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[Updated] Lee Da-hae’s Drama “The Good Witch” Releases Posters + Making Video

TGW Poster 1

The Good Witch” posters are out and while they are not that original but I do like how colorful they are. Our girl looking really good in all and I am happy that we are finally seeing her smile in a Korean drama poster which we didn’t see since the posters of her last SBS drama “Robbers” 10 years ago in 2008. Also I think the cast is eye pleasing all around ❤

I specially like the above main poster which is the best to present the drama concept with Lee Da-hae in her two characters Sun Hee, the “too kind” house wife and Do Hee, the cold flight attendent and Ryu Soo Young the ace pilot who will get involved with Sun Hee and her double life against his own will of not getting involved with women.

My least favorite is the poster with the whole cast since that background is so bright and made some of the actors fade and not clearly shown.

With the posters release and just few days till the drama premier, I am getting more impatient and worried. Hopefully the drama gives us a good first look with its premier episode next Saturday. Can’t wait!!

We still didn’t get when they will hold the drama press conference but till then check the remaining posters below along with the making video and some BTS pictures and videos from the shooting ^^

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Lee Da-hae as a Flight Attendant For “The Good Witch” + First BTS Video

SIGH!! SBS had to give us some hard time as they decide on the official English name for the drama. Seems they did change their mind again from using “Nice Witch” they used in the drama official page and Naver channel URLs to “The Good Witch” which they have started using on their SNS account. I will be using “The Good Witch” from now on but you can search for the drama online by both names since it is different from site to another.

Anyway, thanks to Lee Da-hae and her agency JS Pictures we got to see some new stills and BTS of her from the drama filming and she is looking absolutely amazing in that flight attendant uniform ❤

Also SBS have uploaded a BTS video from the first filming of the drama, check it below along with other updates ^^

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Lee Da-hae Greetings Supporting Winter Olympics and Celebrating New Lunar Year

Media representative from “Can Kao Xiao Xi” Channel visited Lee Da-hae at her new drama “Nice Witch” set and recorded a short video with her.

She wished all viewers a happy new lunar year and mentioned about her upcoming drama which will start airing on the 3rd of March.

She also gave support to the current Winter Olympics taking place in her own country in  Pyeongchang wishing all athletes to achieve good results despite the very cold weather and invited everyone for the next Winter Olympics that will be held in Beijing, China wishing to see them there.

Korean media and Da-hae’s agency JS Pictures reported about the visit in which the media representative did show interest in her upcoming drama and also mentioning about her completed Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” being in talk with channels to broadcast (although I think it is still not an easy mission).

Also through the reports we knew that the video of her greetings has since passed 1 million views on Chinese video platform QQ as you can see in the evident picture below. Although we are talking about China here (so a million is not that big of a number 😉 ) but I still think this is quite a feat for such a short greeting video so it does deserve making news ^^

Check the video below along with other 🙂

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Good Witch” Releases First Teaser + Script Reading Pictures

SBS finally released something about “Good Witch“, PHEW!!!

Last week we got the first teaser showing both Lee Da-hae and Ryu Soo Young in character. I am not sure if those shots are even in the drama since it feels more like a concept teaser but I still like it as it gives off a light and funny vibe even if it is only 18 seconds 😀

And today we finally got the pictures of the cast first script reading which was held back in December and seems it was held at the same day they took those initial pictures we saw before.

Recently both idols Shin Hye Jeong (AOA) (pictured above) and Ahn Sol Bin (LABOUM) has confirmed their casting in the drama and both will be playing flight attendances who are working at the same company as our leads.

Actress Moon Hee Kyung was confirmed to act as the mother of  Ryu Soo Young’s character in the drama and you can also see actor Shim Hyung Tak in the picture above, he will act as “Chae Kang Min” the husband of Yoon Se Ah‘s character which is the oldest daughter of the airline company’s CEO (Lee Duk Hwa‘s character) and he will also be working at the company as the chief of Airline Strategic Planning Division.

Check the teaser below along with other BTS and updates from the filming ^^

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Good Witch” Starts Filming

Early this month Lee Da-hae started filming for her new drama “Good Witch“. Although we sadly didn’t get any official news, stills or teaser from SBS till now but I am glad at least our girl did update us with the pictures above ^^

I don’t know what reason for her character to dress in such uniform but it may be a past scene or something and it seems some kind of protest as well. She looks quite cute in those glasses though ❤

In her message she said “Why is it so cold at filming? Still, my heart is warm #GoodWitch #ShootingScene! #BewareOfTheCold“. I am really happy with how positive Dahae’s messages about the drama which shows that she is enjoying shooting it ❤

I am quite disappointed with SBS at this point since we didn’t even get the script reading pictures till now. Hopefully they at least give us something by the beginning of February since we are almost a month away from the drama premier in March!!

Till then check more pictures and updates from the drama below ~

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Lee Da-Hae’s Variety Show “Guesthouse Daughters” to Air Last Episode Tomorrow


Although this was an expected move that we saw coming but it is still feels sudden!! (KBS has been handling this pretty bad from start to end >.< )

KBS announced that “Guesthouse Daughters” will end with only 12 episodes and the last episode will air tomorrow the 9th of May.

I guess many would agree that this was a disappointing run not only in terms of rating but also in execution and I am sad that Lee Da-hae‘s first trial with variety shows haven’t been successful but still I am sure she learned from it and hopefully this will pave the way for her to comeback with an acting project this year (still praying hard for that).

Saying goodbye is always hard and I will miss the cast; who surely deserved better since they did their best for the show; and also seeing our girl every week but I will treasure the lovely moments and new sides we saw of our girl through this program and yah I will still recap them in upcoming posts (although it might feels like it is too late 😀 ).

Fighting Da-Hae Shi!!

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Lee Da-hae in Stills and BTS from “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 6~11


It has been some time since I posted recaps for “Guesthouse Daughters” but don’t worry I still plan to do that, I am just not in the mood to write lately 😦

Till I post the recaps, here are some BTS and stills for Lee Da-hae from the latest episodes. May be due to the show not doing good in ratings and not being that popular, KBS has stopped updating their blog or releasing news with some stills of the show which is a pity since it means we won’t get much HD stills if this continues in the future but thanks to fans we still got some BTS from the filming posted on SNS.

In another news, Leeteuk from Super Junior is now part of the family so expect to see him very often from now on 😉

Now check the stills, BTS pictures and videos for episodes from 6 to 11 below 🙂

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