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Dong-Hae Couple and “Hotel King” Playful Cast


OH again one happy day kk^^

Hotel King” DC Gallery fans updated us with pictures of our Dong-Hae couple and other cast members after their visit to the filming site yesterday showing their support and providing food and gifts and no need to repeat myself again about how I feel seeing those pictures of our couple 😉

So I will leave you to enjoy them and also more pictures of the cute and beautiful cast hanging together making funny poses which they posted in their SNS accounts ❤

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Drooling over Dong-Hae Couple BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

Sorry Chinggus I know I am late posting these, but better late than never right? and there was no way I would miss posting those here 🙂

I still can’t get over those BTS videos and pictures of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook from “Hotel King“. Those could be actually my favorite of Dong-Hae couple off screen moments till now from both “My Girl” and “Hotel King” ❤

I am not sure what is happening to me but I am totally an addict to them and I can’t stop replaying all their moments from both their dramas and BTS, I need to find some solution before they ruin my life completely. Or may be they already did?? kk^^

Brace yourselves and be prepared for some mind blowing and swoon worthy moments 😉

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Lee Da-hae get thrown by Eggs and Flour for “Hotel King”

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo with an image while she was filming a scene in “Hotel King” in which she got thrown by eggs and flour. Poor Da-hae, kkk 😀 

That scene was aired in Episode 13 which aired on 24 May 2014.

Here is her message:

被人扔鸡蛋和面粉的事情[泪]是我有生以来第一次发生(当然是剧中了[嘻嘻]) 哈

(Google Translation: People throw me by eggs and flour, first time happened in my life (of course it is drama) haha)

Also Gong Hyun Joo updated her Weibo with an image of her and Da-hae from the same scene, aren’t they cute and pretty even after getting thrown by eggs ^^

And here is her message:

在”酒店之王”拍摄中 跟李多海会长~ 大家一起看HOTEL KING!!! [太开心]

(Google Translation: Shooting of “Hotel King” with president Lee Da-hae, everyone see Hotel King!!!)

Credit: LDH Weibo and GHJ Weibo

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More of Dong-Hae Couple Skinship!!! Squeeeeee!!!


This keeps looking better and better and my heart is now dancing from joy seeing more of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook skin ship during that hotel service training session while preparing for their roles in “Hotel King“.

How can they be this CUTE??!! I am melting ^_^ and I must say that I see Da-hae is looking specially happy lately 😉 and I totally LOVE it ❤

Wookie seems immersed in his cold character role already but I think that our cheerful heroine managed to make him smile 😀

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[Warning] Dong-Hae Couple Cuteness Overload ♥♥♥


YAAAAAAAY!!! AT LAST !!! MBC surely heard my complains and give us some amazing pictures of our Dong-Hae couple and “Hotel King” drama leads, Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook. Don’t they still look gorgeous together??

And the lovely coincidence is that this is my post number 100 in the blog and I surely couldn’t have ever thought of a more precious post to mark this occasion ❤

This picture above was taken at the day in which our cast had their second script reading session and received three-hour hotel service training session at Lotte Hotel at Sogongdong, Seoul (we saw a fan taken picture at that day before). There they learned the proper rules, posture, and speech for hotel service from the managers of Lotte Hotel to make the drama looks as realistic as possible! So, let me post more about the news we got today and more pictures of our cast.

But first, Oh my I don’t think I could ever describe how I felt when I saw the first couple of pictures below. It is like my heart exploded and then healed again to keep beating hard calling DONG-HAE ♥ it sounds exaggerating right? but I am truly not doing that. It is such a unique feeling to see them like this after so many years, LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥

But let me warn you, before you continue take a deep breath and make sure you have taken all the precautions for a possible fainting from our couple cuteness overload.

This is not for weak fan hearts so continue at your own risk, kk ^^

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Lee Da-hae’s Upcoming Drama “Hotel King” Characters Description and Cast


I have been complaining about the lack of news and updates of Lee Da-hae but now I am not sure how I am going to handle next months to come specially when the promotions and the drama broadcast starts??!!

I think I need to clone myself to be able to keep up with this but how many clones I will need? I think 3 will be enough, one to go to work and to handle my real life, one to watch and enjoy my dramas and one to keep track of all the news and update the blog here. I think it is time to go watch “Multiplicity” again in trial to figure out the way to do that, kkk 😀

Now and although my worries about the drama are still there (yes I can’t rid of that) but I decided to be more positive about this as I asked myself, why this couldn’t actually be an opportunity for these two to even be in a better drama than “My Girl“? couldn’t this happen? it surely can and I hope it will and so I will keep this idea till we see what the drama give us.

Also I must admit that reading all the spazz yesterday about Dong-Hae couple reunion in “Hotel King“, elevated my excitement level to a dangerous degree and now I just want to see those two together *swooning*

I am thinking that this is actually my own second chance, because I wasn’t actually part of all the spazz, hard shipping and stalking of this couple back in “My Girl” days as I watched the drama in 2007 after its original broadcast by long time so it seems this is my opportunity to watch and follow this couple live this time, kkk ^^

And not only the fans are spazzing but joined the party is Lee Joon Ki as he tweeted about it yesterday


Seol Gong Chan  Joo Yoo Rin~! kkk cough

This is just SO FUNNY and I actually demand now a cameo or at least a set visit to our couple 😉

Also Da-hae updated her Weibo yesterday with this message:

大家好!我要拍新的电视剧了!哈哈 。。我应该看剧本但是现在却在上中文课[嘻嘻]不能放弃学中文! 对啦!在第一集中有中文台词,虽然很短[呵呵]

(Translation: Hello Everyone! I am going to have a new drama! Haha. I should look at the script but now in the Chinese class. Can’t give up learning Chinese! Yes! In the first episode have I Chinese lines, although very short)

Now let me share the info we got so far about the characters and cast of our anticipated drama 🙂

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