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Hotel King Japanese DVD BTS Footage and the Drama to start Airing in Taiwan


Thanks to fans we have got some Gifs, caps and videos of some unseen BTS footage of Lee Da-hae from Hotel King Japanese DVD which has been available for rental since the 11th of March and for sale since the 8th  of April and some are so cute and would be a shame not to share ❤

But first check the links below for info about DVD and how to get it

Hotel King DVD Website

Hotel King DVD Box on Amazon

Also good news is that the drama will start airing in GTV channel in Taiwan from the 6th of May and here are the promo trailers 🙂

Now check below the BTS footage ^^

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Lee Da-hae Piggybacked

Korean Dramas have some trademarks that live through the years and I must admit that despite those being no longer a surprise to see or may be somehow becoming cliches but some of them still give me excitement and make my heart flutter ❤

One of those is the “Piggyback” scenes, I guess it is rarely when a Kdrama don’t have one including the OTP and of course Lee Da-hae had her share getting piggybacked in her dramas so, I thought of collecting them here in this post for fun ^^ (hope I didn’t forget any 🙂 )

So, when did our girl get piggybacked?

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“Hotel King” Ad-lib Scenes ^^


With the feedback on the post for “Hotel King” Calender Event, it is so noticeable that many if not all of the drama and Dong-Hae/Chamo Couple fans have the couple’s Ad-lib scenes in the drama on their favorite scenes list and I share the same as well and they surely deserve their name as the “Ad-lib Couple“.

Although I know most fans already know about those scenes and I have mentioned them in my posts about the drama before but still I think it is worth to dedicate a post to collect them all together ❤

But before getting to that I want to say that it is not only in HK that Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook do such Ad-libs together but they also used to do that back in “My Girl” as Wookie said in an interview back during MG when asked about Da-hae

Our acting matches, so we are able to work well, and put in ad-libs”

So now lets see what their Ad-lib Scenes in HK which we knew about either from news reports, interviews, BTS videos or some posts in the drama DC but I believe there may be more we don’t know about. Like HK staff said in a news report

The two people’s ad lib was great and the chemistry was harmonious so we didn’t cut and kept filming. There are actually a lot of ad lib scenes in the best scenes.

(P.S. I am dedicating this post to lucymaturan who asked about the Ad-lib scenes in a comment and so gave me the idea to make this post 🙂 )

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Fan Made Movies and Art Work for “Hotel King” – Part 3


Yes, I am still missing “Hotel King” terribly here and I guess that won’t change anytime soon so here is another post in this series which I think would be the last one as the drama ended now already and so I guess we may not get any more fan art work in the near future.

It didn’t go as I planned with this post series and I couldn’t post those ones before as I was waiting for more art works for later episodes but it doesn’t matter and here are the last patch of those lovely fan art works, hope you enjoy them like I do 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Make Another Appearance in SBS Roommate – [Video + Translation]

After doing a cameo appearance before in SBS Roommate at Episode 5, Lee Da-hae appeared again on the program when they visited “Hotel King” wrap up party on Episode 16 with aired on August 17th.

I am so happy that at last we see a part from the party and that is surely no thanks to MBC who didn’t released anything about it except some pictures. So, big thanks to SBS and Roommate for that ❤

Although our girl didn’t talk that much as they were focusing on Lee Dong Wook and did make interviews with other cast members and staff but as always in those 2 or 3 minutes talk she is SO HILARIOUS. And Dong-Hae Couple interaction off screen is always a big treat and totally made my day specially that I really do miss them so much since the drama ended.

So, check the “Hotel King” wrap up party cut in Roommate below with some translation and also some short videos fans posted from the party 🙂

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Hotel King – Drama Review

As promised here I am writing to bid my farewell to “Hotel King” with this drama review post. Despite this drama flaws and my disappointments that I will take the opportunity to rant more about it here, I have to say that this may be one of the most memorable drama journey for me.

This drama is my first in many things, it is my first makjang drama I watch, the first weekend drama I watch and the first drama for me to cover live in the blog. So, I am sure it will always have a special place in my heart and that some of the scenes and dialogues in this drama will forever be in my memory along with the unique and very special feelings I had while watching it and our Dong-Hae/ChaMo Couple

Sorry if this is going to be a long post but apparently I have a lot to say about this drama and I hope you can bear with me and share your own thoughts about it as well 🙂

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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Hotel King – Ending [Thoughts]

At last after almost 3 weeks since “Hotel King” ending, I was able to bring myself to watch the last episodes subbed!!

I did plan to write one final thoughts post about the ending and also includes the drama review but after I started writing I discovered it will be SO long and so I decided to split it to two parts with this as first which I will just write my thoughts about the ending and the second part will be for the drama review which I will post soon.

So about the ending, it is a pity that I really can’t say I am fully satisfied with it but the fact is that I really have mixed feelings about it.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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