’s news and pictures since last week and hope it don’t come to an end soon 🙂

Now check below for more pictures of this wonderful photo-shoot ^^

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Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang S/S 2015 + Latest Updates

It has been sometime since I posted, I am on a slump and don’t feel like writing and I guess it is mainly because of our girl’s lack of news and appearances. I feel sorry about it so I need to work on it and make it more alive here ^^

As a start, we have got to see a couple of new pictures above from Shunvfang S/S 2015 collection and I admit that I always like to see our girl in see through outfits, kkk 😀

Also because it has been sometime since we got an update from our girl, it is good to know some updates about what has she been doing lately. So, check below to see what we got to know 🙂

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Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini Winter 2014

This is actually quite weird!!

Arnaldo Bassini released pictures of their Winter collection 2014 featuring Lee Da-hae but actually those were supposed to be from their Fall Collection as the pictures from the photo-shoot back then and they even released a glimpse of them in the BTS video and pictures at that time.

I personally think that Da-hae’s contract already ended and I thought that since she signed a contract with PINON but I guess AB didn’t cast a new model for them yet and may be that explains why they didn’t release those pictures in the fall and decided to reserve them till Winter.

In all cases, it is always good to see new pictures of our girl 🙂

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Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini Fall 2014 + BTS Pictures and Video

A new Arnaldo Bassini collection featuring Lee Da-hae is here and this time it is 2014 Fall collection.The picture above is my favorite for the most obvious reason *coughEndlessPerfectLegscough* and I am drooling over those boots our girl wearing in some of those pictures 😀

But it is a pity that they only released six pictures of the photo-shoot but I am hoping they will release more soon. So, here are the released picture along with some BTS pictures and video for the photo-shoot ❤

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New Pictures of Lee Da-hae and Unseen Interview with Mnet News 19/5/2014


It seems Lee Da-hae visited that Eye Wear company when those pictures were taking on 7th of August and posted online 😀 But at least we know now that she is still in Korea 🙂

Also while Da-hae was still filming “Hotel King” and doing the Arnaldo Bassini Summer Collection photo-shoot back in April, she did record a short interview with Mnet Wide Entertainment News program which aired on 19th of May. I did see some screen caps from it before on Arnaldo Bassini blog but just now we got a video of it.

So, take a look at those till we get more new news about our girl ^^

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Lee Da-hae MBC Section TV Interview 3/8/2014 – [Video +Translation]


On the 3rd of August MBC Section TV aired an interview with Lee Da-hae while Da-hae was filming the photo-shoot for Arnaldo Bassini Fall Collection. The interview title “Romantic Comedy Queen Back! Lee Da-hae” 🙂

Surely most of the interview was about “Hotel King” and her chemistry with Lee Dong Wook there and their Ad-Libs and improvised kiss scenes 😉

I can’t get over how HILARIOUS our girl was in this interview. I really couldn’t stop laughing during the whole time over her funny imitations and comments and also the interviewer reactions, LOOOL 😀

That was one fun interview that you don’t want to miss ❤

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