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Lee Da-hae At “True Love” Charity Concert

True Love Concert 20

Oh the Olympics has been taking almost all of my free time. I even missed celebrating the third anniversary of the blog which was on the 9th and didn’t remember it until I saw WordPress notification a couple of days later!! sorry for not being able to make a special post for that but I have to thank all of you who have been here for this long, reading my thoughts about our girl ❤

Now back to Our girl, as per plan Lee Da-hae attended “True Love” charity concert on the 6th in Chengdu, China. I am not fond of our girl’s dress or hairstyle there but I do like her makeup and she looked quite nice and fit for the event.

There have been really a lot pictures posted so it took quite sometime to collect all and chose the best to post here. Check them below along with some fan taken videos 😉

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Lee Da-hae to Attend a Charity Concert

LDH Charity Concert

News came out that Lee Da-hae will be attending a charity concert called “True Love” on the 6th of August in Chengdu, China.

Apparently the concert is sponsored by a cosmetics hospital (DOK) and through this event they are trying to bring more people to care for physically handicapped children by giving them more support and more confident to face life. Our girl with the hospital will be offering help and care to children with nasal defects.

Other guests/participants in the concert are Chinese actor Marco Ngai, Korean idol group QUEEN B’Z and Chinese singer and actor Ze Rui Liu.

Check below her video message promoting the event and some Ads on Chengdu streets about it 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Lands a New CF and Donates for “Youth Hope Fund”

헤라 립스틱화보^^ 네일도 예쁘죵?

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Our girl updated her Instagram again today with pictures of her while shooting new CF/Ads. Seems that she was choosing to be a model for famous Korean cosmetics brand HERA. I am quite excited for this new CF as I am hoping the brand will give us Lee Da-hae‘s first TV CF in 3 years since 2013 when she modeled for Kia during IRIS II time.

Also in another news, last month Woori Bank released news that Da-hae on the 26th of November visited their branch in Gangnam and donated for “Youth Hope Fund” charity which help creating new jobs for young people and in her statement she said:

These days many young people my age are facing difficult situations, so it is good that I can participate in a way to give hope to those people and hope many of you can have a chance to be involved and spread the hope for youth

Credit: Naver | Translation: Online translators

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Lee Da-hae Delivers Coal for Underprivileged People

I am getting spoiled with all the updates about our girl these days and still can’t believe how lucky we are. Hopefully being active in front of our eyes like this means that Lee Da-hae is back to her working mood and seriously considering her next work.

Today, Da-hae along with celebrities Jung Yong Hwa and Sean Noh and other 40 volunteers were doing some charity work delivering Coal for underprivileged people and thankfully we got pictures posted by the volunteers on their SNS.

Seems that Yong Hwa did give a promise to do community service if his solo album wins #1 and he kept by doing it now and Da-hae joined along with Sean. We got to know through their Weibo interaction before that Da-hae and Yong Hwa came to be good friends in addition of being labelmates, so it is nice to see some pictures of them together now 🙂

Sean said through his Instagram that Da-hae worked hard and didn’t rest for a moment and kept carrying the coal briquettes^^ Check more pictures below, I really love seeing our girl looking so fresh and lively ❤

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Lee Da-hae Attends “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” Charity Dinner and Fly Back to Korea – [Photos and Videos]


Here we get some pictures and videos of Lee Da-hae attending “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” Charity Dinner in HongKong. She donated 200,000 HongKong Dollars there.

I am not a fan of the dress AT ALL but I like that it shows her long perfect legs and she looks great in that make-up and hair. And have to say that she rocks with the bag and shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti who organized the event 🙂

Shortly after the dinner she traveled back to South Korea as she had filming schedule for her drama “Hotel King“. Check below for more pictures from the event and from the airport 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Fly To Hong Kong to attend a Charity Event – [Photos and Videos]


Lee Da-hae traveled today to Hong Kong to attend a charity dinner called “Honoring Life Delivering Compassion” organized by “Giuseppe Zanotti” I don’t know much info about the event itself but she will be only spending 12 hours there and then will travel back to Korea as the shooting schedule is tight for “Hotel King“.

The Korean media did make an interview with our girl and reported many pictures of her from Incheon airport and she looked amazingly gorgeous. I love her outfit today, casual yet sexy. And that blue ripped sweater (I am not sure how to call it) is rather unique but I really like it with that  with white tank top underneath it. And her hair and make up is perfect as well, so no complains at all here ❤

Also media and fans was waiting for her at the airport in Hong Kong and reported pictures of her from which that picture above and more you can also check below ^^

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Lee Da-hae participates in MBC Star Charity Auction

Along with other stars, Lee Da-hae donated some of her personal items for MBC star charity auction to help children in Myanmar. The Auction will take place from the noon of Tuesday, March 04 to midnight of Thursday, March 06.

OH, I must say that I am totally IN LOVE with her super elegant style specially her hair. I don’t think I have seen her before with this hair color so I am happy she is trying something new and I think it really matches well with her white skin ^^ And it seems that this will be her style as our hotel heiress “Ah Mo Ne” in “Hotel King” and I totally approve on that ♥♥

What do you think, Do you approve too? 🙂

Check below for the video in which she introduced her lovely items and also for more pictures and caps.

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