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BTS Video of Lee Da-hae for Passional Lover

A short version of the BTS video for Lee Da-hae‘s latest photo-shoot for Chinese cosmetics brand Passional Lover is out along with a couple of new Ads from it ❤

As we know our girl renewed her contract with them last may and shoot the new Ads last month and I was really looking forward to HD versions of the Ads and I am loving those two released but still looking forward to the rest, hopefully they will release more soon or by the new year.

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Lee Da-hae Shoots New Ads for Passional Lover

I guess I was wrong when I said that our girl may be updating us less in the future because she will be more busy with her drama and all, because it seems being busy make her more energetic to update us, kkk ^^

In the second day in a row Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram yesterday with some gorgeous pictures taken while she was shooting for new ads for Passional Lover Cosmetic Brand. I am happy that at last they are doing this photo-shoot as I wished since she signed another contract with them last May and because I am so tired of them using the old Ads from 2 years ago over and over 😀

From what I understand, she said in her message that she was too sleepy as she was having also drama shooting and only slept one hour. Poor Da-hae but I guess I don’t mind seeing your busy, tired and sleepy since you had over a year break and slept well in it :p

Check below for more BTS pictures from the photo-shoot posted by some staff members on SNS.

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Lee Da-hae in Her Trip to Shanghai For Passional Lover Event – [Photos And Videos]

Sorry for being late in posting this but here I am ^^

It was really nice to see new pictures of our girl during her short visit to Shanghai to attend Passional Lover Event which actually wasn’t only just promotion event for the brand as I thought when we first heard about it but the event actually included Lee Da-hae signing a re-newel of her contract with the brand and hopefully that means they would shoot some new Ads featuring her because they have been using the same old Ads for 2 years now!!

Da-hae traveled on the 20th of May to attend the event in the evening of the same day and traveled back to Korea the next morning on the 21st and as usual her loyal Chinese fans were welcoming her in the airport and also some of them were invited to attend the event ❤

Da-hae didn’t mention something new or special in this visit except that she is still not decided on her next project and it seems the Chinese projects she was looking into which  she and some news reports mentioned before wasn’t materialized after all and while I am not surprised with this and I wasn’t that excited or putting hopes about that news before but still I feel sad because our wait for her comeback will last for longer time but hopefully in the end it will worth it and she can land a good project next.

Now time to check the photos and videos from media and fans of our girl through her trip ^^

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Lee Da-hae Says Goodbye to Shanghai

Lee Da-hae finished her trip to Shanghai, China for Passional Lover event and today she was on her way back to South Korea when she posted on her Weibo, thanking her fans who welcomed her and also part of them was invited and attended the event yesterday evening (that is when they shot that group picture below) and also the brand for inviting her ❤

Here is her message:

我在回韩国的路上 谢谢海带们!谢谢韩彩化妆品的邀请!!我爱你们[色] 再见上海!

On my way back to Korea, thank you fans! thanks Passional Lover Cosmetics for the invitation!! I Love you [色]Goodbye Shanghai!

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Lee Da-hae At Passional Lover Events – [Photos and Videos + Fan Accounts]

Continuing our busy week, here is I post about our girl during the Passional Lover Cosmetics brand Events in both Lanzhou and Zhengzhou. Lee Da-hae was in Red in both which is the brands color theme and I guess she wanted to support them through wearing that color which she also did when she attended their event in Jeju Island back in 2013 😀

I really liked the different feel and image she showed with both looks from the elegant and tender woman to the strong and confident woman. But I have to say I liked her in the dress with hair down more. I guess my problem with the jumpsuit is mainly the fabric and I also think that the upper part of it should have been more fit to our girl’s body 😉

But anyway, the most important thing is that Da-hae was happy and healthy and I am really thankful for all fans who enabled us to see that with them sharing all those pictures, videos and fan accounts. I really doubted that we will get so many goodies in this visit but it was the opposite and I got to choose only some of what we got to post here ^^

So, now time to enjoy our girl’s pictures, videos and fan accounts. Our girl is really nice and considerate ❤

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Lee Da-hae Glowing with Happiness and Thanks Fans

This heartfelt message from Lee Da-hae is the best thing to end those few days travel to China in which she got to spend a great time with fans which obviously she enjoyed as long as fans judging from all the fans accounts. Really her message reflects the happiness we saw in her eyes during this trip ❤

The pictures are obviously taken from the second event she attended for Passional Lover Cosmetics brand in Zhengzhou 🙂

Here is her message:

能通过兰州的活动见到很多朋友们真的非常非常开心..很幸福 也感谢邀请我的韩彩化妆品..真的是很幸福的时间.. 尤其是很早就来接送机的我的珍贵的粉丝们 谢谢你们 我不会忘记每个人的!我爱你们^^

Translation By Noc9 @ Soompi: I am really really happy to have met so many of you through Lanzhou Event.  I am so blessed and thanks HanCai cosmetic company  for inviting me.  It was a time of great happiness.  To those of you my precious fans who got up early to meet me at the airport, thanks so much, I won’t forget any of you.  I love you ^^

Credit: LDH Weibo

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Lee Da-hae Being her Funny Self

I am feeling great seeing Lee Da-hae in such good mood today and being her funny, cute and playful self in this new update from her Weibo. She updated us with pictures from the Passional Lover Event in Lanzhou while teasing her face and imitating her pose in the Ads and also making fun of herself in her message, lol 😀

How I wish that smile and happiness on her face and in her eyes last forever!!

Here is the Translation of her message:

多多 不可以拿自己的脸这样开玩笑~[噢耶][噢耶]

(Bing Translation: Duoduo, you can’t tease your face~[噢耶][噢耶] )

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