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Lee Da-hae On Filming Set

It has been long since I posted here!! but finally I am back with some exciting news ^^

Although there is still no confirmed reports about Lee Da-hae accepting the offer to star in the new SBS weekender “Good Witch” that I have wrote about before, but all the signs are screaming that it is already a done deal and they even started filming!!

I guess our girl have been quite busy lately preparing for the drama filming that she didn’t update us for a month but seems she couldn’t contain her excitement for starting a new project anymore and she couldn’t wait for the confirmed news to come out to update us with the above pictures from the drama set!!

In her message she is saying that the weather is cold but she is keeping her self warm during filming, her tags included words “Challenge” and “Under Development” 🙂

Not sure what they started filming exactly but may be some test shots or teaser or posters?! But seeing Da-hae again on filming set with her big smile and playful attitude is enough to make me super excited ❤

Since the drama still more than 3 months away from its airing date which is set to be in March 2018 so it may be understandable why SBS and the production team not in a rush to start the drama promotions till now but I am happy to know they already started the real work behind the scenes and hopefully they at least give us the confirmation news soon.

Check below for more updates about the drama and our girl ~~

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Lee Da-hae Offered New SBS Weekend Drama

Seems we are on a roll lately for some good news and I certainly love it!!

Reports came out today that Lee Da-hae was offered the role of the heroine named “Cha Sun Hee” in a new SBS Weekend drama called “Good Witch” (translation of “착한마녀전”) and she is considering the offer among others as per her agency. So nothing is confirmed yet.

The drama is described as a delightful love and success story of a good housewife who solves the difficult problems of her (twin?) brother (or Sister?)(Is it a double role?) and her own life and is in charge of working instead of her husband, who is suffering from unemployment. And if I am not wrong, it seems she will be working in house keeping and home cooking (Haha, talk about “Guest Housedaughters” effect 😀 )

The drama comes from writer Yoon Young-Mi of “Birth of a Beauty” and PD Oh Se-Gang of “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” and scheduled to follow currently airing “Bravo My Life” which means it is expected to air early next year but the exact schedule is not yet determined because of the winter Olympics that will be held in Korea in February 2018 and will affect the TV schedule and with this I think we won’t get any confirmed news any time soon.

Again it is a weekend drama which might mean it being quite lengthy and airing in a time-slot that is not very popular. Also the team behind the drama isn’t that assuring either but honestly I am unexpectedly more happy about this news compared to the previous one mainly because I do like the sound of the character offered to our girl here more.

A tough relatable character in a female centeric story, being in charge of her own life and not just a plot device is a big plus in my book even if the premise is nothing special. So lets see what our girl’s final decision will be 😉

If she accepted the role, this will be Da-hae’s first Korean drama in almost 4 years since “Hotel King” and her first drama on SBS after 10 years since “Robber” in 2008.

Credit: AB, Naver


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Lee Da-hae’s Chinese Drama “My Goddess, My Mother” Expected to Air Next Year

Yay for some good news!!

There have been reports for the past week about agreements between Korea and China about THAAD and there is going to be further talks between the two sides from now on to reach a full agreement. With this news it was announced that the ban on Korean celebrities activities in China being lifted.

Since the ban was never official so it was hard to judge if this all just talk like some reports earlier this year or it is real this time unless something truly happens on the ground that proves it is and that it would affect positively on Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” which was put off indefinitely after it was done filming in Auguest last year.

Today we finally got a report stating that the drama is expected to air next year and that the production team is gearing up for some promotion. But no further details on airing channel or schedule is released.

Although things are still not clear and I am still controlling getting too excited but it seems that we are finally seeing light in the long dark tunnel we have been in for a while now and we might really get to enjoy our girl’s acting once again even if it is in a drama that filmed more than a year before.

This is a very special project for Da-hae and she studied really hard for this drama as she mentioned in her episode in Life Bar show so she could be able to user her own voice for this drama instead of dubbing which will be a first for her after “Best Lover” and “Love Actually” both dubbed which is another reason for me to look forward to this one ❤

Fighting Da-hae shi and till we hopefully get some promo materials and further news about this drama, check below her latest Instagram updates ^^

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Lee Da-hae Returns from Volunteer Mission in Africa


A post shared by Leedahey 이다해 (@leedahey4eva) on

How much I love all of Lee Da-hae‘s updates from her volunteer mission in Sierra Leone, Africa with UNICEF specially the above picture ❤

Although we got zero reports or details about this trip but at least we got to see many posts from her on Instagram. Of course I am greedy to know more about the trip so I am still waiting if we get any further information at any time (in case this will ever be publicized)

Da-hae traveled back to Korea after about 3-4 days in the country and her trip to and from there is rather a long one that reached 32 hours. But as she said, it was all worth it. She should be already reached Korea a couple of days ago.

Since she said “See You Again” in her message above, so who knows maybe we will get to see our girl doing more volunteer missions from now on.

Finally, I appreciate how subtle and beautiful our girl’s updates were from there so check them out below ^^

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Lee Da-hae Heading to Sierra Leone for UNICEF

It has been a very long time since I updated here but good to be back with some meaningful news ❤

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today mentioning that she is travelling to Sierra Leone in Africa for a mission with UNICEF. It is a long travel from since she traveled yesterday, then reaching to Amsterdam and from there to Sierra Leone.

This news comes as a surprise since she remains to be low key for the past few months but it makes me quite happy and proud to see her doing a charity and volunteer work outside of Asia and on a more global scale, it has been always been one of my wishes.

I am sure it will be a very special and personal experience for her that can help her grow on many levels while she help and interact with children and people there.

Hope she will update us again from there or may be we get some news reports about her trip, but till then check below for more posts she gave us in the past period ^^

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Lee Da-hae doesn’t Want to Say Goodbye to Summer and Promotes ANYA’s Latest Product

막바지 여름 즐기기! #물놀이#여름아#안녕😭

A post shared by Leedahey 이다해 (@leedahey4eva) on

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram on the 4th with pictures of her in a pool on a big red lips float and sending a kiss. Our girl surely love summer and want to enjoy swimming more ❤

The caption said:

Enjoying summer to the end! #WaterPlay #Summer #Goodbye 😭

From her messages with friends on this post, I think this was taken in a hotel in Busan (might be wrong though) and also can’t be sure of when this was but it is great to see her smiling happily 🙂

On another news, ANYA Cosmetics posted 2 selfies from Da-hae while using their V-line lifting mask, always love her fresh and bare face. Check the photos below ^^

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Lee Da-hae is Back to Korea

It has been quite sometime since I have posted on the blog, RL have been quite busy lately and I didn’t have a lot of energy for writing 😀

But finally I am having a few days vacation starting today and seems our girl is rewarding me as well on this vacation since she finally updated us today on her Instagram after few weeks of no signs of her 😉

We saw signs of Lee Da-hae returning back to Korea a couple of weeks ago and now she looks fully back on her schedule with her again spending time in flower arrangement classes ❤

Da-hae, cute dog and flowers is a lovely combo to look at and she looks really pretty with that look and dress although still can’t see her face clearly 😦

Check more updates of her during the past weeks below

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