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Lee Da-hae for Levi’s Featured in Harper’s Bazzar Korea

Harper’s Bazzar Korea magazine featured in its September issue a report about Lee Da-hae at Levi’s Revel Asian launching event 🙂

Credit: LDH Baidu


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Lee Da-hae’s denim styling A to Z

To be a fashionista for this fall season, have a look at Lee Da-hae‘s mix and match denim styling.

Sexy styling with perfect fit

Tight denim jeans are perfect choice to appeal sexy body lines. Lee Da-hae was recently appointed for brand muse of denim brand Levi’s new item ‘Revel’. At the promotional event at Shanghai, she looked stunning with her denim jeans. From the interview, Lee said the most important thing when wearing a jean to find the perfect ‘fit’. From the event, she wore new Revel jeans, specially designed with Levi’s new liquid shaping technology. With new technology, Revel shows what would perfectly shaped jean will look like.

Show your personality with denim on denim styling

What are the new denim trends? Over roll pants and denim on denim styling is back. To avoid looking outdated, have a look at celebrities. Lee Da-hae wore denim destroyed jacket with denim short, looking vintage and stylish. Destroyed denims are chic and stylish and perfect for F/W season. To add something more extra, choose items with stud details or patch works.

Emphasize the feminine side with frills and shirring

With some details, denims can be worn for feminine and lovely look. At Shanghai, Lee wore a denim shirt with frill details. Denim dresses are also classic and feminine, good choice for autumn season. Emphasize the waist with a belt and match with vintage watch and bracelet.

Credit: Btn News [by Joy Kim] Photo by Levi’s

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Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Levi’s and the Passional Lover event

Although we got many pictures and videos of Lee Da-hae from the Levi’s Revel Asian launching event which you can view from here.

But it seems that we didn’t see it all and I can’t complain to see more released because all pictures are great and my girl looks so gorgeous and sexy in them ❤

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More Pictures and Videos of Lee Da-hae in Levi’s Revel event

More news reports came out today about Da-hae attending Levi’s Revel Asian launching event in Shanghai which praised her fluent English and Chinese while communicating in the event and of course her body.

The reports included more pictures and videos from the event in which she spoke both languages, so at last we get to have videos with her speaking English, you know it is always great to be able to understand what she says 😀

And now here are the new pictures and videos that came out with the news and Levi’s official video the includes some shots of our girl in addition to another interview video ❤

And you can check the pictures and videos that were previously released here

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Lee Da-hae At Levi’s Revel Launch Event – [Photos and Videos]

Here is some pictures of Da-hae at the Levi’s Revel Asian launching event in Shanghai and also video report for the event and some interviews with her from Chinese media during her 2 days stay there.

In addition to showing a perfect model body, our girl showed her language talent as well as she communicated in English and Chinese the event and in the interviews although unfortunately we didn’t get to here her English as Chinese media only showed the Chinese cuts 😦

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Lee Da-hae attend Levi’s new jean launching event in Shanghai, China

Actress Lee Da-hae flew to Shanghai, China to attend new Revel jean by launching event held by Levi’s.

On August 6, new women jeans ‘Revel’ launching event was held in Shanghai, China and Korean actress Lee Da-hae attended the event as a representative muse in Asia.

The new jeans are made by Levi’s patent technology ‘Liquid shaping,’ its high quality denim and innovative details. As Lee Da-hae attended as a representative guest, she showed up in perfect jean fit and received a great amount of attention from local media. As a leading fashion icon, Lee put on indigo denim pants and denim blouse as a match and also told her denim styling tips in Chinese. As Lee has been working in China, she communicated with local press without an interpreter.

At this event, nearly 100 influential fashion media from Asia had attended and showed attentions toward Lee Da-hae. The event was led by consecutive programs such as talk show with Lee Da-hae, dancing fashion show by models, and presentations.

During the interview, Lee Da-hae said, “As I’m jean mania, my closet is full of jeans. I’m glad that Levi’s has launched a new line that creates a perfect fit.” “I am honored to introduce ‘Rebel’ jeans as a muse and I hope many women find a perfect fit in these jeans,” added Lee.

The new line ‘Revel’ can now be found in all the Levi’s stores in Korea.

Credit: Btn News [by Cho Suyoun], photo by Levi’s


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Lee Da-hae Airport Fashion Items

Da-hae latest airport fashion caused a stir with news and pictures flooded her Naver last week, so here is the list the items she wore.

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