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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Nice Witch” Releases 4th Teaser and Video from Script Reading

SBS released 4th teaser for their upcoming weekend drama “Nice Witch“. I am glad that we are finally having a teaser exposing more of the setup and the other characters in the drama and I think they did good job editing it to deliver that.

In general I do like this teaser specially how much Lee Da-hae is embracing her housewife look for Sun Hee not only in her makeup or messy hairstyle or outfits but also in how she is standing (ex. the scene in her sister’s empty apartment) and how she is running.

I am also starting to wonder if they will make Do Hee tell Sun Hee the whole details about what she got herself involved in before getting into coma or Sun Hee will have to discover it herself and so she will also be a woman on a mission as she replaces her sister at work?!

I am certainly curious about how the plot will come out and I will keep praying and hoping that “Nice Witch” won’t disappoint us!!

Check the teaser below along with a video from the script reading session which was held back in December 🙂

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Good Witch” Confirms Line-Up

The official news for SBS weekender “Good Witch” is finally out today confirming Lee Da-hae in a dual role as she plays the titular character “Cha Sun Hee” and her “witchlike” twin sister “Cha Do Hee” who becomes involved in a situation that pushes her kind housewife sister to pretend to be her.

Ryu Soo Young character is “Song Woo Jin” a co-pilot who don’t plan on getting married as he lives his life for himself and doesn’t waste his time on the opposite sex. He is a narcissist, highly self-disciplined, apathetic, and is not easily waived by women but his life gets shaken up when he meets Sun Hee who is taking her sister’s place as a flight attendant.

Rounding up the main cast are An Woo YeonBae Soo Bin and Yoon Se Ah.

Bae Soo Bin character is Sun Hee’s husband “Bong Cheon Dae” who is described as a man with a big mouth and a big heart. He is unemployed and instead of looking for a job he spends his time on SNS.

An Woo Yeon and Yoon Se Ah characters are “Oh Tae Yang” and “Oh Tae Ri” respectively. Both are the children of “Oh Pyeong Pan” the a CEO of the greatest airline in Korea who is played by Lee Duk Hwa and it is the airline.

Oh Tae Yang is the youngest son of the CEO who is a beagle-like character who constantly gets into trouble.

Oh Tae Ri is described as a hot-blooded woman who was born with a gold spoon and has everything she could ever want. She also works as an aviation executive.

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Lee Da-hae On Filming Set

It has been long since I posted here!! but finally I am back with some exciting news ^^

Although there is still no confirmed reports about Lee Da-hae accepting the offer to star in the new SBS weekender “Good Witch” that I have wrote about before, but all the signs are screaming that it is already a done deal and they even started filming!!

I guess our girl have been quite busy lately preparing for the drama filming that she didn’t update us for a month but seems she couldn’t contain her excitement for starting a new project anymore and she couldn’t wait for the confirmed news to come out to update us with the above pictures from the drama set!!

In her message she is saying that the weather is cold but she is keeping her self warm during filming, her tags included words “Challenge” and “Under Development” 🙂

Not sure what they started filming exactly but may be some test shots or teaser or posters?! But seeing Da-hae again on filming set with her big smile and playful attitude is enough to make me super excited ❤

Since the drama still more than 3 months away from its airing date which is set to be in March 2018 so it may be understandable why SBS and the production team not in a rush to start the drama promotions till now but I am happy to know they already started the real work behind the scenes and hopefully they at least give us the confirmation news soon.

Check below for more updates about the drama and our girl ~~

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Hotel King – Drama Review

As promised here I am writing to bid my farewell to “Hotel King” with this drama review post. Despite this drama flaws and my disappointments that I will take the opportunity to rant more about it here, I have to say that this may be one of the most memorable drama journey for me.

This drama is my first in many things, it is my first makjang drama I watch, the first weekend drama I watch and the first drama for me to cover live in the blog. So, I am sure it will always have a special place in my heart and that some of the scenes and dialogues in this drama will forever be in my memory along with the unique and very special feelings I had while watching it and our Dong-Hae/ChaMo Couple

Sorry if this is going to be a long post but apparently I have a lot to say about this drama and I hope you can bear with me and share your own thoughts about it as well 🙂

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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More Stills and BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

It has been sometime but here is another post full of lovely stills and BTS pictures and videos from “Hotel King“. I have to say that I really LOVE seeing Lee Da-hae bright smile in some of the pictures here, so precious ❤

Every picture or video I get leaves me wanting more specially from our Dong-Hae Couple specially because lately I am not getting enough romance in the drama 😀

but what to do, MBC don’t usually give us what we want!! so lets enjoy what we have now till we get more 😉

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Hotel King – Episodes 15 and 16 [Thoughts]

Our drama “Hotel King” has just hit its halfway mark this week and this was the week of revelations.

Episode 16 really felt like an ending episode for a 16 episodes drama but then they showed us it is just the beginning and the real storm and struggles for our couple are about to begin which we will get to see in the next 16 episodes.

This drama don’t stop to surprise me in its pace and handling of events. It didn’t ever cross my mind that they will give us what they did in those episodes. Rather than the revelations/events themselves, I think it is when they give us those revelations is the thing that makes the shock and surprise.

I am not sure how this is possible specially for a long drama like this but each week I feel it is a turning point for the drama!!!

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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Lee Da-hae in Stills and BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

A question my friends, shouldn’t such sizzling chemistry be banned as illegal????

Mmm…….OK, I take that back cause that will mean I won’t be able to see Dong-Hae together on my screen but another idea, may be it should be illegal unless they are married?? 😉 😀

Jokes aside, I really can’t get enough of watching how sweet and real Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook together not only on screen but also in all the BTS videos.

We already know how great they look on and off screen since “My Girl” days but as I mentioned before, the level of comfort they both feel together after all this time and their maturity makes the feeling of their chemistry is much deeper for me now ❤

I really feel so lucky these days with MBC pouring us with stills, BTS videos and pictures from “Hotel King” which is actually making me even more greedy waiting for more from my favorite scenes from the drama.

So, enough talking and hope you enjoy all the pictures and videos (along with some translations and Gifs) ^^

(P.S. Expect this post to be long 😉 )

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