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Lee Da-hae On Filming Set

It has been long since I posted here!! but finally I am back with some exciting news ^^

Although there is still no confirmed reports about Lee Da-hae accepting the offer to star in the new SBS weekender “Good Witch” that I have wrote about before, but all the signs are screaming that it is already a done deal and they even started filming!!

I guess our girl have been quite busy lately preparing for the drama filming that she didn’t update us for a month but seems she couldn’t contain her excitement for starting a new project anymore and she couldn’t wait for the confirmed news to come out to update us with the above pictures from the drama set!!

In her message she is saying that the weather is cold but she is keeping her self warm during filming, her tags included words “Challenge” and “Under Development” 🙂

Not sure what they started filming exactly but may be some test shots or teaser or posters?! But seeing Da-hae again on filming set with her big smile and playful attitude is enough to make me super excited ❤

Since the drama still more than 3 months away from its airing date which is set to be in March 2018 so it may be understandable why SBS and the production team not in a rush to start the drama promotions till now but I am happy to know they already started the real work behind the scenes and hopefully they at least give us the confirmation news soon.

Check below for more updates about the drama and our girl ~~

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Lee Da-hae Offered New SBS Weekend Drama

Seems we are on a roll lately for some good news and I certainly love it!!

Reports came out today that Lee Da-hae was offered the role of the heroine named “Cha Sun Hee” in a new SBS Weekend drama called “Good Witch” (translation of “착한마녀전”) and she is considering the offer among others as per her agency. So nothing is confirmed yet.

The drama is described as a delightful love and success story of a good housewife who solves the difficult problems of her (twin?) brother (or Sister?)(Is it a double role?) and her own life and is in charge of working instead of her husband, who is suffering from unemployment. And if I am not wrong, it seems she will be working in house keeping and home cooking (Haha, talk about “Guest Housedaughters” effect 😀 )

The drama comes from writer Yoon Young-Mi of “Birth of a Beauty” and PD Oh Se-Gang of “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” and scheduled to follow currently airing “Bravo My Life” which means it is expected to air early next year but the exact schedule is not yet determined because of the winter Olympics that will be held in Korea in February 2018 and will affect the TV schedule and with this I think we won’t get any confirmed news any time soon.

Again it is a weekend drama which might mean it being quite lengthy and airing in a time-slot that is not very popular. Also the team behind the drama isn’t that assuring either but honestly I am unexpectedly more happy about this news compared to the previous one mainly because I do like the sound of the character offered to our girl here more.

A tough relatable character in a female centeric story, being in charge of her own life and not just a plot device is a big plus in my book even if the premise is nothing special. So lets see what our girl’s final decision will be 😉

If she accepted the role, this will be Da-hae’s first Korean drama in almost 4 years since “Hotel King” and her first drama on SBS after 10 years since “Robber” in 2008.

Credit: AB, Naver


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Lee Da-hae is Reportedly in Talks to Star in a New Korean Drama

Finally we are getting some potential casting news of our girl, YAY for that even if nothing is written in stone yet ❤

Reports came out yesterday that Lee Da-hae is in discussion to star in a new drama.

The drama in the talks is a new MBC weekend drama (MBC AGAIN?! SIGH!). The drama is called “돈 꽃” (Translated: Money Flower) and should follow “Bad Thief, Good Thief” which is now airing and that sets its premier in early November.

The drama script is written by Lee Myung Hee and will be directed by Lee Hyeong Sun whose both resumes aren’t really impressive (rather worrying for me TBH). No details mentioned about the story or the heroine role offered to Da-hae.

Da-hae’s agency said that she has indeed received the script but it is one of several works they are reviewing so nothing is confirmed and also MBC said that the drama is still in process of casting and currently discussing with various actors and Da-hae is one of the candidates for the role so till we have confirmed news I am taking this with grain of salts 😉

If confirmed, it will be Da-hae’s first Korean drama in more than 3 years since “Hotel King” in 2014 (which was also a MBC weekend drama). But honestly even if she didn’t, I am quite happy that we are back talking about her domestic comeback and now I am hopeful again that it will be soon either with this drama or another one.

On another news, our girl updated her Instagram again from her vacation in the states. Check it below ^^

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Three Day Quotes Challenge With Lee Da-hae!!

I am months late responding to the nominations of “Three Day Quotes Challenge” from my chingus from Dramajjang and The Philosipher’s Chair. Really thank you for this nomination and sorry for this, real life was a bit hectic at that time and this was forgotten along the way but here I am giving my post with the three quotes at once ^_^

You know I’m loyal to the purpose of this blog so I tried to post quotes that either was in a Lee Da-hae drama or ones that makes me remember her or I want to direct to her. Lets start!!

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Lee Da-hae Busy Filming “My Goddess, My Mother” as She Celebrates her 14th Acting Anniversary


14 years ago today in 2002, Lee Da-hae graced the small screen for the first time as an actress in the 2 episodes MBC special  “Park Jong-cheol, A Fine Young Man” . We might not see this drama ever but at least we are lucky to have a glimpse of our girl in it thanks to fans and the drama website that still up till now.

But to give you some info, the drama was about a real story of Seoul National University student and activist Park Jong-cheol who died 29 years ago this year as a result of being tortured by the police (You can read his story here) and Da-hae played the role of Jong-Cheol’s First love in the drama.

While she celebrates her 14th acting Anniversary, our girl is still so busy filming her Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” and reportedly so tired from the tight schedule as she even doesn’t get much time eating her meals and she updated about it on her Weibo today. The drama should be done filming in Shanghai next month and they should move to Korea after that to film some scenes there.

Congratulations to our girl on this special day and lets hope she keep gracing our screens with her talent in more successful and high quality projects for many years to come ❤

Check below few shots from her first acting role and the latest Weibo update and BTS from MGMM filming set 🙂

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Lee Da-hae and her “Heaven’s Fate”

Heaven’s Fate” Aka “King Flower Fairy” was Lee Da-hae‘s first leading role and has one of her most remarkable, memorable and praised performances to date (Some claim it is her best performance yet) even though she was only 20 years old at that time and it earned her first acting awards in both 41st Baeksang Arts Awards in 2005 and MBC Drama Awards in 2004. But I am sad to say that this drama is not anywhere to be found English subbed online 😦

It has been years and I am dying here to watch this drama subbed even though it is SO LONG (174 Episodes) to see our girl in that nontraditional and even became some how controversial role but without success. But I knew that it was aired on Arirang with English subs and some fans were able to watch it and I am just hoping one day this version will be uploaded online *praying*

But luckily we can at least can see some clips from the episodes uploaded by MBC Classics YT channel ❤

Heaven’s Fate On MBC Classics

And if you know Chinese, you can actually watch it subbed/dubbed in Chinese online but I think you can’t view those videos outside of mainland 😦

Heaven’s Fate On Chinese Streaming Site

So please if anyone have found any place to see this drama online or download it with subs, I will be very thankful if you leave a comment here even if this happens years later from now.

Now although I can’t offer a review because obviously I can’t do that when  I didn’t watch the show but I would like to post here an intro to the drama story so you can at least be able to follow part of the drama in case you checked those clips on YT and also to be knowledgeable about this important role in Da-hae’s career. Also you can find below some pictures and a fan made MV the I like from the drama ^^

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Lee Da-hae Cameo in Fugitive: Plan B

Today I would like to post this funny short cameo of our girl in drama “Fugitive: Plan B” back in 2010. It was really refreshing to see our girl do such cameo thanks to Kwak PD who was the director of her hit drama “Chuno/Slave Hunters” who invited her and other actors from Chuno to cameo and I guess it was easy to accept it since she also had a very good relation with Rain and she was in his agency “J-Tunes” back then.

Although that cameo in Ep1 of the drama didn’t actually have much importance to the story but in just those few minutes you almost have what you get to see in a whole run of K-drama. You see kiss, proposal, slap and breakup and really those two were so good and funny together 😀

Check the cut of Da-hae’s cameo below along with BTS video from the drama special episode ❤

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