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Lee Da-hae in Allure Korea May Issue + Beautiful Fans Art Works

The above shot of Lee Da-hae with Arche Designer Yoon Choon Ho when she attended the brand’s F/W show during Seoul’s Fashion Week back in March has been published in May 2015 Issue of Allure Magazine and while it is not a new photo-shoot but I do like this shot a lot and I couldn’t resist posting here ^^

But to make this worth to be a post on its own, I am posting some beautiful art works from talented fans which I really love ❤

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[Help] Dessperately Need my Da-hae Dose!!


Although I am really thankful that since the ending of “Hotel King” we actually got news, pictures and interviews of Lee Da-hae but I guess all this still not enough dose of her to satisfy my needs and I am still missing her A LOT 😦

I am so tired of myself as you may be tired of me saying how I miss Da-hae again and again, and I tell myself that I should be already used to this because it is always our girl’s habit to disappear after finishing each project to enjoy her rest time privately but I am really not sure what to do, I really need some cure for this Da-hae obsession which keep getting worse but honestly I don’t want to be cured ^^

Today is the last day of August and I am hoping that the new month will bring us more news about her or at least we could know her whereabouts now.

But till then, let me share those amazing Fan Arts from Da-hae’s Chinese talented fans ❤

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Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 3


Yes, I am still missing “Hotel King” terribly here and I guess that won’t change anytime soon so here is another post in this series which I think would be the last one as the drama ended now already and so I guess we may not get any more fan art work in the near future.

It didn’t go as I planned with this post series and I couldn’t post those ones before as I was waiting for more art works for later episodes but it doesn’t matter and here are the last patch of those lovely fan art works, hope you enjoy them like I do 🙂

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Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 2


Those wonderful fan arts and fan made movies from “Hotel King” and for our Dong-Hae couple always makes my day and even makes the whole journey of watching this drama is more enjoyable. Thanks to all the talented fans.

And as I really can’t miss posting any of them here, I decided to make quarterly post with a compilation of the MVs and art work we get from fans. So as our drama did hit its halfway mark, here I am doing the second part of this series of posts and hope fans continue giving us such treats so I can post the rest of the parts ^^

You can check the first part here. Enjoy ^^

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Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 1


I SO LOVE all those movies and art works fans have done for Lee Da-hae‘s drama “Hotel King“. It is such a blessing when we get to see many talented fans for the drama.

I think this is may be the first time in so many years to see many movies for one of Da-hae dramas but I am surely not complaining and while I would love to make one myself but I don’t have much time lately and also if I do compare my work with what I see here, I would rather not embarrass my self 😀

Hope you enjoy them like me 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Fan arts

Although luck is not always on my girl’s side, but Lee Da-hae is lucky to have some talented and hand-skilled fans who always express their love for her with their talent.

And what is more sweet is that some of those Fan Arts were handed to Da-hae personally during her Chinese fan meeting in 2011 and she was so happy with them and posted the pictures above on her Weibo.

So, leave you now with Amazingly beautiful, cute and lovely fan arts ❤

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