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Best Lover – Drama Review


Finally here I am with a review about “Best Lover“. Thanks to the translation provided by Lee Da-hae fans Ely, Annya and Emok in Soompi, I am able to write this quite soon after the drama just ended. But let me tell you, this wasn’t an easy one to write mainly because of my mixed feeling about the drama.

Actually the first question I asked myself after done watching is, did we get to see the best lover or the best couple in this drama? Or were we even supposed to see that?

Before answering this, let me first share some thoughts about the drama and our girl there.

[Warning: this review may contain spoilers]

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Final Batch of “Best Lover” Stills and BTS – [ Photos and Videos]


First Happy New Year everyone!!

With the end of 2016 we are also came to the end of Lee Da-hae‘s drama “Best Lover” on 27th of December with the whole episodes released for all users on Youku.

I will save my opinion about the drama for a review post that I hope I can finish soon. But regardless of that and although it is not a drama that had any buzz but it did gain a decent success recording about 800 Million views and rating of 9.7 by the end of its run. So congrats to the staff and actors involved in the project.

Celebrating the ending, Da-hae’s agency JS Pictures released many stills of our girl from the drama. Check all below in addition to the latest NG videos released from Youku ^^

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Lee Da-hae Sings “IF” in “Best Lover”

I can never complain when we get more of Lee Da-hae singing!!

After singing for the drama’s OST, this time our girl sang a cover for song “IF” in a scene in episode 13 of her drama “Best Lover“. The song was originally sang by “Naby” for “On Air” Korean drama OST back in 2008.

In this scene Ye Huan Ying (her character’s name) is singing it to her fans in a birthday fan meeting while her “fake” husband is also in the audience ^^

I think this will have a special place in my heart among all the songs she has sang in her dramas or other occasions since her debut because I am getting quite a different feeling watching and listening her singing this time around (No comedy or cute or sexy antics there 😉 )

I really wish she sang the whole song though 😦

Credit: Youku | Translation: Ely_397 @ Soompi


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More BTS from “Best Lover” – [Photos and Videos]


With only 4 episodes till the finale, Youku has released more NG/BTS videos of Lee Da-hae and the cast filming for the drama.

I was really craving for more BTS videos since we didn’t get any chance to see the cast promoting the drama together and also we don’t even hear their own voices in the drama so seeing such on set moments is quite precious ❤

Also we got more BTS pictures of the wedding photo-shoot done in the drama, check all below ^^

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Lee Da-hae Sings for “Best Lover” OST and English Subtitles are out for the Drama


We know Lee Da-hae is no singer but she has a passion for music. I am always happy that despite her knowing her limits as well, she never was afraid to sing and perform for us at many occasions and now we can add another song to the list as she sang a duet with her “Best Lover” singer co-star Zhou Mi for the drama’s OST.

The song is called “Best Couple”/”最佳情侣” (as the Chinese title for the drama) and it is used as the opening theme and also played at many scenes in the drama. It is a very cute song and our girl’s voice is so cute as well singing in Chinese ❤

No official full version of the song is released (I really hope they do release one soon) but because I wanted to listen to it repeatedly, I extracted the audio from the drama scenes and did some editing to cut the dialogues. Although it is not perfect but I hope it is decent to listen to. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Also another good news, thanks to our dedicated Da-hae Soompi fans (Ely and Annya) we are finally getting English subs for the drama, YAAY!!!

I didn’t expect us to get subs for the drama any time soon but they stepped in to provide the subs for us all to enjoy the drama more. Can’t thank them enough and I’m proud that this translation project coming out from Da-hae fans ❤

Check below for the “Best Couple” Song and English subs link 🙂
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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” to Air on Youku Next Week


Just when I thought that the first time I will see Lee Da-hae acting again (after more than two years) will be in her cameo in “Love Through a Millennium 2“, we get the news that her own drama “Best Lover” will air before that!!

“Best Lover” will start airing on the 14th of November on Youku online site. Yes I know the initial reports said the drama will air on Hunan TV which may have made us enjoy more promotions from the cast and made the drama available for more Chinese and international viewers but given the situation and how at some point I almost gave up that this drama will air at all, I am quite happy with this.

There were actually some news about this since September and they held some screening for fans who registered but the official news just came out today and Youku released a new trailer which you can check below!!

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” First Official Trailer

YAAAAAY!!! Could we throw a party here?! ^_^

After 6 months since the drama finished filming, finally we got the first official trailer for Lee Da-hae‘s Korean-Chinese co-produced drama “Best Lover” which Mango Entertainment (one of the drama producers) released today in the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival along with the above poster.

Although the trailer is just one min long but the excitement of seeing my girl’s acting again after almost two years is making me really emotional right now and it does help that the trailer actually looks quite good despite the dubbing and I can say that it is a nice first impression. I am specially liking the music and song used in it and the 419 couple looks good there ❤

The drama doesn’t have a broadcasting date still despite the initial reports that it will air in January and some reports later for it to air on 31st May which obviously didn’t happen but at least we still see they are planning to air it this year. Hopefully that would happen ASAP.

Now check the trailer below 🙂

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