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♥ Lee Da-hae and Se7en Confirmed to be Dating ♥


I’m a bit late to the party but here I am 😉

On the 7th of September, news broke about Lee Da-hae and Korean singer Se7en being a couple which was later confirmed by their agencies!!

This is the first publicly confirmed relationship for our girl and I would like to think that this means something special. Before getting into more details I would like to congratulate both and wish them happiness ❤

I’m not a person who like to follow artists private/love life but you know that when it comes to our girl I can’t help but care about every detail 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Preparing Birthday Present for her Stylist

I really have to thank our girl’s stylist and friend who always post some pictures of our girl when we are in drought time 😀

Lee Da-hae‘s stylist Lee Hye Young had her birthday on the 5th of May so Happy Birthday to her ^^ and today she updated her Twitter with some pictures and messages thanking our girl for her late birthday gift which was a beautiful self arranged flower bouquet with some other gift delivered to her house ❤

I guess Da-hae is more active as florist these days than being an actress and I can’t say that I am happy with that because as a fan I am personally frustrated of seeing her so inactive in the entertainment world with no concrete news about a possible project 😦

Anyway, at least I can enjoy looking at those cute pictures of her with flowers for now!!

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Lee Da-hae Receives Birthday Gifts from her Korean Fan Club “Emerald”

Here comes this precious time of the year again 🙂 it is the time to celebrate our precious girl’s birthday and our girl is already in celebration mode one day ahead of the big day with her receiving birthday cake and gifts from her Korean Fan Club Emerald ^^

Lee Da-hae updated both her Weibo and Twitter with messages and pictures with the gifts and she looks so happy and fresh ❤ even if not all of us can send her gifts but we can always share our wishes for her through her SNS accounts so don’t forget to show your love and support for her on this special day 😉

Here are her messages:

에메랄드.. 너무 감사해요 행복한 생일 보낼게요 사랑합니다..^^

(Translation: Emerald..Thank you very much, I will spend a happy birthday, I love you all)

谢谢祝贺我生日的粉丝们 我爱的海带们~虽然我们不在一起但是我的心是和你们在一起度过这次生日!

(Translation: Thank you fans for your congratulations on my birthday, I love you~ Although we are not together, but my heart is with all of you through this birthday!)

Credit: LDH Weibo and Twitter | Translation: Online Translators


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Lee Da-hae Sends her Support for Jo Jae Yun and His Movie

While it is not much actually but it is still good to hear from our girl after a long time of hiding and not updating her SNS. But please my girl update us soon with a picture of yourself or give us some good news to end our drought 😀

Lee Da-hae updated her Twitter today with a message to support her label mate Jo Jae Yun and his upcoming movie “Murder Request” that will open tomorrow in Korea. Da-hae updated a picture with Jo Jae Yun before and I guess they really became close ^^

Her message Translation:

Jo Jae Yun brother fighting! “Murder Request” a big hit!

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Lee Da-hae, The New Born Mermaid

As we are still suffering from lack of news, today I would like to post this old CF video from 2010 which is one of my favorites of Lee Da-hae through the years. The CF was for the Korean cosmetics brand Somang/Danahan which our girl endorsed from 2010 to 2012.

I actually like all the CFs our girl done for the brand but this was the best one for me, the idea was really lovely and it was done beautifully and of course our girl was gorgeous as a new born mermaid ❤

Check below for the CF video and BTS along with some pictures as well ^^

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Lee Da-hae Cameo in Fugitive: Plan B

Today I would like to post this funny short cameo of our girl in drama “Fugitive: Plan B” back in 2010. It was really refreshing to see our girl do such cameo thanks to Kwak PD who was the director of her hit drama “Chuno/Slave Hunters” who invited her and other actors from Chuno to cameo and I guess it was easy to accept it since she also had a very good relation with Rain and she was in his agency “J-Tunes” back then.

Although that cameo in Ep1 of the drama didn’t actually have much importance to the story but in just those few minutes you almost have what you get to see in a whole run of K-drama. You see kiss, proposal, slap and breakup and really those two were so good and funny together 😀

Check the cut of Da-hae’s cameo below along with BTS video from the drama special episode ❤

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Two Cherries At the Gym

On 23rd of January, Lee Da-hae updated her Twitter and Weibo with the same picture of herself and her dog “Cherry” (who you can see in the background) while working up in what seems like a Gym and also similar message.

I really don’t know what am I supposed to do if our girl do really need to go to gym with that body??!! I just hope she just working up to keep fit and not overdoing it to lose weight cause she needs the opposite, kk^^

About using that part “Rich to be unruly/headstrong” in her Weibo message again, it is said that this expression is quite popular and new in China those days and actually many fans did praise Da-hae for her language because of it 🙂

Here is the translation of her Weibo message:

星期五晚上 我一个人来运动…[笑cry]没关系 有樱桃陪着我[doge][doge][鼓掌]有钱任性[泪流满面][泪流满面][泪流满面][悲伤]

(Translation: Friday night, alone to excise ..[笑cry] Its OK because Cherry is with me [doge][doge][鼓掌] Rich to be unruly/headstrong[泪流满面][泪流满面][泪流满面][悲伤])

Credit: LDH Weibo and Twitter | Translation: Online Translators and emok@Soompi


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