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Lee Da-hae Leaves FNC Entertainment and Joins JS Pictures


We have got news today that Lee Da-hae decided to part ways with FNC Entertainment after her 2 years contract ended. She joined them in January 2014 and she was still in discussion with them regarding a renewal since earlier this year but eventually she decided to not to renew her contract.

And just few hours after the reports about her leaving FNC came out, we got reports about her signing an exclusive contract with JS Pictures (although they initially denied). The company is a subsidiary of CJ E&M Corporation and while it doesn’t have big names under their management but they are well known for their drama production which includes some good dramas like “Twenty Again”, “Nine”, “Two Weeks”, “Giants”, “History of a Salary Man” and many more.

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Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year every one celebrating and to our precious Lee Da-hae as well. I know it is late but I was really so busy and couldn’t post yesterday, but better late than never right? 🙂

At least our girl wasn’t late and she posted on her Instagram and Weibo yesterday the picture above and short messages to celebrate with fans and this picture was taken by her agency FNC Entertainment and she recorded a video message as other artists in the agency. I don’t know but from the picture our girl seems like she lost some weigh may be for over enjoying herself during her vacations and travels, kkk ^^

Also Best Lover cast has send their congratulations through a video.

You can check the videos along with some previous pictures of our girl on SNS.

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Merry Christmas!!

메리 크리스마스!

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Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram again today saying “Merry Christmas” to all fans and posting a picture of the really pretty Christmas tree at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. Not sure if she is there spending the Christmas or she is just posting it because she likes it but in all cases, I am happy she didn’t forget to update us today ^^

Also today Rosa.K Leather brand which our girl mentioned in her previous post on IG posted 2 pictures of her while filming and endorsing the brand’s bags. Check them below 🙂

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Lee Da-hae and FNC Artists Greetings for The New Lunar Year

FNC Entertainment posted today on their Facebook and Weibo a collection of pictures of Lee Da-hae and other artists in the company sending their greetings for the new Lunar year both in Korean and Chinese. The new Lunar/Chinese year will be on the 19th of February and this will mark the start of the year of the sheep.

I hope our girl updates her SNS for this occasion as well but for now I am happy to see a new picture of her although I wished we got a bigger version of it but still it is better than no news, right? 😀

And here is FNC messages on Facebook and Weibo 🙂

FNC Artists give greetings for the New Year! Happy New Years! Wishing you a happy New Year. We hope it brings you lots of joy and happiness. All the best!

[#FNC#] 祝大家在新的一年里,喜气洋洋,万事如意,合家欢乐,财源滚滚,心想事成,永远开心 在新的一年里也多多支持我们FNC哦 ♡

[# FNC #] Wish everyone in the new year, happiness, good luck, fun, extra cash, all wishes come true, always happy in the new year, also a lot of support  for FNC

Credit: FNC Weibo | Translation: Google

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Lee Da-hae Phone Call on JTBC “Sleeping With the Boss”

This is not much actually but I was really curious and interested to know about Lee Da-hae‘s relationship with Han Sung Ho the CEO of her agency FNC Entertainment since she joined them earlier this year and I am happy that we got to have a glimpse of that from her Phone Call to him on Episode 6 of JTBC variety show “Sleeping With the Boss” which aired on the 26th of September and in which he and some company members were guested in to discuss their relation inside the company.

You can check the cut of our girl’s phone call ^^

Credit: Uploader and Translator

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Dong-Hae Couple Bid their Farewell to “Hotel King” with The most Gorgeous Selcas and Heartfelt Messages

I am speechless my friends, how can I find the right words to give justice to how gorgeous those Selcas and pictures which Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook posted on their SNS accounts??

I admit I wanted to post those here once I saw them but I couldn’t, first because I really was emotional seeing “Hotel King” coming to an end and I just couldn’t write that “farewell” word up there in the title and secondly because I really can’t describe what I felt when I saw those Selcas of our Dong-Hae couple specially the one above!!

So much feels for words to describe but one thing that I can say right now is that I really can’t wait to see my girl’s real wedding pictures *praying* although I can’t imagine how I will feel then if I am that overwhelmed with emotions and became teary just because of those Selcas!!!

I will stop here without commenting further and just post the rest of the pictures along with the sincere and heartfelt messages from both Da-hae and Wookie saying their goodbyes to the drama ❤

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Lee Da-hae and Label Mate Jo Jae Yoon Get Along ^^

Lee Da-hae updated her Twitter on 12th of July welcoming actor and her new label mate Jo Jae Yoon toFNC Entertainment which he just joined lately and showing her new friendship with him.

Da-hae looks so fresh and young in those pictures and I love that she is really making more connections inside her agency ❤

Here is a Translation to her message

The new face of our agency, Jo Jae Yoon~ he came to visit our filming location. Let’s be close from now on!! I love Jo Jae Yoon~

Credit: LDH Twitter | Translation: Soompi

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