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Lee Da-hae in Running Man Episode 290


I know I am very late posting this, but with my busy RL I just had no energy for writing such a long post. Sorry for this ^_^

So now here we are with the second part of “Running ManDubai Special and still with Lee Da-hae and Jung Il Woo as the guests and although it wasn’t one of my favorite episodes but still I enjoyed watching our girl there. I guess seeing her with her smile is enough for me anyway 😀

I think they just spend long time away from the main mission and they ended up cutting a lot of it, may be that is why I thought it was rather a slow episode despite still being funny. I enjoying the last 15 mins the most.

So, lets take a look at our girl’s moments in this episode ❤

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Lee Da-hae in Running Man Episode 289


What a great episode!!!

Although they cut many parts they did film, some of the missions were a bit boring and many PPLs too (I guess the trip to Dubai was pretty expensive and we all know now who did pay a big part of that 😉 ) but the thrilling, exciting and funny moments in this episode of “Running Man” already made up for all of that 🙂

I can’t thank the program enough for being the reason Lee Da-hae to try and see new things and places, I hope it opens her mind more and give her the confidence about her self so that she can make better decisions in the future for her career.

Our girl, Jung Il Woo and Kim Jong Kook owned the most AWESOME moment in this episode when they bravely did skydive, a big applaud to them ❤


Now let me do some recapping for our girl’s moments in this episode^^

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Excited for Next Sunday!!

It has been a long time since I was that excited and waiting eagerly for a day to come specially Sunday (I hate Sundays 😀 ) but the thought of seeing Lee Da-hae on my screen after such a long time and for a whole hour and half in a variety show that I mostly enjoy is surely deserve it!!

Our girl updated her Instagram today with a picture she took during her flight back from Dubai last week and mentioning that this is the reason she looks tired in the photo ^^

Also Ji Suk Jin posted on his Instagram a picture he took that with our girl and Jung Il Woo in the airport in Korea before departing to Dubai. You can check it below along with teasers for the next Running Man Episode.

Are you also excited for next Sunday like me??

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Lee Da-hae Filming for “Running Man”

RM Filming Day 1

It has been quite sometimes since we were this busy getting many pictures about our girl and I totally missed it!!!

Lee Da-hae along with Running Man members and Jung Il Woo stayed in Dubai for 2 Days and 3 Nights filming for the upcoming special from the popular variety show and thanks to fans we have got many pictures and videos from the 2 days of filming and also from their arrival to the city. The special will be airing on the 6th of March, I think this special will at least be airing for 2 Episodes which I totally welcome 😉

Although Da-hae wasn’t the focus of the fans who have been more focusing on the RM members but she looked so happy in the pictures and also some fans did comment about how she smiled, waved and bowed to them although many weren’t familiar with her or was cheering only to other members.

Also a great adding to my excitement about this episode is the news about Da-hae doing Skydiving from which that picture above, really can’t wait to see the real thing!!!

Till we get to watch the episodes, check below for the BTS pictures and videos along with Da-hae latest Weibo and Instagram updates while filming for the program ❤

[Warning: this post may contain spoilers]

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Lee Da-hae to Guest in Upcoming Episode of “Running Man”

This news is such a pleasant surprise that I didn’t expect at this time!!!

Lee Da-hae departed today from Incheon Airport heading to Dubai to film a new episode of the famous Korean variety show “Running Man“. She will guesting along sideKorean actor Jung Il Woo who is actually an old friend of hers since they were in the same agency back when they debuted and also they follow each other on SNS and interacted on Weibo few years ago but still no news which episode(s) she will appear in or the airing date but I guess it will be really soon ^^

It is really great to have something to look forward to in this long drought season we have been having in the past two years and while we are still waiting for any news about Best Lover‘s airing date and I am really so excited to her second guesting in the program after the first time back in 2012 and I am hoping this time will be for 2 Episodes as well, hahaha 😀

The media captured some pictures of the guests and the program members at the airport and while our girl didn’t look her best here either with her fashion or her hairstyle and makeup but I just don’t care 😉

Check below for more pictures and also some fans taken videos ^^

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Lee Da-hae’s Appearance In Running Man Ep.82 and 83


It is not every day we get to see Lee Da-hae in a variety show specially without a reason like promoting her dramas, so it was really great to see her guest in Running Man back in 2012 not in one but two episodes!!

In the first episode, they traveled to Busan and had some missions which lead at the end to “Find the Spy” game but with a twist to it. As our girl wasn’t the spy but all the other members were, without knowing about each other and she was requested to eliminate them all, so it was 7 spies Vs Lee Da-hae. I thought this idea actually worked good for Da-hae and I did love her interaction with the members specially Yoo Jae Suk, her purposely and hilariously suspicious behavior which got on his nerves and left him speechless not knowing how to react was so fun to watch 😀


In the second episode, after they slept the night at Busan they continued the next day with a new mission “Protect the Bundle” after another guest joined and he was not other than Oh Ji-ho who was invited to the program personally by Da-hae herself.  I guess the most thing I did enjoy in this episode was the cute moments between Da-hae and Zio, it was great to see them together again after Chuno in which they had lovely chemistry on screen and more cute one off screen and actually the mission is inspired by their roles and escape during the drama 🙂


I won’t give more details here in case you didn’t watch the episodes so now check below for the videos and some pictures. Hope you enjoy them ^^

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