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Lee Da-hae is Back to Korea

It has been quite sometime since I have posted on the blog, RL have been quite busy lately and I didn’t have a lot of energy for writing 😀

But finally I am having a few days vacation starting today and seems our girl is rewarding me as well on this vacation since she finally updated us today on her Instagram after few weeks of no signs of her 😉

We saw signs of Lee Da-hae returning back to Korea a couple of weeks ago and now she looks fully back on her schedule with her again spending time in flower arrangement classes ❤

Da-hae, cute dog and flowers is a lovely combo to look at and she looks really pretty with that look and dress although still can’t see her face clearly 😦

Check more updates of her during the past weeks below

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Lee Da-hae SNS Updates and Stills from “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 4 and 5

Our girl continues to update her Instagram periodically and I just can’t get enough ^^

Lee Da-hae updated today with pictures from her flower arrangement class again and I really love her look here ❤

She also updated her Weibo in Chinese again after quite sometime. It is actually a very sensitive time due to THAAD issue and the ban China has made on Hallyu which have been escalated lately.

But I am really glad she posted this friendly message in which she was thanking her Chinese fans who sent her snacks all the way to Korea.

Check below her message along with other updates and stills from “Guesthouse Daughters“!!

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our lovely girl and for all of you who are celebrating ❤

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo on Christmas Eve with the picture above while enjoying celebrating the occasion with a message “Merry Christmas!!“. It has been months since Da-hae posted a selfie on SNS so this is a very nice Christmas present 🙂

Also ANYA Cosmetics released a Christmas message from Da-hae. Check the video below ^^

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Lee Da-hae Enjoys Her Trip to London


For the past couple of days, Lee Da-hae has been busy with her scheduled events in London but that didn’t stop her to enjoy the city during her free time and luckily she shared many pictures on her Weibo and Instagram while doing so and those pictures are very nice to see, she looks happy and I so love her street looks ❤

Sadly we didn’t get many pictures from the events themselves so I will wait for more days hopefully we get some decent ones and more videos as well.

Now, check our girl’s pictorial like SNS updates ^^

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Lee Da-hae Celebrates Pepero Day

Lee Da-hae finally showed her face to us today although it is not totally her face since she is transformed into a cute pink bunny, kkk ^^

Our girl posted a cute short video on her Weibo celebrating Pepero day and of course didn’t forget to mention her soon to air drama “Best Lover“. I never was a fan of such apps but with our girl’s involvement I come to like anything 😀

Here is her message:

1111光棍儿节快乐 大家来和我一起吃甜甜的巧克力棒吧! 最佳情侣加油#1111光棍儿节#最佳情侣

1111 Happy Singles Day Come and join me to eat sweet chocolate bar! Best couple refueling #1111SinglesDay #BestCouple

The day which is held on 11.11 is mostly celebrated by couples and as this is the first time she spent it while she is publicly dating so it is a special congratulation this year 😉

Happy Pepero day for our girl!!

Translation: Online Translators

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Lee Da-hae At Busan One Asia Festival

Today Lee Da-hae attended the Busan One Asia  Festival (BOF) opening ceremony as the main MC. It has been since 2011 since her last hosting job and also this marks her first public appearance in Korea since last February and also her first after her dating news came out.

I was quite worried about her because we know she is quite a sensitive person who usually doesn’t like to share that much about her private life and during the last weeks she had to endure the hate and bad comments and responses on that and she looked really pressured, tired and a bit out of shape in her latest SNS updates but I am glad that despite it all she carried her job as the main MC alone in the event effortlessly and done a good job IMO with so many viewers in attendance also she used some of her multilingual skills speaking in Korean, English and Chinese.

About her look, mm…. I can’t say I am loving or satisfied with it at all specially the makeup and hair and I guess I would have liked the dress more if it is in different fabric but as I repeat myself, seeing her alone makes me happy specially at this time but it also made me miss her more because who knows when we will be seeing her again after this T__T

But I guess at least I have something to keep replaying till then 😉

You can watch the full concert here or here and also check below for more pictures from SNS and media ^^

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Lee Da-hae Enjoys her Vacation

After recently wrapping up filming her drama “My Goddess, My Mother“, Lee Da-hae has been resting but fortunately she updated us yesterday on both her Instagram and Weibo posting the picture above. Although we don’t know exactly where and when this was taken but I just hope she is enjoying her vacation after 3.5 months of continuous filming. She surely deserve some rest but still I wish it won’t be very long vacation 😉

This picture with Da-hae smile and lively colors of the “FAUCHON Paris” restaurant is so catching and she looks fabulous in her casual attire ❤

Till we get another update or news about our girl, check below some unseen stills and BTS videos for MGMM 🙂

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