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Hotel King – Episodes 17 and 18 [Thoughts]

Another intense week from “Hotel King” and we get to know more about our characters.

Although watching those episodes did leave me frustrated mainly because I felt sad for our couple to see them suffering due to their actions towards each other (even though I understand their reasons) but on the other hand I am happy with the development and that they reached this stage, strange isn’t it??!!

But while intensity is always welcomed from me, but as I sort of mentioned before I really miss the mixture this drama did give us before. The romance and fun is no where to be found now and I am sad for that and it feels that they are really wasting Dong-Hae chemistry with the lack of development for MN-JW love line. Again it affects my overall enjoyment of the episodes which is may be why I start to be slow and delayed in writing my posts 😦

OK, I will try to get over this for now and lets see what we had this week.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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Hotel King – Episodes 13 and 14 [Thoughts]

Why are you doing this to me my drama?

I really can’t figure out how I feel about this week’s episodes of “Hotel King“. But at least I can announce that we got our angst and intensity fully back in this drama. I really may need heart transplant after this drama if it continues this way.

But this is surely a good news because I usually enjoy that and the episodes were really solid. I was teary and almost screaming at my screen watching them (specially EP 14)  and my heart is really bleeding for our leads. It was really sad and hard to watch them suffering like this T_T.

But I have to say that I am really disappointed on many levels with our leads actions. And while I  feel bad that I may be end up being a bit harsh here while they are suffering but I really need to get this out of my system so I won’t go crazy already. So, let me start 🙂

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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Lee Da-hae in Stills and BTS from “Hotel King” – [Photos and Videos]

A question my friends, shouldn’t such sizzling chemistry be banned as illegal????

Mmm…….OK, I take that back cause that will mean I won’t be able to see Dong-Hae together on my screen but another idea, may be it should be illegal unless they are married?? 😉 😀

Jokes aside, I really can’t get enough of watching how sweet and real Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook together not only on screen but also in all the BTS videos.

We already know how great they look on and off screen since “My Girl” days but as I mentioned before, the level of comfort they both feel together after all this time and their maturity makes the feeling of their chemistry is much deeper for me now ❤

I really feel so lucky these days with MBC pouring us with stills, BTS videos and pictures from “Hotel King” which is actually making me even more greedy waiting for more from my favorite scenes from the drama.

So, enough talking and hope you enjoy all the pictures and videos (along with some translations and Gifs) ^^

(P.S. Expect this post to be long 😉 )

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Hotel King – First Impressions

At last I have some time to write my thoughts about “Hotel King“!!

As you may already know, the drama premiered on 5th of April and for me it was up for a good start as I enjoyed the first two episodes.

It is not mind blowing and I surely have some concerns but the first two episodes captured my interest and kept me wanting to see more and I must say that I liked the episodes more with each replay (Yes I did that many times actually specially Episode 2 😀 )

But what I am invested in the most right now are the characters and their interactions specially our two leads Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook and also Kim Hae Sook and Lee Duk Hwa as I am looking forward to know more about them.

So here I share some thoughts about the first week for our drama and hope you also tell me about what I thought of it.

[Warning: this may contain spoilers]

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Interviews with Lee Da-hae and “Hotel King” Cast – [Videos and Translation]


At the same day of “Hotel King” press conference, the main leads including Lee Da-hae, Lee Dong Wook, Seulong and Wang Ji Hye have made interviews with both MBC Section TV and also for a Chinese website.

I specially LOVED that Section TV interview, it was so funny 😀

You can really see the amazing chemistry between all our leads specially our Dong-Hae couple ❤

So check below the videos and translation for the interviews.

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More of Dong-Hae Couple Skinship!!! Squeeeeee!!!


This keeps looking better and better and my heart is now dancing from joy seeing more of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook skin ship during that hotel service training session while preparing for their roles in “Hotel King“.

How can they be this CUTE??!! I am melting ^_^ and I must say that I see Da-hae is looking specially happy lately 😉 and I totally LOVE it ❤

Wookie seems immersed in his cold character role already but I think that our cheerful heroine managed to make him smile 😀

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[Warning] Dong-Hae Couple Cuteness Overload ♥♥♥


YAAAAAAAY!!! AT LAST !!! MBC surely heard my complains and give us some amazing pictures of our Dong-Hae couple and “Hotel King” drama leads, Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook. Don’t they still look gorgeous together??

And the lovely coincidence is that this is my post number 100 in the blog and I surely couldn’t have ever thought of a more precious post to mark this occasion ❤

This picture above was taken at the day in which our cast had their second script reading session and received three-hour hotel service training session at Lotte Hotel at Sogongdong, Seoul (we saw a fan taken picture at that day before). There they learned the proper rules, posture, and speech for hotel service from the managers of Lotte Hotel to make the drama looks as realistic as possible! So, let me post more about the news we got today and more pictures of our cast.

But first, Oh my I don’t think I could ever describe how I felt when I saw the first couple of pictures below. It is like my heart exploded and then healed again to keep beating hard calling DONG-HAE ♥ it sounds exaggerating right? but I am truly not doing that. It is such a unique feeling to see them like this after so many years, LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥

But let me warn you, before you continue take a deep breath and make sure you have taken all the precautions for a possible fainting from our couple cuteness overload.

This is not for weak fan hearts so continue at your own risk, kk ^^

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