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Lee Da-hae Attends a Friend’s Wedding in Jeju


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Lee Da-hae have been quite since her drama “The Good Witch” finished airing. We do know she love to enjoy some private and vacation time after any project so this is nothing new 😉

Away from any comment on the drama or her performance, our girl has worked hard for this drama playing dual role and does deserve all the rest she can get but hopefully she does update us from time to time and my wish as always for her not to let us wait for a long time before taking another project since I always feel empty not seeing her on my screen!!

Thanks to her friends we have got to know that she attended a friend’s wedding that was held in Jeju island a couple of days ago. Check more pictures below ^^

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Lee Da-hae Enjoys Jeju Island

Haha, it is always amusing when our girl makes fun of herself 😀

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a picture of herself when she just arrived to Jeju Airport and even though her being there is an old news for us already and this picture is actually taken few days ago but I am still happy to see her smiling face ❤

Have fun Da-hae ^^

Here is the translation of her message:

Jeju is still the best! I opened my bag and left it behind, put on a hat, took it off  before striking a pose, a look of total enjoyment on my face, was I being dumb? Or just pretentious? Alright then, just this once

Credit: LDH Instagram | Translation: ELY_397 @ Soompi


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Lee Da-hae Goes on a Trip to Jeju and Posts an Elegant Flower Arrangement

I am actually late posting about this but blame it on my RL ^^

A fan spotted Lee Da-hae in the Airport in Jeju Island on the 1st of July and while I am not sure if she was actually arriving or leaving but at least we know she go to spend some time in Jeju and seems it was a private trip/ vacation as she apparently wasn’t accompanied with any of her staff as per the picture above.

Also our girl posted on her Instagram on the 28th of June a very beautiful and elegant bridal flower arrangement she made, seems our girl really have some talent in this ❤

내가만든꽃~ 우히

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Credit: LDH IG and jeongsuenghuanfans Naver Cafe


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Lee Da-hae in Jeju Island

What a wonderful day?! this double dose of updates from Lee Da-hae on her Twitter and Weibo surely made my day ^^

So, apparently our girl visited or is visiting Jeju Island although I am not sure if it is a work or vacation trip. Seeing her manager traveling with her could mean it wasn’t a total vacation but not necessarily cause she sometimes take her staff in some of her vacation trips.

But even if this was originally a work trip, there is no way she would be in Jeju and don’t take the opportunity to enjoy some fun time there and from her Twitter update, it seems she used the time to relive some of her “My Girl” days !! Who would forget that tangerines field scene in the drama and how funny it was watching Joo Yoo Rin stealing Seol Gong Chan‘s tangerines, lol 😀

Really seeing those pictures bring back so much feels and memories and make me want to re-watch “My Girl” all over again.

Here is the translation of her Twitter Message:

( Translation by nocturne9@Soompi: First time picking tangerines after My Girl ~!! Hehe Don’t know why but I felt so satisfied picking them personally for people around me. Ha)


Oh, I always LOVE how our girl look so fresh and young with no make up and it surely great to see her so happy in all those pictures from her Weibo ❤

Here is her Weibo message:


(Translation: Came to Jeju Island, the sea is so good!)

Now check a couple of more pictures of our girl on the beautiful Jeju 🙂

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Fan Taken Pictures of Lee Da-hae from Passional Lover Event

I am really spoiled today because we get many pictures and news about Lee Da-hae and I am really LOVING IT ❤

We still didn’t get official or HD pictures of our girl from Passional Lover Ad activity in Jeju Island (hope we get that tomorrow) but thanks to fans we got to get a glimpse of her in the event with many pictures they posted on Weibo.

I am in love with her look here. In addition that she looks really healthy, I think it is very youthful, cute and lovely look which is reflected in her hair and dress. And I am really loving that red dress, specially because it gives me the feeling that our girl is a doll wrapped in it and presented as a gift to me and all the audience 😀

OOH I would really love that gift in Valentine PLEASE . This is coming from a girl, so don’t know how boys are feeling, hehehe ~~

Now I present you my “Doll Gift” ❤

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Lee Da-hae At Airport Heading to Jeju Island – [Photos]

Da-hae was spotted at Gimpo Airport (Korea) heading to Jeju island to attend Ad Activities

Although I am not in love with her hair or outfit here but I am glad to see her wearing youthful and casual cloths which is also very comfortable for a flight. And that hot short is really SO SHORT AND SO HOOOT 😀

And I don’t need to say that I am always happy to see her wearing any non-black outfit 🙂

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