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Lee Da-hae For Shunvfang Winter 2015 + BTS Video

Before Winter attacking us, here we are getting to check the pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang Winter collection 2015. While some of those outfits are so not my type (looks quite cheap or old fashioned) and some of the pictures and poses are odd but I am still happy to see our girl’s smile in most of them and also having a warm feeling looking at them ^^

It is always good to see new pictures of my girl whatever I liked them or not but I guess the best thing for me is the BTS video, Da-hae looks quite lovely there ❤

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More of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang Fall 2015

It seems I just needed to do more search to see the rest of the photo-shoot of Shunvfang Fall Collection 2015 ^^

I am really happy I didn’t give up on them and did more search once I got time because some of those remaining pictures ended up being my favorite of Lee Da-hae in this photo-shoot ❤

Check them below and you can also find the previous released ones here and here ^^

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Few Additional Pictures of Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang Fall 2015

Lately we have got a few unseen pictures from Shunvfang Fall collection 2015 featuring our girl, I really thought we will have more than that since they first released the collection but here we are!! I also hoped they will invite Lee Da-hae to their F/W Fashion show but that didn’t happen either. You know it is all because I miss my girl terribly 😦

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Lee Da-hae BTS Video for Shunvfang Fall 2015

OMO, This made me so happy today!!

Thanks to Shunvfang for releasing the BTS video of their Fall Collection 2015 Photo-Shoot featuring Lee Da-hae.

I guess it is not a secret how much I prefer my girl in action rather in stills/photos so videos of her is always a big gift for my poor fan heart and she looks totally gorgeous in this one that I am replaying without stop for almost an hour now ❤

Credit: Shunvfang

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Lee Da-hae for Shunvfang Fall 2015

It is time for another collection from Shunvfang to be released featuring our girl and this time it is the fall collection 2015 for the brand which Lee Da-hae went to China to shoot back in May and although I think there will be more to come from the collection but I was pretty excited to start this month posting new pictures of our girl and so didn’t want to wait till we get more released 🙂

The concept for this photo-shoot was “Catch The Dream” and I guess I am consistent to liking the patterns they use in the outfits in their different collections ^^

Check more pretty pictures below ❤

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Lee Da-hae on her Way Back to Korea

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo today mentioning about her visit to Guangzhou, China for Shunvfang and that she is already on her way back to Korea along with pictures of her at the airport and from the photo-shoot ^^

I am really happy she is back updating her SNS 🙂

Here is her message:


I’m on the way back to South Korea from Guangzhou, thank you Shunvfang ~ this time, I was very happy shooting! Goodbye, Guangzhou! [嘻嘻][嘻嘻][哈哈] ~~ the last picture is from shooting scene!

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Lee Da-hae During Shunvfang F/W Collection 2015 Photo-shoot – [Updated]


So it didn’t take long before we discover the destination of Lee Da-hae‘s and her teacher travel 😀

Today some of the staff posted BTS pictures of our girl during the photo-shoot for Shunvfang F/W Collection 2015 which has been taking place in Guangzhou, China during the last two days and I guess it is either Da-hae did fly back to Korea today or she will do that tomorrow morning.

Check below for more pictures from the photo-shoot although they tried to blur/hide the outfits she is wearing in some shots as I guess they don’t want to release all the outfits yet ^^

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