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Lee Da-hae Renews her Contract with ANYA Cosmetics

News reports came out yesterday stating that Lee Da-hae has yet again renewed contract with ANYA Cosmetics. This would be her second renewal since she first signed with them as their model back in 2014.

I have said it before that I do appreciate how the brand still supportive to Da-hae as their model although the whole THAAD issue and consequences that is still affecting Korean artists activities in China till now and now this renewal decision is yet again another proof of how they value Da-hae and it is quite impressive how long she has been their model ❤

Although the brand didn’t shoot any CFs with her but they do shoot Ads when she first signed a contract with them and 2 years later with the first renewal so hopefully she gets to shoot new Ads with this renewal as well.

The news did mention about Da-hae having some promotion event for the brand on the 19th of this month (also her birthday). Seems it will be a live broadcast in which Da-hae will interact with fans and also can gift them some of ANYA’s products.

For now check below more photos of when the brand representatives visited our girl on the set of her current airing drama “The Good Witch” on the 30th of March, holding an interview and recording promo video with her ❤

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Lee Da-hae Greetings Supporting Winter Olympics and Celebrating New Lunar Year

Media representative from “Can Kao Xiao Xi” Channel visited Lee Da-hae at her new drama “Nice Witch” set and recorded a short video with her.

She wished all viewers a happy new lunar year and mentioned about her upcoming drama which will start airing on the 3rd of March.

She also gave support to the current Winter Olympics taking place in her own country in  Pyeongchang wishing all athletes to achieve good results despite the very cold weather and invited everyone for the next Winter Olympics that will be held in Beijing, China wishing to see them there.

Korean media and Da-hae’s agency JS Pictures reported about the visit in which the media representative did show interest in her upcoming drama and also mentioning about her completed Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” being in talk with channels to broadcast (although I think it is still not an easy mission).

Also through the reports we knew that the video of her greetings has since passed 1 million views on Chinese video platform QQ as you can see in the evident picture below. Although we are talking about China here (so a million is not that big of a number 😉 ) but I still think this is quite a feat for such a short greeting video so it does deserve making news ^^

Check the video below along with other 🙂

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Good Witch” Releases First Teaser + Script Reading Pictures

SBS finally released something about “Good Witch“, PHEW!!!

Last week we got the first teaser showing both Lee Da-hae and Ryu Soo Young in character. I am not sure if those shots are even in the drama since it feels more like a concept teaser but I still like it as it gives off a light and funny vibe even if it is only 18 seconds 😀

And today we finally got the pictures of the cast first script reading which was held back in December and seems it was held at the same day they took those initial pictures we saw before.

Recently both idols Shin Hye Jeong (AOA) (pictured above) and Ahn Sol Bin (LABOUM) has confirmed their casting in the drama and both will be playing flight attendances who are working at the same company as our leads.

Actress Moon Hee Kyung was confirmed to act as the mother of  Ryu Soo Young’s character in the drama and you can also see actor Shim Hyung Tak in the picture above, he will act as “Chae Kang Min” the husband of Yoon Se Ah‘s character which is the oldest daughter of the airline company’s CEO (Lee Duk Hwa‘s character) and he will also be working at the company as the chief of Airline Strategic Planning Division.

Check the teaser below along with other BTS and updates from the filming ^^

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Lee Da-hae from a Flight Attendant to Gas Station Attendant for “Good Witch”

Lee Da-hae have been quite active lately on SNS and thankfully giving us regular updates on the filming of her drama “Good Witch” which will most probably premier a month from today on the 3rd of March and seems that it will have 40 Episodes (each 35 mins which basically mean 20 Eps with the usual format).

Since SBS didn’t release any official updates about the drama so it is such a relieve to have a glimpse on the filming through those updates from our girl.

As you know Da-hae is playing two twin sisters so we see her sometime with that bang and glasses as Cha Sun-hee the house wife doing all sort of jobs like working at a gas station and other times as the flight attendant sister Cha Do-hee (although it might be Sun-hee pretending to be Do-hee, lol :D)

I love all the pictures and videos Da-hae posted and for now I am OK with her looks for the drama although I would have loved her to avoid the bangs and tackle more aggressive changes between the two roles but on the other hand this might be more convenience for the filming since she will have to jump from character to the other.

Also last weekend Chinese fans paid a visit to her in Korea to support her drama filming. They prepared her some personal gifts in addition to gifts to the staff and cast on the set although they couldn’t deliver those themselves as she didn’t have schedule on those days. What a pity!!! 😦

Check all the updates below ^^

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Lee Da-hae is Back to Korea

It has been quite sometime since I have posted on the blog, RL have been quite busy lately and I didn’t have a lot of energy for writing 😀

But finally I am having a few days vacation starting today and seems our girl is rewarding me as well on this vacation since she finally updated us today on her Instagram after few weeks of no signs of her 😉

We saw signs of Lee Da-hae returning back to Korea a couple of weeks ago and now she looks fully back on her schedule with her again spending time in flower arrangement classes ❤

Da-hae, cute dog and flowers is a lovely combo to look at and she looks really pretty with that look and dress although still can’t see her face clearly 😦

Check more updates of her during the past weeks below

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Lee Da-hae SNS Updates and Stills from “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 4 and 5

Our girl continues to update her Instagram periodically and I just can’t get enough ^^

Lee Da-hae updated today with pictures from her flower arrangement class again and I really love her look here ❤

She also updated her Weibo in Chinese again after quite sometime. It is actually a very sensitive time due to THAAD issue and the ban China has made on Hallyu which have been escalated lately.

But I am really glad she posted this friendly message in which she was thanking her Chinese fans who sent her snacks all the way to Korea.

Check below her message along with other updates and stills from “Guesthouse Daughters“!!

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our lovely girl and for all of you who are celebrating ❤

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo on Christmas Eve with the picture above while enjoying celebrating the occasion with a message “Merry Christmas!!“. It has been months since Da-hae posted a selfie on SNS so this is a very nice Christmas present 🙂

Also ANYA Cosmetics released a Christmas message from Da-hae. Check the video below ^^

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