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Lee Da-hae Returns from Vacation

It has been since new year that we didn’t hear from Lee Da-hae but finally she updated her Weibo today after returning from her vacation outside of Korea. I really missed her during this time so it is great to see new pictures from her specially that she and little Cherry look so adorable together in them ^^

Here is a rough translation of her message:

After returning from my holiday, I went straight to my grandma’s place to pick up Cherry 🍒. It’s been a while since I saw Cherry, I felt especially close to her [害羞]. Grandma took this picture for us, it is cute, isn’t it?

Unfortunately we still didn’t get new updates about “Best Lover” and its airing date. Hopefully the drama won’t be shelved for long and our wait won’t be too long. But till then I wish we could see our girl more active so we can endure more waiting for her comeback.

Check the rest of the pictures below

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Lee Da-hae and her V Sign Trademark

Another cute update from Lee Da-hae on her Weibo today and yes it is still a mystery how she always manage to be this cute even with a mask on and with the addition of the other Cherry in the pictures, you can’t help but giggle seeing those pictures ❤

But now she admits that she can’t help but automatically make a V sign when posing for pictures and it is something we have noticed from how many times we see her doing it ^^

Here is her message

天气太好了 带着小狗在汉江散步中 好像我也不知不觉的困了?~~~ 睡着发现被拍就装睡手也自动的摆出V~ imageimage可可

(Translation by nocturne9@Soompi: Great weather today.  I am strolling with Cherry at Han river and had fallen asleep?~~~  After realizing someone was taking pictures, I pretended to be sleeping and v signed automatically~ imageimagekeke

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Two Cherries At the Gym

On 23rd of January, Lee Da-hae updated her Twitter and Weibo with the same picture of herself and her dog “Cherry” (who you can see in the background) while working up in what seems like a Gym and also similar message.

I really don’t know what am I supposed to do if our girl do really need to go to gym with that body??!! I just hope she just working up to keep fit and not overdoing it to lose weight cause she needs the opposite, kk^^

About using that part “Rich to be unruly/headstrong” in her Weibo message again, it is said that this expression is quite popular and new in China those days and actually many fans did praise Da-hae for her language because of it 🙂

Here is the translation of her Weibo message:

星期五晚上 我一个人来运动…[笑cry]没关系 有樱桃陪着我[doge][doge][鼓掌]有钱任性[泪流满面][泪流满面][泪流满面][悲伤]

(Translation: Friday night, alone to excise ..[笑cry] Its OK because Cherry is with me [doge][doge][鼓掌] Rich to be unruly/headstrong[泪流满面][泪流满面][泪流满面][悲伤])

Credit: LDH Weibo and Twitter | Translation: Online Translators and emok@Soompi


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Lee Da-hae with her Grandparents

This is both good and sad news, so at last we got a new picture from Lee Da-hae which she posted on her Twitter today and it is rather special cause she took it with her grandparents and it is actually the first time she shared a picture of them so it is great to see ❤ But the sad news is that our girl’s puppy “Strawberry” actually was sick and lost an eye 😦

Here is the translation of her message:

Poor little Strawberry lost one eye … Thanks to my grandparents for taking care of my sick dog during my busy schedule, I personally prepared snacks for them^^ Grandma and Grandpa to longevity and health! Strawberry, I love you!

So, she is still so active cooker 😀 but I am not sure what busy schedule she is referring to cause I thought she is totally free these days !! Or may be she was referring to some CF shooing?? Although I would love to think it is more than that.

But anyway I hope Strawberry is much better now and it is good to know she is surrounded by other members of her loving family while she is in Korea now cause I think if she relied on her grandparents to take care of her dog so it means her mother is not with her right now.

Credit: LDH Twitter and Online Translators


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Lee Da-hae Post pictures of angry Strawberry

HAHAHA, this is really funny 😀

After Lee Da-hae posted pictures of her puppy “Cherry” Yesterday, it seems that her other puppy “Strawberry” got jealous and because she can’t bear to see him angry she posted a couple of pictures of him today on Weibo, LOOL 😀

Here is her message:

因为昨天我只把樱桃的照片贴在微博上草莓发脾气了! 我都爱你们两!

(Youdao Translation: Because yesterday I only post pictures of cherry on Weibo’s strawberry got angry! I love you two!)

Credit: LDH Weibo

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The Other Cherry

Lee Da-hae known to be The puppy Lover updated her Weibo with cute pictures of one of her puppies who she named after her English name and her favorite fruit “Cherry” ❤

And although I really wanted to see a new picture of her but at least we got to see the other cute Cherry 😀

Here is her message:


(Youdao Translation: My cherry so cute!)

Credit: LDH Weibo

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Lee Da-hae the Selca Queen

Although we may not see Lee Da-hae attending many activities or under the media spotlight when she doesn’t have a project but from time to time she update us through her Twitter, Weibo and Cyworld before that.

Through her Selca pictures, we saw her studying Chinese, studying scripts for her dramas, filming her dramas or CFs and photo-shoots, sleeping, feeling sick, eating, drinking, putting face mask, swimming and underwater, celebrating some personal and public event, traveling, with friends and co-stars, attending games, enjoying her vacation, playing with her dog, playing with her phone, waiting or preparing for some events and even taking a shot at hospital!! 😀

It is always great to be more close to celebrities away from their projects on screen and Da-hae updates always makes me happy but I really hope she do that more often.

Here are some of my favorites of her ❤

Cute Da-hae Relaxing

Da-hae At Airport Traveling to Japan for “IRIS 2” Filming

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