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Da-hae, What is next?

What a long and painful wait we have to go through to get news about Lee Da-hae next project?! T___T

No doubt it makes me sad but it is not the first time our girl take long break after a project and just enjoy some private time and who am I to be against that as long as she is happy. Since many years now, our girl usually takes one project a year (if we are lucky and she didn’t skip years without projects) so it was expected that we won’t see her in another project in 2014 after “Hotel King” specially that it was a long drama. I actually consider us lucky that we saw her for 32 Episodes this year (which equals 2 short dramas) 🙂

In addition to that, I surely don’t mind her to take time to choose her next project because she really needs to be careful in her next step. It is not a secret that I am not satisfied with her project choices and many fans might agree with me on this so I need to see her in a good piece of work next to really push her career forward after many set backs in the past.

In this post I won’t talk about neither her unfortunate and struggling career path nor my worries about her future or of her getting offers but I would like to start this year to talk here about what I would like to see next from her in terms of projects, characters and pairing wishing that one or more of those wishes will come true this year or next years.

And would like to know, what you also wish to see from our girl next??

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