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Lee Da-hae Piggybacked

Korean Dramas have some trademarks that live through the years and I must admit that despite those being no longer a surprise to see or may be somehow becoming cliches but some of them still give me excitement and make my heart flutter ❤

One of those is the “Piggyback” scenes, I guess it is rarely when a Kdrama don’t have one including the OTP and of course Lee Da-hae had her share getting piggybacked in her dramas so, I thought of collecting them here in this post for fun ^^ (hope I didn’t forget any 🙂 )

So, when did our girl get piggybacked?

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Lee Da-hae Sudden Attack

I am really amused today thanks to this finding and so I had to make this post 😀

So, lets see what is this all about. Actually back in 2013 Lee Da-hae and other IRIS II cast members Jang Hyuk, Lee Joon and Yoon Doo Joon did make dubbing for a famous computer game called “Sudden Attack” while the game used their characters from the drama.

At that time, Da-hae posted the picture above on her Weibo being proud and happy with how her character came out in the game and I must agree that her game version is stunning ❤

And here is her message back then:


Google Translation: This game is very famous in South Korea, and it used my character in iris2, isn’t it cool?, Plump figure, if only I am like this in reality [偷笑][汗] )

I really wished back then to be able to check the game to see our girl’s character live and hear her voice while playing but I wasn’t able to do that. But fortunately today I found a video showing her character in the game and all her voice recording there which is really so funny to see and hear 😀

So, check that video below along with the BTS of the cast dubbing session which was released before and more pictures from the game ^^

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IRIS II: The Movie – Recap and Thoughts

아이리스2 티저포스터

After the news came out about releasing the movie version of “IRIS II, here I confess that I am guilty of spending more than a day downloading and watching “IRIS II: The Movie“.

I actually did that out of curiosity but I am glad that I did watch it cause I ended up getting a nice surprise as they actually came out with a coherent story from that messy drama in this two hours movie. I really didn’t expect that but they did and at least I can give them credit to that.

When I decided to watch this, I  tried to clear all the thoughts about the drama from my mind and watch this as a standalone movie to be able to judge it honestly and as I have gone that far I thought of sharing some thoughts here with you specially that my mood is really better these days and I am again able to write more.

Now lets start with a recap ^^ (forgive me as it is not that good, this is the first time doing this and my language doesn’t help that much either 😦 )

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “IRIS II” is Made into 2 Hours Movie


OK, I know that I already did voice my opinion about “IRIS II but that doesn’t mean I can’t still share all news about it just for my girl even if I couldn’t care less.

It was announced that the drama will be made into 2 hours movie and it was actually released on 19th December on IPTV.

I still didn’t watch this Movie version but I actually think this could be a good news because if done right I think it may help to highlight the good parts from the drama leaving a lot of mess behind and would also help who wants to check this out not to waste 20 hours on some bad stuff.

It worth mentioning that this not the first time Taewon (the production company behind this franchise) do this as they already did that before with the first season and I think it was even released in Cinemas and IMO although it wasn’t really well done (in terms of editing) but it was a good as a recap for the drama.

So, here is the news translation

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Lee Da-hae Interviews with Japanese Press for “IRIS II”

As IRIS II is airing now in Japan on DATV since 1st September, Lee Da-hae and other cast members have done some press interviews as a promotion of the drama there.

I am really glad to read these interviews because it actually help me feel less pain when thinking about this drama. And I really LOVE her colorful dress in the set of pictures posted with the interviews ❤

But along with the rest of the pictures, I would like to post some questions and answers from the interviews which was understandable for me when used online translators. It is not a literal translation and may not be very accurate so feel free to correct me if you find anything wrong ^_^

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A look on Lee Da-hae, the action Newbie: The only advantage of watching “IRIS II”

OOH I can’t believe I am writing a complete post about this drama but here I am.

You may already know my opinion about this drama as I mentioned it before. It is hard for me to say this but I hate “IRIS II” not because it is the worst drama that was ever made because it is not. But more because I hate that Lee Da-hae and some of my favorite actors/actresses got to have this BAD project in their resumes and it actually hurts me writing about this now as my girl didn’t get to do another projects since then 😦

Although I find this a bad project choice from Da-hae but I know why she choose to do it, she usually wishes to experience different roles and I am sure she was excited to do an action role for the first time in addition that the existence of her oppa Jang Hyuk in the drama surely was another reason for her to accept this role.

And for me, the only advantage of watching this drama was to have the opportunity to watch my girl doing some action for the first time and that may be the only reason that I prevent myself from being sad that she did this drama. Because in the end she surely learned new things. But I hope she be careful in her future project choices and don’t ever get to do such bad project again.

I want to be objective and illustrate the reasons for my judgement on this drama. So let me start 🙂

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Lee Da-hae and her three times co-star and favorite oppa “Jang Hyuk”

For an actor and actress to act together 3 time in just 5 years, it is not something we see everyday and actually very rare specially in Kdrama land so I thought this surely deserves to dedicate a post for this couple

Lee Da-hae and Jang Hyuk worked together in “Robber“, “Chuno/The Slave Hunters” and “IRIS II“. And the good thing that the three drama are totally different genres.

I adore those two together. Although I know that many of Da-hae and Hyukie fans may not share that same love I have for this couple but I would like to disagree 😀

Talking about Hyukie, he is really a very good actor and an action master. And although he may not be the typical flower boy or handsome man that girls get crazy about but for me he is a “The man’s man” and he has that charm and charisma which makes you can’t help but get attracted to him. In addition to that he is unintentionally funny because yes he is known for being a very serious man but that is exactly the source of all the laughter 😀

Back to my couple, their chemistry together on and off screen is just GREAT to say at least and they may have shared together the largest number of kisses any of them shared with a co-star (I am not sure if Joe Cheng did equal or exceeded that because we know he had lots of kisses with Da-hae in “Love Actually” but I doubt if we counted the NG :D).

Hyukie mentioned Da-hae as one of his best female co-stars and has praised her many times and I know how much Da-hae appreciate him and mentioned  how he supported her and was beside her many times when she was ill or having hard times in her career so no wonder when she mentioned that she always feel safe around him.

Away from the work, they are great friends or even more because Da-hae said that she consider him as a real brother. But what a destiny they have, they faced together the best and worst.

Let me explain why I am saying that while I talk briefly about their dramas together.

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