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Lee Da-hae Gets a Special Birthday Meal and Gifts from Chinese Fans

I always look forward to Lee Da-hae‘s SNS update on her birthday and this year she updated her Instagram with a picture of a special Sushi meal and cake while spending the day with her loved ones ❤

Here is a rough translation of her message:

Enjoyed the delicious dinner with the people I love most in the world!! #HappyBirthday #FeelsGood #Delicious #I’mHappy #ThankYou #Sushi 

Also her Chinese fans updated with some pictures of gifts and cake they presented to her and thanked Da-hae’s Chinese language teacher who delivered them to her.

And finally she also received pretty gifts from her flower arrangement teacher and friend ❤

Check the pictures below ^^

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Lee Da-hae Celebrates Her Birthday with Korean Fans

LDH BD 2017

Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae!!

It is 19/4 and here is another celebration for our girl’s birthday, hope she be happy every day of her life and keeps enjoying every step of her journey ❤

This year, Da-hae’s fans from her Korean fan club Emerald visited her on the set of on the 16th to celebrate her birthday in advance bringing a food support truck and a cute birthday cake ^_^

The next day, our girl updated her Instagram with pictures of her in front of the food truck and with her fans along with a heart felt message in which she showed her love, thanks and sorry to her fans appreciating how they have been supporting her for 12 years and how they made her birthday this year more special with their visit and promising to work hard in the future.

Check below her updated and other pictures 🙂

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Lee Da-hae At ANYA’s Event


As planned Lee Da-hae traveled to Hangzhou, China on the 13th to attend new production launch event for ANYA Cosmetics and she also payed a visit to their office as she will be involved in R&D work with the brand. And as it is just few days before our girl’s birthday so the brand did make a special birthday celebration after the event which was a very nice gesture from them.

I can’t say I loved all our girl’s styling in this trip (outfits or hair) but it is not important when I see her in such a good mood and all smiling ❤

And although we didn’t get pictures from K-Media for her leaving but as usual we got many pictures and also some videos from Chinese fans who welcomed her at the airport in China and also latter attended the event and accompanied her through her activities. So check them below ^^

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Happy Birthday To Lee Da-hae


It has been the 19th of April in Korea hours ago but I waited till it is officially the 19th in my time as well to publish this post 🙂 hopefully our girl is now spending her birthday with her family and loved ones, eating her favorite cherry and strawberry cake and enjoying her day to the fullest ❤

I think my excitement for our girl’s birthday this year is more than every year as this past year was quite special for me and in which I come to realize more what Lee Da-hae has given me over the years I have been her fan. Yes don’t be surprised, it is true that I never directly communicated with her or met her in real and even don’t have much hope for this to happen anytime soon but when I thought about it I now think that since I have followed her closely, she have been a great source of joy and inspiration for me ^^

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Lee Da-hae Receives Birthday Gifts from her Korean Fan Club “Emerald”

Here comes this precious time of the year again 🙂 it is the time to celebrate our precious girl’s birthday and our girl is already in celebration mode one day ahead of the big day with her receiving birthday cake and gifts from her Korean Fan Club Emerald ^^

Lee Da-hae updated both her Weibo and Twitter with messages and pictures with the gifts and she looks so happy and fresh ❤ even if not all of us can send her gifts but we can always share our wishes for her through her SNS accounts so don’t forget to show your love and support for her on this special day 😉

Here are her messages:

에메랄드.. 너무 감사해요 행복한 생일 보낼게요 사랑합니다..^^

(Translation: Emerald..Thank you very much, I will spend a happy birthday, I love you all)

谢谢祝贺我生日的粉丝们 我爱的海带们~虽然我们不在一起但是我的心是和你们在一起度过这次生日!

(Translation: Thank you fans for your congratulations on my birthday, I love you~ Although we are not together, but my heart is with all of you through this birthday!)

Credit: LDH Weibo and Twitter | Translation: Online Translators


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Lee Da-hae Celebrates Birthday on set of “Hotel King” + Lovely BTS Pictures

As per Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese teacher in her latest Weibo update, our girl was very busy filming “Hotel King” on her birthday but we got those pictures above from the set and it seems some staff members prepared a cake to celebrate this occasion with her ❤

And in addition to this, we got so many new amazing BTS pictures which really made my day.

My girl is SO CUTE here and looks really happy in every single shot of those, I always feel happy seeing her smiling and laughing like this and from all the pictures, the atmosphere of the set looks so friendly and warm.

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Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae ♥♥


It is 19th of April and it is time to celebrate our girl’s birthday.  YAAAY !!

Happy Birthday my sweet, beautiful, lovely, talented and lady like child Da-hae ❤ ❤

I wish this year will be full of happiness and success and hope you continue laughing, entertain us and fill our days with lots and lots of projects 😀

And dear can’t you just make my wish come true, and let us see you in a white dress in real life, kkk ^^

I planned to make a special art work for this occasion (although I know the result won’t have been any thing special 😀 ) but this business trip didn’t allow me to do so. And although I wished that our girl will update us on her birthday like she usually do but I am not sure she will do that this year given the tragedy and the sad days South Korea is living in now T_T

But still I would like to post some old fan video which I really really love ❤

Credit: Marie Mullin and mac2ay YT Channel


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