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Gorgeous Lee Da-hae for April Fools Day

Never was into the pranks, jokes and what other people see as fun which is done on April Fools Day but I guess our girl just made it a good day with her update today ^^

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a picture of her from a previous vacation and I always love those relaxing and fun pictures of her at a peach or pool so I guess I will keep staring at this picture for some time ❤

Here is a rough translation of her message:

I want to go traveling ㅜ relaxing. Work hard first but once in a while I have to go back again ~ #I want to go #Beach #vacation #Honey room #Good place to cool down #swimming #I can not go now

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Lee Da-hae in Cebu

After our girl’s return from her vacation overseas which I believe she spent mostly with her family, she is having another round of fun with her friends. Lee Da-hae traveled with her long time female friend “Apple” to Cabu, Philippine and she posted today some great pictures on her Weibo and Instagram. She looks amazing and super happy in those pictures ❤

Here is the translation of her Weibo Message:

菲律宾宿务的天气 真是太好了,韩国现在还是很冷-大家也注意不要感冒了。怪不好意思 只我一个人暖和[害羞]

The weather in Cebu, Philippines is really good, it is still very cold in Korea-do take care not to catch a cold . I am a bit embarrassed to be the only one feeling warm! [害羞]

Check the rest of the pictures and other updates below ^^

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Lee Da-hae in Tokyo

Our girl surely loves Japan a lot, it is one of her favorite spots for vacation and shopping and she always go there every few months ^^

I am  grateful that this time some lucky girls encountered her in Shinjuku, Tokyo and took some evident pictures as well. They met her yesterday while shopping with her friend, fans accounts mentioned the already known about her being pretty, tall, down to earth and friendly although a bit shy. It is really great to know her whereabouts and see her since she didn’t updated us lately through her SNS.

Lee Da-hae looks pretty young here, I always love her casual look without makeup but it is a pity that we aren’t seeing her smile in those pictures 😦

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Lee Da-hae Enjoys Jeju Island

Haha, it is always amusing when our girl makes fun of herself 😀

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a picture of herself when she just arrived to Jeju Airport and even though her being there is an old news for us already and this picture is actually taken few days ago but I am still happy to see her smiling face ❤

Have fun Da-hae ^^

Here is the translation of her message:

Jeju is still the best! I opened my bag and left it behind, put on a hat, took it off  before striking a pose, a look of total enjoyment on my face, was I being dumb? Or just pretentious? Alright then, just this once

Credit: LDH Instagram | Translation: ELY_397 @ Soompi


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Lee Da-hae Goes on a Trip to Jeju and Posts an Elegant Flower Arrangement

I am actually late posting about this but blame it on my RL ^^

A fan spotted Lee Da-hae in the Airport in Jeju Island on the 1st of July and while I am not sure if she was actually arriving or leaving but at least we know she go to spend some time in Jeju and seems it was a private trip/ vacation as she apparently wasn’t accompanied with any of her staff as per the picture above.

Also our girl posted on her Instagram on the 28th of June a very beautiful and elegant bridal flower arrangement she made, seems our girl really have some talent in this ❤

내가만든꽃~ 우히

A post shared by Leedahey 이다해 (@leedahey4eva) on

Credit: LDH IG and jeongsuenghuanfans Naver Cafe


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Lee Da-hae’s Adorable Video in Japan

Lee Da-hae has made may be the most adorable and cute SNS update yet!! I am so amused and really can’t stop giggling watching this video she posted on her Weibo, kkk 😀

From the video we finally knew the destination of her travel and it is not other than Japan. So she is spending the holidays there this year accompanied by her best and close friend “Apple”.

From my observation,  I think Da-hae usually travel there once a year at least as a vacation and it is not the first time she go there together with her friend, so I guess they really love the place there and it is totally obvious from their video ❤

Da-hae posted a video on her Twitter long time ago (I guess that was back in 2010) but this is the first time she post one on her Weibo and I really hope she do that more often in the future ^^

Here is her message posted with the video:

路行的目标 😀

(Translation by Much: The destination of Travelling 😀 )

Check below for some funny Gifs from the video ^^

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Lee Da-hae Saying Goodbye to Palos Verdes

How I love those beautiful and artistic pictures that Lee Da-hae just tweeted!! What a wonderful place and scenery ❤

They actually reminded me of that MN confession scene in “Hotel King” in EP 9 with capturing that sunset view. And hopefully mentioning  “Goodbye” in her message that she posted with the pictures means that she is also saying goodbye to her vacation and we see her actively working soon (yes being persistent with my wish 😉 )

I also like that she started tweeting some English messages again lately, it is always nice not to worry about how to get translation 😀

Credit: LDH Twitter

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