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Lee Da-hae in “Life Bar” Episode 9

It is already over 4 months since Lee Da-hae guested in tvN variety show “Life Bar” and I have promised to recap it and finally here I am ūüėČ

I was hoping we can get English subs for the episode somehow to make this a better and more accurate recap since it is not every day we get to see our girl doing such interview and this is one reason for the long delay but unfortunately that didn’t happen and not sure if someday we will get that ūüė¶

But tvN Asia did air it with English and Chinese subs but the channel is not available for many to watch or record and upload online but if anyone of you who are reading this and did get to watch the program with English subs, you can always leave comment and enlighten us on what was missed in this recap, will really appreciate it ^^

Luckily our friend Ely from Da-hae Soompi Thread did watch the episode subbed in Chinese on tvN Asia and did a fast recap for us there¬†(Big thanks to her ‚̧ )

I really like this interview and how Da-hae was brave enough to say out loud many things about her career struggles in recent years that we might had a feeling about as fans.

So hope you enjoy this recap. Lets start!!

[Ely’s recap is the main source of this post in addition to other translated news and I dedicate it to¬†K Vo who have been waiting and asking about it (sorry again for the delay)]

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Lee Da-hae to Guest on tvN Show “Life Bar”


Marking¬†her official come back to the Korean entertainment industry after spending the last two years filming for Chinese dramas and mostly away from the spot light, it was announced that Lee Da-hae will be guesting in tvN show “Life Bar“.¬†She recorded the episode on the 18th of this month and the episode will air on Thursday the 2nd of February on 11:00 PM.

“Life Bar” is a relatively new show which invite guests to chat over drinks and meals¬†with the MCs. The cameras and crew are hidden in the bar so that the guests will be more comfortable and¬†less¬†conscious of themselves being filmed and so¬†have a free talk¬†about their lives. Cho Jin Woong, Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyuk have lately appeared on the program as guests.

The MCs are Shin Dong¬†Yup, Tak Jae Hoon and Kim Joon Hyun¬†and will be joining them as the youngest MC for the first time in Da-hae’s episode (which will the the 9th for the program) Eric Nam.

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