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Lee Da-hae at “The Good Witch” Press Conference – [Photos and Videos]


Sorry for the delay of this post, but finally I have got the time ^^

Lee Da-hae attended the press conference of her new drama “The Good Witch” on the 2nd of March along with other cast members including Ryu Soo Young, An Woo Yeon, Bae Soo Bin and Shin Hye Jeong.

I am glad to say that I really loved her look there. Although if I look at that dress alone, I would say I am not a big fan but Da-hae did carry it so well that I really like it on her. I love that it is not fully black thanks to those floral prints and it is a bit of a different style from her usual which is nice to see. On the other hand, her makeup, hair and accessories were just perfect ❤

Sadly we didn’t get a proper translation of what the cast said in the interview at the press conference but I tried to include here some parts I did understand from the news reports of what Da-hae said there (Sorry for any mistake in advance)

Also have to say that the photo time was one of the funniest I did ever see in a drama press conference. You have to check the pictures and videos below to know why 😀

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Good Witch” Releases First Teaser + Script Reading Pictures

SBS finally released something about “Good Witch“, PHEW!!!

Last week we got the first teaser showing both Lee Da-hae and Ryu Soo Young in character. I am not sure if those shots are even in the drama since it feels more like a concept teaser but I still like it as it gives off a light and funny vibe even if it is only 18 seconds 😀

And today we finally got the pictures of the cast first script reading which was held back in December and seems it was held at the same day they took those initial pictures we saw before.

Recently both idols Shin Hye Jeong (AOA) (pictured above) and Ahn Sol Bin (LABOUM) has confirmed their casting in the drama and both will be playing flight attendances who are working at the same company as our leads.

Actress Moon Hee Kyung was confirmed to act as the mother of  Ryu Soo Young’s character in the drama and you can also see actor Shim Hyung Tak in the picture above, he will act as “Chae Kang Min” the husband of Yoon Se Ah‘s character which is the oldest daughter of the airline company’s CEO (Lee Duk Hwa‘s character) and he will also be working at the company as the chief of Airline Strategic Planning Division.

Check the teaser below along with other BTS and updates from the filming ^^

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Lee Da-hae Celebrates Her Birthday with Korean Fans

LDH BD 2017

Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae!!

It is 19/4 and here is another celebration for our girl’s birthday, hope she be happy every day of her life and keeps enjoying every step of her journey ❤

This year, Da-hae’s fans from her Korean fan club Emerald visited her on the set of on the 16th to celebrate her birthday in advance bringing a food support truck and a cute birthday cake ^_^

The next day, our girl updated her Instagram with pictures of her in front of the food truck and with her fans along with a heart felt message in which she showed her love, thanks and sorry to her fans appreciating how they have been supporting her for 12 years and how they made her birthday this year more special with their visit and promising to work hard in the future.

Check below her updated and other pictures 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Thanks Korean Fan Club for Food Truck

Emerald Food Truck 1

Lee Da-hae expressed her thanks to her Korean fan club “Emerald” via both her Instagram and Weibo today for sending food and drinks trucks to the set of her drama “My Goddess, My Mother” while filming in Korea.

Our girl looks quite cute in this dress and hair style and you know how I love seeing her eat 😉

MGMM cast have been filming in Korea since the 7th of August and will be filming for about a week. Luckily we got some BTS pictures from their filming which you can check below ❤

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Lee Da-hae Wraps Up Filming for “Best Couple”

After almost a month and a half, Lee Da-hae wrapped up filming for her drama “Best Couple” and she updated her Instagram today to bid farewell for the drama and saying “Hard working and very happy filming set ^^ Thank you very much! Best Couple Fighting!” . I am really happy that she seemed to have enjoyed filming this drama but all we can do now is to wait till they start the drama promotion activities and the drama actual broadcast.

Also Da-hae’s Korean fan-club Emerald sent her a very cute cake to support her and she posted a picture of it thanking fan yesterday on her Instagram as well. She said “Thank you Emerald ^^ until the final shooting will be refueling

Now check for the rest of pictures from Da-hae and some drama BTS ^^

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Lee Da-hae Receives Birthday Gifts from her Korean Fan Club “Emerald”

Here comes this precious time of the year again 🙂 it is the time to celebrate our precious girl’s birthday and our girl is already in celebration mode one day ahead of the big day with her receiving birthday cake and gifts from her Korean Fan Club Emerald ^^

Lee Da-hae updated both her Weibo and Twitter with messages and pictures with the gifts and she looks so happy and fresh ❤ even if not all of us can send her gifts but we can always share our wishes for her through her SNS accounts so don’t forget to show your love and support for her on this special day 😉

Here are her messages:

에메랄드.. 너무 감사해요 행복한 생일 보낼게요 사랑합니다..^^

(Translation: Emerald..Thank you very much, I will spend a happy birthday, I love you all)

谢谢祝贺我生日的粉丝们 我爱的海带们~虽然我们不在一起但是我的心是和你们在一起度过这次生日!

(Translation: Thank you fans for your congratulations on my birthday, I love you~ Although we are not together, but my heart is with all of you through this birthday!)

Credit: LDH Weibo and Twitter | Translation: Online Translators


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Lee Da-hae Receives a Gift from her Korean Fan Club “Emerald”

I am so happy to see this Twitter update from Lee Da-hae. Not only because I love seeing any message from her but more because it is related to her Korean fan club which is called “Emerald” (I don’t know the reason for the name if any but on a fun note, Emerald was the birthstone for Mo Ne in Hotel King 😀 )

Here is the translation of the message:

Hello, this is Lee Da Hae. The weather turned cold, everyone be careful of cold! By the way, Thank you Emerald fans ^^ I have received your gift. Have a nice day!

I am happy to know that her fan club sent her a gift and she apparently wanted to thank them for it with this message. But I wish she could have posted a picture of the her or the gift with the message though 🙂

What makes me specially happy knowing about her fans gift is that actually her Korean fan club have not been very active for many years now which was always a source of sadness for me but fortunately I have noticed they started being more active after her joining FNC Entertainment and after “Hotel King” and they have actually send rice wreath to the drama wrap up party.

So although the fan club is still not that active compared to when she was at the peak of her career during the period from 2004 to 2007 but I am still happy to see them arranging activities again and communicating with her directly which is a good sign and make me hopeful to see more activities from them later in our girl’s next projects and may be she could later do some fan meetings like what she used to do before.

Also I noticed that our girl’s Twitter account now is officially verified which is also another good thing to see ❤

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