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Lee Da-hae At Shunufang Press Conference – [Photos and Videos]


On 15th November and after Lee Da-hae finished shooting the Ads of 2014 S/S collection for the brand, Shunufang held a press conference.

Oh my girl looks absolutely STUNNING  here *FAINT* ❤

I really like her hair here a lot and I think I really like Shunufang clothing style. As I said before it is always refreshing to see our girl wearing more youthful cloths like this dress. And of course the light colors compliment her beauty. I really can’t wait to see the full collection 🙂

It worth mentioning as well that Da-hae got a lot of praise from the staff at the photo shoot for her dedication and professionalism as she even brought her own Accessories and Shoes to ensure best result.

Here is more pictures and the interview from the press conference which also contain some BTS shots from the photo-shoot.

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Lee Da-hae’s Chinese drama “Love Actually” DVD will be released in Japan

After the first broadcast of Lee Da-hae‘s first Chinese drama “Love Actually” on Hunan TV back in August 2012, it has aired on many other channels in China and recently even aired in Korea.

But it seems it is not the end yet because after a year from its release, the DVD for the drama will be released in Japan early 2014. I always feel happy to know that more people will get to see a project of our girl.

Here is the link to the drama Japanese website


And also check trailer and some caps ❤

Credit: Joe Cheng Baidu, Joe Cheng fan group Weibo and GeneonUniversal YT Channel

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Lee Da-hae and her three times co-star and favorite oppa “Jang Hyuk”

For an actor and actress to act together 3 time in just 5 years, it is not something we see everyday and actually very rare specially in Kdrama land so I thought this surely deserves to dedicate a post for this couple

Lee Da-hae and Jang Hyuk worked together in “Robber“, “Chuno/The Slave Hunters” and “IRIS II“. And the good thing that the three drama are totally different genres.

I adore those two together. Although I know that many of Da-hae and Hyukie fans may not share that same love I have for this couple but I would like to disagree 😀

Talking about Hyukie, he is really a very good actor and an action master. And although he may not be the typical flower boy or handsome man that girls get crazy about but for me he is a “The man’s man” and he has that charm and charisma which makes you can’t help but get attracted to him. In addition to that he is unintentionally funny because yes he is known for being a very serious man but that is exactly the source of all the laughter 😀

Back to my couple, their chemistry together on and off screen is just GREAT to say at least and they may have shared together the largest number of kisses any of them shared with a co-star (I am not sure if Joe Cheng did equal or exceeded that because we know he had lots of kisses with Da-hae in “Love Actually” but I doubt if we counted the NG :D).

Hyukie mentioned Da-hae as one of his best female co-stars and has praised her many times and I know how much Da-hae appreciate him and mentioned  how he supported her and was beside her many times when she was ill or having hard times in her career so no wonder when she mentioned that she always feel safe around him.

Away from the work, they are great friends or even more because Da-hae said that she consider him as a real brother. But what a destiny they have, they faced together the best and worst.

Let me explain why I am saying that while I talk briefly about their dramas together.

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Lee Da-hae the Selca Queen

Although we may not see Lee Da-hae attending many activities or under the media spotlight when she doesn’t have a project but from time to time she update us through her Twitter, Weibo and Cyworld before that.

Through her Selca pictures, we saw her studying Chinese, studying scripts for her dramas, filming her dramas or CFs and photo-shoots, sleeping, feeling sick, eating, drinking, putting face mask, swimming and underwater, celebrating some personal and public event, traveling, with friends and co-stars, attending games, enjoying her vacation, playing with her dog, playing with her phone, waiting or preparing for some events and even taking a shot at hospital!! 😀

It is always great to be more close to celebrities away from their projects on screen and Da-hae updates always makes me happy but I really hope she do that more often.

Here are some of my favorites of her ❤

Cute Da-hae Relaxing

Da-hae At Airport Traveling to Japan for “IRIS 2” Filming

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Love Actually [Chinese Drama 2012] Review

With this news about Love Actually airing in Korea coming up,  I felt so happy that while Da-hae is now on a break and we don’t know when she will pick her next project 😦 some Korean viewers will still get to see her in this drama.

I thought this is a good time to write a brief review about the drama. I am not that good of a writer or a critic but I am just posting my personal feelings and opinion for the drama 🙂

[Warning: this review may contain spoilers]

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Lee Da-hae’s Chinese drama Love Actually (2012) to be aired in Korea

Actress Lee Da-hae and top Chinese star Joseph Cheng’s drama Love Actually (2012) will start broadcasting in Korea at drama channel CHING.

Lee Da-hae plays the main role Soha, who raises her nephew alone. By coincidence, she starts to work at a Dim sum restaurant as her part time job. Later on, she finds her talents as a chef.

This is her first time to play a main role in Chinese drama. Lee’s casting with Joseph Cheng became an issue. Joseph Cheng is also famous in Korea for Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss (2005) and They Kiss again (2007).

Lee Da-hae is known to be one of the leading stars leading Korean wave. She has over 4 million fans at Chinese SNS Weibo. She is also fluent in Chinese as well. From press conference, she answered in Chinese for Chinese local media.

Meanwhile, the first episode of the drama will be aired on Friday August 9.

Credit: Btn News [by Joy Kim], photo by Hyundai Media

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