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Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 6-8

It is better late than never, right? 😉

As promised and now that the task seems easier knowing that I don’t have much left to do since the program ended, here is another recap for “Guesthouse Daughters“. Will start with 3 episodes and then the rest in another post.

Personally my first impression with the new format was quite nice with episodes 6 and 7 being genuine, more real and in which I could relate so much to the students and boarders in the houses the cast visited.

I thought they did prepare well for the reformatting but then after seeing it turning into a cooking program which I didn’t like, I started to realize that they still didn’t do their homework even in the second round and they seemed to try different trendy things like cooking or sports in hope they gain higher ratings which apparently didn’t happen 😦

But with that said, overall I do like the program in its second version more than its first. And now without further ado, lets get to the recap of my favorite parts of Lee Da-hae in Episodes 6, 7 and 8!!

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Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 4 & 5

Before taking a look into the brand new Guesthouse Daughters which aired its first episode on March 28th, here is a recap for my favorite moments in episode 4 and 5 and as usual mostly focused on Lee Da-hae 😉

I did personally enjoy those two episodes more than the previous ones and I am quite thankful for that since those episodes marked the last time we see the whole family together so I wanted this to be a memorable farewell as much as possible.

Now, Lets Start!!

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Lee Da-hae Delivers Coal for Underprivileged People

I am getting spoiled with all the updates about our girl these days and still can’t believe how lucky we are. Hopefully being active in front of our eyes like this means that Lee Da-hae is back to her working mood and seriously considering her next work.

Today, Da-hae along with celebrities Jung Yong Hwa and Sean Noh and other 40 volunteers were doing some charity work delivering Coal for underprivileged people and thankfully we got pictures posted by the volunteers on their SNS.

Seems that Yong Hwa did give a promise to do community service if his solo album wins #1 and he kept by doing it now and Da-hae joined along with Sean. We got to know through their Weibo interaction before that Da-hae and Yong Hwa came to be good friends in addition of being labelmates, so it is nice to see some pictures of them together now 🙂

Sean said through his Instagram that Da-hae worked hard and didn’t rest for a moment and kept carrying the coal briquettes^^ Check more pictures below, I really love seeing our girl looking so fresh and lively ❤

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Lee Da-hae’s Date with her Stylist and Cute Conversation with Yonghwa

Lee Da-hae‘s stylist updated her Twitter today with this picture with our girl while they are enjoying a date together saying “Returning To Dating“, I guess it has been time since they had one together 🙂

But oh my! Is our girl trying to seduce the camera in this picture?! kk ^^ she just looks so pretty in this picture ❤

Also we got another update from Da-hae today in Weibo when she forwarded the preview pictures of CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa new Album, her message is just SO funny and Younghwa replied her back, lol 😀

Here is the translation of their cute conversation:

DH: Younghwa didn’t ask me to forward this! He really did not force me to help him promote his new album! ! Hahahaha so handsome ah 


Credit: LDH and Younghwa Weibo, lhy8918 Twitter | Translation: Online Translators


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First SNS Update From Lee Da-hae in 2015!!

Here we mark the first SNS updates from Lee Da-hae in the new year ^^

She updated her Weibo today first showing support for label mate CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa who is releasing his first solo album by replying on his message forwarding his new music video for “Mileage” song and saying “Really Nice!”

They both started following each other just lately in Weibo ^^

And then she posted a message along with pictures of her wearing a big weave hat her mom gave her, I guess may be it is her mom’s present for the new year or Christmas and she obviously like it ❤

Here is her message:


(Translation: My mother gave me weave hat, nice, right? [哈哈][爱你])

Credit: LDH Weibo | Translation: Google


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