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[Event] Raising Funds To Support Lee Da-hae (Deadline 29-6-2016) [Closed]

Hi Chingus, I am happy to organize another event here after our first back in 2014.

I know many international fans have wanted to get involved in some event to support our girl but we didn’t find the connection that would help us doing this but fortunately we got this chance now!! YAAY!!

You know that Lee Da-hae have been filming her drama “My Goddess, My Mother” in China for the past month and she will continue doing so till next month then travel to Korea to film some scenes there as well. Chinese fans are organizing event for our girl and the whole drama cast who have been working hard to make this drama and will bring gifts and food for them. I have contacted fans there and they welcomed for international fans to join as well so we can raise more money and make better event.

The money from international fans will be mentioned under “International fans” and the participant names.

How to Participate:

1- For fans who seriously want to participate, please leave a comment on this post and fill the e-mail field with the e-mail that you usually use/check.

2- I will contact you directly through e-mail and send you the details.

3- The deadline for money transfers is 30 June so I am setting the deadline for our event here to be 29 June 2016, 23:59 (UTC +02:00).

The amount of money you pay doesn’t matter, the participation itself means a lot ❤

[P.S. Thanks to Ely_397 For encouraging me holding this event and to Chinese fans for helping organizing this 🙂 ]



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[Event] Come Get “Hotel King” Calender 2015 – (Closed)


[Edit: This event is now closed and so no more copies will be sent. I have sent e-mails to all fans who participated and commented below except for those I explicitly replied to and mentioned that their comment is not complete or that I am having problem with their mail and didn’t get a reply from them. For those only, I will send their copies if ever I received a reply. And for all other participants, please make sure to check the e-mail address you wrote here to find your copy in an e-mail with subject (“Hotel King” Calender 2015) and don’t forget to check the spam folder as well. Thank you all for participating and hope you enjoy this calender through the new year]

YAAAAY !! We are getting a special Christmas present this year thanks to our great Hotel King and Dong-Hae Couple Chinese fans ❤

Chinese fans have created a Hotel King calender for 2015 focused on Chamo/Dong-Hae couple moments and they already started selling it printed in China. You can get from here if you can 😉

And because they are thoughtful and want all fans around the world to also get the opportunity to enjoy it so came the idea to make an English version as well. But because it would be impossible to organize selling that version around the world so instead you can get a soft printable copy of the calender for free which you can print yourself or use it on your PC or Phone.

So, check below how you can get it ^^

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